Saved Pages of The Elite

Take a step back in time and check out how the Elite has looked at dozens of different points in history.
For even more page saving action, check the Player of the Month page to see the Elite at the first update of every month.

June 20, 2000. The final page of records from our brief time at, before the crash and our move to our own page. Click here for the backup copy.

July 7, 2000. The Elite's complete list of WRs as of 3 days before Snap first revealed the program output page that would become our home for the next several months. These were gathered by hand by Yako.

August 12, 2000. We are indebted to Dark Otto, who happened to print off a copy of the rankings at this early date, thus giving us the oldest actual saved page in existance.

September 1, 2000. Time rankings as shown by a topic posted at this time by Lanky007 called "60!!!".

September 11, 2000. Complete page, as saved by Jason Bourne. Marsh had just broken the 2:00:00 total mark.

October 1, 2000. Complete page, as pulled by Gohan to help us pick the next Player of the Week.

October 13, 2000. Complete page, as saved by DarkHawk. Recently broke 100 member mark.

November 3, 2000. Elite continues to move forward at a steady rate.

December 15, 2000. Very important moment in history. Octo had been removed the day before, and now Tim had put up his real times, dropping him 3 places to #6. As saved by ExpertGamer.

January 2, 2001. How the Elite rang in the new year.

January 26, 2001. Saved by myself minutes after the Elite broke the 1:50 total combined times mark. Interestingly, I had 2 months earlier predicted that 1:50 would break on January 27th.

February 7, 2001. The first ever PAL rankings page.

February 9, 2001. The complete page as it looked when this page was created.

February 12, 2001. Paragon becomes the first man in history to hold the WR for every single PA level.

March 2, 2001. The 1:47 total time mark is reached. Most members believed this would be the last time barrier to be broken.

March 12, 2001. 150 member mark is reached. One new member, Carnski, is the 2nd most impressive newbie of all time.

March 14, 2001. Disco becomes the new World's Best in points, ending Paragon's half-year of domination.

April 1, 2001. Snap shocks us all with an April Fool's Day surprise, including a secret hidden message. Great stuff!

April 4, 2001. The first day at the new Hypermart address, saying goodbye to Also, new batch of members drops the lowest to 0 A and SA points.

April 5, 2001. Paragon meets up with Disco at his house, and both save their new times till this day, promising an "Update from Hell". And indeed it is, with Paragon taking back the #1 spot in points, and a full 11 seconds falling from the total.

April 24, 2001. The Elite combines to do the unthinkable- break the 1:46 total time mark! PAL trail-blazing by Carnski, Sim Threat, and darkestmatt especially helped to accomplish what most didn't think would happen 2 months earlier.

April 27, 2001. The first-ever NTSC rankings, also brought into being thanks to huge PAL trail-blazing.

May 22, 2001. Perfect Dark celebrates its 1 year birthday.

June 10, 2001. Paragon's incredible Defection glitch discovery severely shakes up the Defection rankings.

June 13, 2001. The 1:45 mark is actually reached! The total fell 40+ seconds in just 4 days thanks to Paragon's brilliant new tricks in Defection and Extraction.

June 17, 2001. The lowest-ranked players fall to the 0 total points mark.

July 4, 2001. The Elite celebrates Independence Day by reaching the big 200 member mark.

July 17, 2001. Dark Avenger joins, becoming the new #2 more impressive new member in history.

August 6, 2001. The Elite reaches 1:44 in combined time.

September 15, 2001. 1:43:00 is smashed thanks to Sucram and Paragon mastering the Defection glitch in PA.

October 28, 2001. Minute barriers continue to fall like dominoes, as the 1:42:00 mark is smashed in record time.

December 6, 2001. Zeebo puts his new updating ability to good use in giving us a glance at what the Elite would look like without its Top 15.

January 8, 2002. The Elite rings in the new year with a whole new look, thanks to a sweet program update from Snap.

March 14, 2002. The unthinkable happens... Paragon is beaten! And not just in points, but also in time! Dark Avenger is the man who is finally able to do what no man could for nearly a year.

April 29, 2002. Phil pulls into the lead once again, but this time he blows the rest of the league away with 13 new WRs, taking the lead in every single category (A/SA/PA/total points & time)! Oh, and he also managed to break the 1:41:00 Elite total time mark in the process.

May 13, 2002. The Elite reaches the big 300 total members mark, thanks in large part to the success of the French-speaking rivalries run by Wabs and friends.

July 18, 2002. Disco uses history's final Great Whoard to catapult himself into the top spot, followed closely by Paragon.

October 28, 2002. Wouter and Bosshardt and friend's GE Revival combines with Jobst's PD domination to do the unthinkable: breaking the 3 hour mark for GE + PD time combined! (Also take a look at the GE page.)

November 18, 2002. Karl's latest in a long line of WRs, this time Attack Ship PA, is enough to take the Elite well below the long sought after 1:40 (or an even 100 minutes) mark.

December 1, 2002. The Karl domination continues, as he becomes only the second man in history to hold every Agent WR at one time. (Also, see the complete 2100 update, w/out Bosshardt's :26).

January 1, 2003. The Elite rings in 2003.

April 1, 2003. Disaster strikes on April Fool's Day 2003.

July 17, 2003. The Elite breaks the 1:39:00 total time mark in convincing fashion, as Shade is added back into the Elite, re-entering in 2nd place overall.

December 5, 2003. After over a year of domination, Sim Threat is finally knocked from the top spot on the Time Rankings by fellow Australian Your Eliteness.

December 24, 2003. A string of PRs is enough to award Your Eliteness with the best Christmas present he could have ever asked for: the Points Championship.

January 1, 2004. PD says hello to another brand new year.

January 16, 2004. Eliters keep the pace, knocking down another minute mark (1:38:00) in 6 month's time.

May 2, 2004. Your Eliteness sets another record, snapping Karl's old mark for most points ever held at a time.

June 18, 2004. Perhaps the final time barrier ever is cracked, as The Elite pushes past the 1:37:00 milestone.