Im Ngamer (11:02:04 PM): hello and welcome to another exciting edition of Name That B8er!
(11:02:07 PM) swirldude
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Im Ngamer (11:02:10 PM): here is how the game works
zea imo (11:02:16 PM): shut up NGamer64
(11:02:20 PM) foolmoron has entered the room.
superangelo128 (11:02:21 PM): xd
SirSlugma (11:02:22 PM): dead rising is already coming back
Im Ngamer (11:02:25 PM): I will give a short description of someone who posts on B8
glifer57 (11:02:26 PM)
: yeah =[
Moggthegob (11:02:27 PM): * glass shatters*
SirSlugma (11:02:31 PM): or at least holding the fort
Im Ngamer (11:02:33 PM): first to yell that person's name here in Chat wins the point!
foolmoron (11:02:34 PM): CHAT IS FULL EVERYONE
zea imo (11:02:36 PM): are nobody users applicable for this
foolmoron (11:02:38 PM): WONT LET OTHERS IN
HojuSimpsonX (11:02:39 PM): fuck typing out TWEWY is annoying as fuck
glifer57 (11:02:41 PM): umm ngamer I was promised females and smash for me to join this chat, where are the females and smash
Im Ngamer (11:02:42 PM): it is a 60 minute game, and Zazi will be keeping score
woodwindwhrlwind (11:02:43 PM)
: twewy
TheCrownedKnight (11:02:49 PM): I bet I wont know most of these people
jajjjc (11:02:49 PM): twewy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:02:50 PM): do we have to YELL IT
jajjjc (11:02:51 PM): wow
jajjjc (11:02:53 PM): challenging
Im Ngamer (11:02:54 PM): here we GOOOO!
Moggthegob (11:02:57 PM): zazis not even here
xcarvengerx (11:02:58 PM): twewyyyy
Im Ngamer (11:02:59 PM): get those fingers ready!
glifer57 (11:02:59 PM)
Imaginator Suiko (11:03:00 PM): I'm physically incapable of yelling.
glifer57 (11:03:05 PM): god dammit i dont post on board 8 anymore
Dpdiablo22 (11:03:06 PM): wigs
glifer57 (11:03:08 PM): how am I supposed to win
Im Ngamer (11:03:08 PM): Zazi isn't here? what the heck
HojuSimpsonX (11:03:08 PM): CAPS LOCK ON
woodwindwhrlwind (11:03:11 PM): Wigs
snowpork (11:03:12 PM): I'm here
foolmoron (11:03:12 PM): zazi is here
snowpork (11:03:15 PM): sorry, tending to some stuff
Im Ngamer (11:03:16 PM): whew
Dpdiablo22 (11:03:16 PM)
: mwis
TheYear20XX (11:03:17 PM): Big Bob's here.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:03:21 PM): NGAMER
jajjjc (11:03:21 PM): Big Dick here
Im Ngamer (11:03:22 PM): okay HERE WE GO!
jajjjc (11:03:25 PM): I mean, KoolAid
foolmoron (11:03:31 PM): GO FOR IT BARH
glifer57 (11:03:31 PM): koolaid the brawl pit player?
glifer57 (11:03:32 PM): rape
Im Ngamer (11:03:40 PM): X is filth. He's maybe the most horrible and vile person I've ever met. If I met Muffin in real life I'd probably give him a brief glare for being a douche. If I met X I'd probably land a right hook on him. ~Smurf
Dpdiablo22 (11:03:40 PM)
: the only one's ill know are the very obvious and someone will beat me to it
jajjjc (11:03:41 PM): Pit? fuck that guy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:03:45 PM): Smurf
superangelo128 (11:03:46 PM): heroickrauss
Imaginator Suiko (11:03:48 PM): HeroicKrauss
Im Ngamer (11:03:50 PM): nope, nope!
regaroukiera (11:03:50 PM)
: Anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:03:51 PM): Smurf said it therefore its smurf
zea imo (11:03:51 PM): SESS
Im Ngamer (11:03:53 PM): nope!
jajjjc (11:03:54 PM): Vlado
yoblazer33 (11:03:55 PM): Remember that Brawl player SHADOW JACKY?
HojuSimpsonX (11:03:56 PM): TURTLE
Im Ngamer (11:03:56 PM): ZEA WINS!@
woodwindwhrlwind (11:03:57 PM)
: Swift
ManaSeJema (11:03:58 PM): Sephiroth
Im Ngamer (11:03:59 PM): it's Sess!
yoblazer33 (11:04:00 PM): Whatever happened to him
Imaginator Suiko (11:04:04 PM): tcaz2
Im Ngamer (11:04:06 PM): Zazi, +1 for zea
TheCrownedKnight (11:04:10 PM): that was pretty good
Im Ngamer (11:04:11 PM): next up!
foolmoron (11:04:11 PM): wow
SirSlugma (11:04:12 PM): oh sess is a funny guy
glifer57 (11:04:12 PM): im sure he moved on with his life
foolmoron (11:04:18 PM): sess is awesome
glifer57 (11:04:19 PM): like none of us in this chat
foolmoron (11:04:20 PM): brilliant troll
regaroukiera (11:04:21 PM): I didn't even realize we started until I typed Anagram
TheYear20XX (11:04:22 PM): Man we have a full hour of this?
Im Ngamer (11:04:23 PM): I've seen lots of people's personalities get instantly improved by pot IRL. But unfortunately, X is neither funny, witty or more chill when high. He just becomes braindead. ~Icehawk
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EdwardTheGreat86 (11:04:25 PM): Is this actually going to be an hour?
Imaginator Suiko (11:04:26 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
foolmoron (11:04:27 PM): no stingers
ManaSeJema (11:04:29 PM): Bigpun
TheYear20XX (11:04:30 PM): Uli?
HojuSimpsonX (11:04:30 PM): ANAGRAM
glifer57 (11:04:31 PM): Dante
foolmoron (11:04:32 PM): sess cares way too much abut the internet
Im Ngamer (11:04:32 PM): nope!
(11:04:33 PM) sharp spoons
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Im Ngamer (11:04:34 PM): nope!
jajjjc (11:04:34 PM): Ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:04:36 PM): Vlado!
regaroukiera (11:04:38 PM): Tombolo
coolestbigmac (11:04:39 PM): Sess
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:04:39 PM): pooot
TheCrownedKnight (11:04:39 PM)
: caelus
foolmoron (11:04:40 PM): FOOLMORON
Im Ngamer (11:04:40 PM): still no one!
Moggthegob (11:04:40 PM): carvey
woodwindwhrlwind (11:04:41 PM): Darkx
regaroukiera (11:04:42 PM): VOLTCH
ManaSeJema (11:04:43 PM): Theo
yoblazer33 (11:04:44 PM): lol later lovelies. Too much pace for me
glifer57 (11:04:45 PM): Ulti
woodwindwhrlwind (11:04:45 PM): Rusty!
Moggthegob (11:04:47 PM): tcaz2]
Imaginator Suiko (11:04:47 PM): If HeroicKrauss isn't in this contest it is terrible.
zea imo (11:04:48 PM): REALO
HojuSimpsonX (11:04:48 PM): TRT
(11:04:48 PM) yoblazer33 has left the room.
ManaSeJema (11:04:49 PM): TheRock
KamikazePotato8 (11:04:49 PM): hmm
glifer57 (11:04:53 PM): Pikaness
Im Ngamer (11:04:53 PM): still no one!
TheCrownedKnight (11:04:53 PM): extha
Im Ngamer (11:04:54 PM): gosh guys
ManaSeJema (11:04:55 PM): Alec!
glifer57 (11:04:55 PM): Ngamer
jajjjc (11:04:56 PM): GMUN
zea imo (11:04:58 PM): STEINER
woodwindwhrlwind (11:04:58 PM): CHRIS
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:04:59 PM): rexcowbam
Moggthegob (11:05:00 PM)
: alec
regaroukiera (11:05:00 PM): Ningirl
coolestbigmac (11:05:02 PM): thundersheep
glifer57 (11:05:02 PM): Extha
ManaSeJema (11:05:03 PM): rollthebones!
TheCrownedKnight (11:05:04 PM): ...I am never drunk nor high
superangelo128 (11:05:05 PM): ertyu
glifer57 (11:05:05 PM): Icon
TintedClear86 (11:05:05 PM): Palmer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:05:06 PM): ED BELLIS
HojuSimpsonX (11:05:07 PM): UHH HM?
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:05:07 PM): LUSTER
jajjjc (11:05:08 PM)
: CjayC
ManaSeJema (11:05:09 PM): Smuffin!
Fuzzypickls (11:05:10 PM): XD at Luster.
zea imo (11:05:11 PM): WHAT EVER
Im Ngamer (11:05:11 PM): WE HAVE A WINNER!
Im Ngamer (11:05:13 PM)
: it's Palmer!
(11:05:13 PM) kbartz87
has entered the room.
Moggthegob (11:05:14 PM): SBEll
TheCrownedKnight (11:05:16 PM): lol
ManaSeJema (11:05:16 PM): Xd
TintedClear86 (11:05:16 PM): ahww yeah
glifer57 (11:05:18 PM): lol really
foolmoron (11:05:18 PM): XFD
zea imo (11:05:19 PM): palmer?
Im Ngamer (11:05:20 PM): TintedClear86 (11:05:05 PM): Palmer +1
jajjjc (11:05:21 PM)
: racism time
zea imo (11:05:22 PM): I THINK YOU MEAN
zea imo (11:05:23 PM): Bigboi971986
woodwindwhrlwind (11:05:26 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:05:26 PM): NEXT UP!
SirSlugma (11:05:28 PM)
: somehow that is no surprise
superangelo128 (11:05:29 PM): XD
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:05:29 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:05:36 PM)
: The guy is completely irrational when it comes to religion debates, and he will post absurd statements just to stir the pot, like that topic he made about not teaching his kids Santa Claus and tying it all back to religion. ~Ed
glifer57 (11:05:41 PM)
: smartmuffin
zea imo (11:05:41 PM): NEWBIE
ManaSeJema (11:05:41 PM): SephG
TheYear20XX (11:05:41 PM): Ulti?
foolmoron (11:05:41 PM): SEPHYG
HojuSimpsonX (11:05:42 PM): sephyd
Moggthegob (11:05:43 PM): sephg
Fuzzypickls (11:05:43 PM): Leonheart
Imaginator Suiko (11:05:43 PM): HeroicKrauss
HojuSimpsonX (11:05:44 PM): err g
woodwindwhrlwind (11:05:45 PM): Anagram
Moggthegob (11:05:46 PM): muffin
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:05:48 PM): smart muffin
foolmoron (11:05:49 PM)
Im Ngamer (11:05:50 PM): no one yet!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:05:50 PM)
: Ayuyu
ManaSeJema (11:05:51 PM): Anagram
coolestbigmac (11:05:51 PM): FD
Im Ngamer (11:05:52 PM): not Muffin!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:05:54 PM): way too slow
Moggthegob (11:05:54 PM)
: mteoflare
Dpdiablo22 (11:05:55 PM): wigs
zea imo
(11:05:56 PM): LUCID
HojuSimpsonX (11:05:57 PM): karma
woodwindwhrlwind (11:05:59 PM): Joyrock
glifer57 (11:05:59 PM): ulti
jajjjc (11:06:00 PM): Luster
Im Ngamer (11:06:01 PM): ZEA WINS!
Im Ngamer (11:06:03 PM)
: it's Lucid!
ManaSeJema (11:06:04 PM): pxlated
jajjjc (11:06:05 PM): FUCK YOU ZEA
foolmoron (11:06:06 PM): wtf
Imaginator Suiko (11:06:08 PM): BroAndChar
SirSlugma (11:06:08 PM): lu-suck
Im Ngamer (11:06:09 PM): Zea is up to 2 points!
HojuSimpsonX (11:06:09 PM): hax
woodwindwhrlwind (11:06:09 PM): dp keep guessing me imo
TheCrownedKnight (11:06:10 PM): oh yeah
SirSlugma (11:06:10 PM): more like
Moggthegob (11:06:11 PM): BroAndChar
snowpork (11:06:12 PM): yes he is
(11:06:12 PM) fett0001 has left the room.
SirSlugma (11:06:13 PM): ho ho ho ho
Dpdiablo22 (11:06:14 PM): k
Moggthegob (11:06:14 PM): gonna win this
TheCrownedKnight (11:06:15 PM): this is fun trying to remember people
glifer57 (11:06:18 PM): zea on b8 all day every day
woodwindwhrlwind (11:06:23 PM): woo
TheCrownedKnight (11:06:27 PM): if you do something do something well!
Im Ngamer (11:06:28 PM): There is a hierarchy of users on this board, whether or not it is spoken about or not it truly exists, and X sits at the top. He has been here for years, making an impact year round. He is highly respected, and isn't someone that you're going to insult. ~Ayvuir
regaroukiera (11:06:32 PM)
: Ulti
ManaSeJema (11:06:32 PM): Ulti
foolmoron (11:06:33 PM): NEON
Fuzzypickls (11:06:33 PM): Ulti
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:06:35 PM): icehawk
Im Ngamer (11:06:36 PM)
: Reggie WINS!
zea imo (11:06:37 PM): TRANSIENCE
Sparuscus (11:06:37 PM): Ed Bellis
Moggthegob (11:06:37 PM): chris
ManaSeJema (11:06:37 PM): Ngamer
Im Ngamer (11:06:38 PM): it's Ulti!
kbartz87 (11:06:38 PM): icehawk
regaroukiera (11:06:39 PM): :D
woodwindwhrlwind (11:06:39 PM): pfft
Imaginator Suiko (11:06:41 PM): HeroicKrauss
Im Ngamer (11:06:42 PM): +1 to Reg
woodwindwhrlwind (11:06:45 PM)
: how do you guys read that fast
glifer57 (11:06:46 PM): i insult ulti
glifer57 (11:06:49 PM): he's kind of a loser
regaroukiera (11:06:52 PM): I just saw "X sits at the top"
TheCrownedKnight (11:06:53 PM): man I insult ulti when he deserves it
Dpdiablo22 (11:06:54 PM): wigs they're cheating
ManaSeJema (11:06:54 PM): ManaSeJema (12:06:25 AM): Ultiregaroukiera (12:06:25 AM): Ulti
Sparuscus (11:06:55 PM): "isn't someone you're going to insult" xmfd
HojuSimpsonX (11:06:55 PM): ulti gets insulted a lot <_<
regaroukiera (11:06:56 PM): And said Ulti
(11:06:56 PM) ryansaotome has entered the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:06:57 PM): yeah, wtf? i read like five words
Dpdiablo22 (11:07:02 PM)
: this is like uc2
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:02 PM): Ngamer is CHEATING
foolmoron (11:07:02 PM): "He is highly respected, and isn't someone that you're going to insult." I think I'm doing it wrong then
Dpdiablo22 (11:07:03 PM): fuck this shit
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:05 PM): omg
HojuSimpsonX (11:07:07 PM): I read it all but ulti? really <_<?
snowpork (11:07:08 PM): So is it mana?
Dpdiablo22 (11:07:11 PM): fucking circle button
Im Ngamer (11:07:12 PM): His random, witty, almost nonsensical posts are some of the finest I've ever been graced with reading. If X wrote a book I would be first in line to pick up my copy. Plus he has the attitude of a bad ass. ~Lockes
HojuSimpsonX (11:07:16 PM): no offense
zea imo (11:07:17 PM): SEPHSBLADE
jajjjc (11:07:17 PM): ya'll niggas read too fast
regaroukiera (11:07:18 PM): Chris
foolmoron (11:07:18 PM): FOOLNO
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:18 PM): MWIS
coolestbigmac (11:07:18 PM): sbp
Moggthegob (11:07:20 PM): extha
glifer57 (11:07:20 PM): sonicblastpunch
ManaSeJema (11:07:21 PM): ManaSeJema (12:06:25 AM): Ultiregaroukiera (12:06:25 AM): Ultifoolmoron (12:06:25 AM): NEONFuzzypickls (12:06:25 AM): Ulti
foolmoron (11:07:21 PM): FOOLMO
TintedClear86 (11:07:21 PM): Anagram
kbartz87 (11:07:21 PM): fetus
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:07:23 PM): rammtay
Imaginator Suiko (11:07:24 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
Dpdiablo22 (11:07:24 PM): wigs
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Bullet Bill 0107 (11:07:24 PM): joyrock
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:07:25 PM): >_>
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:27 PM)
Im Ngamer (11:07:27 PM): KBARTZ WINS!
glifer57 (11:07:28 PM)
: anri
Im Ngamer (11:07:29 PM): it's fetus!
kbartz87 (11:07:31 PM): yes
(11:07:32 PM) jajjjc has left the room.
SirSlugma (11:07:32 PM): anagram would have the worst book ever
(11:07:34 PM) TheYear20XX has left the room.
Im Ngamer (11:07:35 PM): +1 to kbartz
HojuSimpsonX (11:07:38 PM): XD
Sparuscus (11:07:39 PM): an anagram book oh god
(11:07:42 PM) silver50n has entered the room.
(11:07:42 PM) cokes311 has entered the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:42 PM): naye it would read all scrambled up
foolmoron (11:07:45 PM): damn
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:47 PM): GET IT LOL
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:07:47 PM): i was goona guess fetus but i forgot his name
SirSlugma (11:07:50 PM)
: no i dont get it
cokes311 (11:07:50 PM): mother of fuck
woodwindwhrlwind (11:07:52 PM): oh.
Dpdiablo22 (11:07:54 PM): i dont even know who's still on b8
cokes311 (11:07:56 PM): why are there so many of you
SirSlugma (11:07:56 PM): is that because he's dyslexic?
TintedClear86 (11:07:57 PM): I didnt even read anything and just said a name.
foolmoron (11:07:57 PM): Even I confuse myself with fetus
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:02 PM): maybe
Im Ngamer (11:08:03 PM): Back in the day I admit I didn't really understand X's overnight popularity and felt the urge to stab him repeatedly for 'stealing my spotlight.' He is a very cool dude who just seems remarkably well mannered for an internet forum regular. ~Chris
HojuSimpsonX (11:08:06 PM): hm\
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:07 PM): MWIS
ManaSeJema (11:08:07 PM): Ed Bellis
glifer57 (11:08:07 PM): MWC
kbartz87 (11:08:07 PM): lockes
ManaSeJema (11:08:09 PM): Icehawk
superangelo128 (11:08:10 PM): DSRage
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:08:10 PM): icehawk
coolestbigmac (11:08:10 PM)
: icehawk
Im Ngamer (11:08:11 PM): no one yet...
regaroukiera (11:08:11 PM)
: ExTha
Fuzzypickls (11:08:13 PM): Dante.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:13 PM): Heroic Mario
Imaginator Suiko (11:08:13 PM): HeroicKrauss
Fuzzypickls (11:08:14 PM): Boko
TheCrownedKnight (11:08:14 PM): haha
ManaSeJema (11:08:15 PM): neon
Imaginator Suiko (11:08:15 PM): Or Rusty
TintedClear86 (11:08:15 PM): Dante
Dpdiablo22 (11:08:16 PM): wigs
kbartz87 (11:08:16 PM): palmer
Im Ngamer (11:08:16 PM): still no one...
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:08:17 PM): joyrock
Moggthegob (11:08:17 PM): AT
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:17 PM): ExTha
foolmoron (11:08:18 PM): FETT
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:08:19 PM): digi
foolmoron (11:08:20 PM)
foolmoron (11:08:21 PM): again
TheCrownedKnight (11:08:22 PM): wont say it
glifer57 (11:08:23 PM): Applekidjosh
Moggthegob (11:08:23 PM): Anri
ManaSeJema (11:08:23 PM): Pxlated
SirSlugma (11:08:23 PM): joyrock xfd
kbartz87 (11:08:24 PM): icon
ManaSeJema (11:08:25 PM): Tranny
regaroukiera (11:08:26 PM): Tombolo
Sparuscus (11:08:28 PM): Digi
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:29 PM): STA
TintedClear86 (11:08:29 PM): Boko
HojuSimpsonX (11:08:29 PM): GTA Gavin?
Im Ngamer (11:08:30 PM): KBARTZ WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:08:31 PM)
: Semi
Im Ngamer (11:08:31 PM): it's icon!
Moggthegob (11:08:33 PM): Steiner
kbartz87 (11:08:34 PM): haha
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:08:36 PM): aww
ManaSeJema (11:08:39 PM)
: makes sense
Im Ngamer (11:08:42 PM): hot streak for kbartz!
regaroukiera (11:08:50 PM)
: I'll snap it D<
Moggthegob (11:08:56 PM): Ill snap reg
TheCrownedKnight (11:08:57 PM): see I felt bad for that one
TheCrownedKnight (11:08:59 PM): as I wrote it
Im Ngamer (11:09:00 PM): X is my prototype. I guarantee if I ever met her in real life I'd fall in love with her in like 3 seconds, and it would be totally worth it. ~Ulti
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:01 PM): so I couldnt say
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:01 PM): STA
glifer57 (11:09:04 PM): ryoko
zea imo (11:09:04 PM): ngirl
ManaSeJema (11:09:05 PM): Ryoko
kbartz87 (11:09:05 PM): ngirl
Fuzzypickls (11:09:05 PM): Ngirl
Sparuscus (11:09:05 PM): ngril
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:05 PM): ngirl
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:05 PM): Gingerbee
coolestbigmac (11:09:06 PM): ngirl
ManaSeJema (11:09:07 PM): Ocean
silver50n (11:09:07 PM): ryoko
Im Ngamer (11:09:08 PM): ZEA WINS!
ManaSeJema (11:09:09 PM): Satai
glifer57 (11:09:09 PM): only like 3 girls
Im Ngamer (11:09:10 PM): it's ngirl!
glifer57 (11:09:10 PM)
: so
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:09:11 PM): fuck
kbartz87 (11:09:12 PM)
: dammit
Sparuscus (11:09:13 PM): 'ngril'
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:13 PM): we all got that one
HojuSimpsonX (11:09:13 PM): lol
Imaginator Suiko (11:09:14 PM): HeroicKyrie
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:14 PM): lol
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:09:15 PM): how do you do that so fast
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:17 PM)
: mostly
Dpdiablo22 (11:09:18 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:18 PM): ITS STA
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:22 PM): if you say STA you're right
Moggthegob (11:09:22 PM): I lok away for a second
Moggthegob (11:09:23 PM): damn
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:25 PM): i demand to be right
cokes311 (11:09:25 PM): what is this and why is it going on
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:27 PM): by guessing STA
(11:09:29 PM) fett0001 has entered the room.
glifer57 (11:09:30 PM): wigs is correct
glifer57 (11:09:33 PM): STA should always get a point
Dpdiablo22 (11:09:37 PM): im not STA
fett0001 (11:09:37 PM): talk
fett0001 (11:09:39 PM): yaaaaaaaaaay
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:40 PM): lies
Im Ngamer (11:09:41 PM): At times X can be harsh and very very morbid. She's far too gung-ho on attacking other peoples beliefs, especially when it comes to things like Religion. Sometimes theres just very little understanding or acceptance from her. ~Smurf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:42 PM)
Fuzzypickls (11:09:44 PM): Ryoko
glifer57 (11:09:44 PM): ryoko
regaroukiera (11:09:45 PM): yoko
ManaSeJema (11:09:45 PM): ryoko
silver50n (11:09:45 PM): ryoko
fett0001 (11:09:46 PM): ngirl
kbartz87 (11:09:47 PM): crimson
ManaSeJema (11:09:47 PM): Ocean
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:47 PM): metroid composite
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:09:48 PM): starcow
TheCrownedKnight (11:09:48 PM)
: ocean
Moggthegob (11:09:48 PM): Spork
TintedClear86 (11:09:49 PM): Spork?
SirSlugma (11:09:49 PM): gingerbee
ManaSeJema (11:09:49 PM): Satai
cokes311 (11:09:49 PM): inviso
regaroukiera (11:09:49 PM): Dammit
glifer57 (11:09:50 PM): satai
ManaSeJema (11:09:50 PM): Kali
coolestbigmac (11:09:50 PM): gotspork
Dpdiablo22 (11:09:51 PM): wigs
Im Ngamer (11:09:52 PM): no one yet
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:09:52 PM): gotspork
superangelo128 (11:09:54 PM)
: pikaness
zea imo (11:09:54 PM): MYC
regaroukiera (11:09:55 PM): I missed the R and I was too slow
woodwindwhrlwind (11:09:55 PM): Gingerbee
HojuSimpsonX (11:09:56 PM): not gonna even try
regaroukiera (11:09:56 PM): holy shit lag
SirSlugma (11:09:57 PM): that was a joke
ManaSeJema (11:09:57 PM): Cass
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:09:57 PM): GMUN
SirSlugma (11:09:58 PM): btw
Im Ngamer (11:09:58 PM): ZEA WINS!
kbartz87 (11:09:59 PM): genesis
silver50n (11:10:00 PM): metroid composite
ManaSeJema (11:10:00 PM): Pikaness
Im Ngamer (11:10:00 PM): it's MYC!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:02 PM)
: Clover Meadow
glifer57 (11:10:03 PM): WTF
Moggthegob (11:10:03 PM): zensgirlfriend
glifer57 (11:10:05 PM): i said myc earlier
TheCrownedKnight (11:10:06 PM): oh heh right
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:10:06 PM): myc isn't a she you ass
glifer57 (11:10:07 PM)
: dammit
TheCrownedKnight (11:10:08 PM): btw zea
snowpork (11:10:09 PM): Zea has 4
Sparuscus (11:10:10 PM): MYC xfd
HojuSimpsonX (11:10:11 PM): XD
SirSlugma (11:10:12 PM): myc that was a long time ago
angryaria (11:10:12 PM): I've seen the nudes
Moggthegob (11:10:12 PM): Lady Ashe
Im Ngamer (11:10:15 PM): great work figuring that out, zea!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:10:16 PM): myc has a penis
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:18 PM)
: Lady Miawo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:20 PM): Miaow
glifer57 (11:10:22 PM): MYC has 2 penises
ManaSeJema (11:10:24 PM): Horatio
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:26 PM): lol
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:10:28 PM): Are we trying to guess the owner of the quote or who the quote is referring to?
TintedClear86 (11:10:31 PM): Quite an accomplishment.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:32 PM): who "X" is
regaroukiera (11:10:33 PM): Who i'ts referring to
Fuzzypickls (11:10:33 PM): Fill in the X
glifer57 (11:10:34 PM): who the quote is referring to
TheCrownedKnight (11:10:34 PM): refer
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:10:35 PM): ok
Im Ngamer (11:10:36 PM): For him to call anyone else on the board out for attention whoring is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. It seems like everything X does is for the either explicit or implicit purpose of garnering attention to himself, any way he can. ~Ed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:37 PM)
regaroukiera (11:10:39 PM): ExTha
superangelo128 (11:10:39 PM): UnknownTrapX
glifer57 (11:10:40 PM): icehawk
silver50n (11:10:40 PM): icehawk
TheCrownedKnight (11:10:41 PM): ulti
Moggthegob (11:10:41 PM): extha
ManaSeJema (11:10:41 PM): Vlado
zea imo (11:10:42 PM): MUFFIN
kbartz87 (11:10:42 PM): anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:43 PM): Rusty
fett0001 (11:10:43 PM): ulti
Im Ngamer (11:10:43 PM): no one yet...
ManaSeJema (11:10:44 PM): Chris
Moggthegob (11:10:45 PM): sess
ManaSeJema (11:10:46 PM): SephG
Imaginator Suiko (11:10:46 PM): Smurf
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:10:46 PM): joyrock
Im Ngamer (11:10:48 PM): still no one...
woodwindwhrlwind (11:10:49 PM)
: Swift
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:10:50 PM): i can't fucking read it with the scrolling
ManaSeJema (11:10:50 PM)
: piman
kbartz87 (11:10:50 PM): palmer
Im Ngamer (11:10:51 PM): GOT IT!
glifer57 (11:10:51 PM)
: ctes
foolmoron (11:10:52 PM): anagram
Im Ngamer (11:10:53 PM): with Smurf!
(11:10:58 PM) angryaria
has left the room.
Im Ngamer (11:11:00 PM): Imaginator Suiko (11:10:46 PM): Smurf +1 this dude!
TheCrownedKnight (11:11:00 PM)
: chris
TheCrownedKnight (11:11:02 PM): really mana
TheCrownedKnight (11:11:03 PM): : (
Imaginator Suiko (11:11:06 PM): It's Lisel
regaroukiera (11:11:07 PM): That's Lisel Ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:09 PM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (11:11:11 PM): wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:11:11 PM): and I am throwing my points in the trash
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:13 PM): STA
Imaginator Suiko (11:11:14 PM): because this game is terrible
cokes311 (11:11:17 PM): you can tell it's lisel because the font is so bad
zea imo (11:11:17 PM): lmao
SirSlugma (11:11:18 PM): of course it's smurf
ManaSeJema (11:11:19 PM): Just throwing whomever off the top of thbus
superangelo128 (11:11:20 PM): lol
TintedClear86 (11:11:22 PM): lol
Imaginator Suiko (11:11:22 PM): You put Smurf in before HeroicKrauss?
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:11:22 PM): and the pink
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:24 PM): i was right its STA
Imaginator Suiko (11:11:25 PM): What a travesty.
SirSlugma (11:11:28 PM): i have to counter this pink
Im Ngamer (11:11:28 PM): X earns his popularity and his name by being nice and running great projects, not through being a total douche like some people. He is a sort of icon for newer users of how Board 8 should generally be approached. ~Ayvuir
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:29 PM)
SirSlugma (11:11:30 PM): with proper blue
kbartz87 (11:11:31 PM): yo
silver50n (11:11:31 PM): icehawk
cokes311 (11:11:32 PM): ed
ManaSeJema (11:11:32 PM): icehawk
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:32 PM): MWIS
glifer57 (11:11:33 PM): ctes
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:11:33 PM): ed
(11:11:33 PM) angryaeisia16 has entered the room.
HojuSimpsonX (11:11:33 PM): ed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:33 PM): Ed
Moggthegob (11:11:34 PM): icehawk
Im Ngamer (11:11:35 PM): COKES WINS!
fett0001 (11:11:36 PM): bellsi
ManaSeJema (11:11:36 PM): transieve
Im Ngamer (11:11:38 PM): it's Ed Bellis!
Moggthegob (11:11:38 PM): extha'
regaroukiera (11:11:38 PM): Ed Bellis
ManaSeJema (11:11:38 PM): ff1313
HojuSimpsonX (11:11:39 PM): dam
woodwindwhrlwind (11:11:39 PM): DAMMTI
regaroukiera (11:11:40 PM): Dammit I am lagging awfully
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:11:42 PM): wtf
Im Ngamer (11:11:46 PM)
: solid +1 for cokes there
TheCrownedKnight (11:11:48 PM): I am going to guess I am never getting a point
TintedClear86 (11:11:49 PM): damn I can barely read
ManaSeJema (11:11:55 PM): With yo uthere
glifer57 (11:11:56 PM): im never getting one either its okay
HojuSimpsonX (11:12:00 PM): ditto
cokes311 (11:12:00 PM): i have speeds
foolmoron (11:12:04 PM): I already stopped attempting to get points
Dpdiablo22 (11:12:05 PM): all the cool people get 0 points
foolmoron (11:12:08 PM): I'm just reading writeups
Im Ngamer (11:12:10 PM): The Joaquin Phoenix of B8. Threw away all the fame, cash and women to grow out a ridiculous beard and pretend he is on drugs 95% of the time. I think he is pretty funny. ~Icehawk
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:11 PM)
Moggthegob (11:12:12 PM): Extha
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:13 PM): Rusty
kbartz87 (11:12:14 PM): yo
ManaSeJema (11:12:14 PM): Caelus
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:12:16 PM): boko
HojuSimpsonX (11:12:16 PM)
: extha
Moggthegob (11:12:17 PM): Icehawk
glifer57 (11:12:17 PM): applekidjosh
Imaginator Suiko (11:12:17 PM): sess
Dpdiablo22 (11:12:18 PM): wigs
Im Ngamer (11:12:18 PM): no one yet...
TintedClear86 (11:12:19 PM): SEP
kbartz87 (11:12:20 PM): caelus
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:12:21 PM): joyrock
ManaSeJema (11:12:21 PM): heroicigloobob
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:21 PM): Swift
Im Ngamer (11:12:23 PM): still no one...
superangelo128 (11:12:23 PM): Steiner
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:23 PM): Dp
foolmoron (11:12:24 PM): megawentevil
glifer57 (11:12:24 PM): ctes
zea imo (11:12:24 PM): SHAGGY
Ninkendo DSi (11:12:24 PM): soul
TintedClear86 (11:12:24 PM): Lockes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:26 PM): MWIS
HojuSimpsonX (11:12:27 PM): vlado
kbartz87 (11:12:27 PM): palmer
cokes311 (11:12:28 PM): seg
Fuzzypickls (11:12:28 PM): lol at ctes
fett0001 (11:12:28 PM): palmer
ManaSeJema (11:12:28 PM): therock
glifer57 (11:12:29 PM): transience
Trenchant Zephyr (11:12:30 PM): What's going on?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:30 PM): Kao Megura
Im Ngamer (11:12:30 PM): STILL no one...
Imaginator Suiko (11:12:31 PM)
: hmm
regaroukiera (11:12:32 PM): Dante
Moggthegob (11:12:33 PM): Icon
ManaSeJema (11:12:33 PM): piman
kbartz87 (11:12:33 PM): smuffin
silver50n (11:12:34 PM): anagram
glifer57 (11:12:35 PM): stingers
foolmoron (11:12:36 PM): nintendogirl
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:36 PM): Ayuyu
Ninkendo DSi (11:12:38 PM): sess
Sparuscus (11:12:38 PM): pxl
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:39 PM): Kali
kbartz87 (11:12:40 PM): neon
ManaSeJema (11:12:41 PM): the dude
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:12:41 PM): digi
glifer57 (11:12:42 PM)
: tom bombadil
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:12:42 PM): Santa
Dpdiablo22 (11:12:44 PM): ryoko
Moggthegob (11:12:44 PM): carvey
Im Ngamer (11:12:44 PM): still pitching a shutout
regaroukiera (11:12:45 PM)
: Wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:45 PM): BIGPUN
ManaSeJema (11:12:48 PM): pumpkinhead
foolmoron (11:12:49 PM): ngamer
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:12:49 PM): PALMER
kbartz87 (11:12:49 PM)
: ngamer
glifer57 (11:12:50 PM): crasty
Im Ngamer (11:12:50 PM): somone guessed this guy earlier
HojuSimpsonX (11:12:51 PM): Dr.Wily
TintedClear86 (11:12:52 PM): Ayuir
regaroukiera (11:12:53 PM): Tazzy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:53 PM): STA
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:54 PM): STA
glifer57 (11:12:54 PM): ctes
Moggthegob (11:12:54 PM): Spiral
kbartz87 (11:12:55 PM): yo
Im Ngamer (11:12:56 PM): surprised they forgot him now
fett0001 (11:12:56 PM): whoooooa lag
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:57 PM): darkx
HojuSimpsonX (11:12:57 PM): GTA gavin?
glifer57 (11:12:58 PM): MYC
zea imo (11:12:59 PM): AT
woodwindwhrlwind (11:12:59 PM): Piman
Moggthegob (11:12:59 PM): Heroic Krauss
Im Ngamer (11:13:01 PM): starts with an...
ManaSeJema (11:13:02 PM): pxlated
glifer57 (11:13:02 PM): kosmo
Imaginator Suiko (11:13:03 PM): HeroicKrauss
Im Ngamer (11:13:03 PM): S
angryaeisia16 (11:13:04 PM): Wait we started
Fuzzypickls (11:13:05 PM)
: Smurf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:05 PM): Sess
Moggthegob (11:13:05 PM): Sess
glifer57 (11:13:06 PM): stingers again
xcarvengerx (11:13:06 PM): sbp
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:13:07 PM): SPORKY
kbartz87 (11:13:07 PM)
: sephys
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:08 PM): Swift
foolmoron (11:13:09 PM): SWIFT
angryaeisia16 (11:13:09 PM): I'm watching Scott Pilgrim
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:13:10 PM)
silver50n (11:13:10 PM)
: smuffin
Im Ngamer (11:13:10 PM): CARVEY WINS!
foolmoron (11:13:11 PM): FUCL
ManaSeJema (11:13:12 PM): steiner
HojuSimpsonX (11:13:12 PM): SephyG
regaroukiera (11:13:13 PM): Sephsblade
regaroukiera (11:13:14 PM): oh
Im Ngamer (11:13:15 PM): it's sonicblastpunch!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:17 PM)
: oh
Dpdiablo22 (11:13:18 PM): swigs
foolmoron (11:13:18 PM): oh
ManaSeJema (11:13:20 PM): Amazing Telephone?
glifer57 (11:13:21 PM): that guy is hilarious
zea imo (11:13:22 PM): I said AT damn you NGamer
HojuSimpsonX (11:13:23 PM): oh yeah
glifer57 (11:13:26 PM): is sbp at?
HojuSimpsonX (11:13:27 PM): he's a druggie?
glifer57 (11:13:27 PM): that makes sense
superangelo128 (11:13:28 PM): 64
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:29 PM): sbp starts with an A
Im Ngamer (11:13:29 PM): + to Carve!
cokes311 (11:13:29 PM): give it to zea imo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:31 PM): for sure
cokes311 (11:13:34 PM): if he said AT >_>
TheCrownedKnight (11:13:37 PM): I am watching avatar
zea imo (11:13:42 PM): vintage NGamer64
foolmoron (11:13:43 PM): I had no idea sbp was AT
(11:13:44 PM) Mumei5 has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:46 PM): (hes not)
foolmoron (11:13:47 PM): no wonder he is so good at rap
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:48 PM): THATS THE JOKE
regaroukiera (11:13:49 PM): What Foolmo said
Im Ngamer (11:13:50 PM): I don’t think I have ever read a post from x that I didn’t see some logic in or some reason that I could at least understand. He isn’t the type of person I’d usually call my friend, because I don’t really hang out with guys as mellow as him, but it is something that stands out on the board to me. ~Chris
regaroukiera (11:13:53 PM)
: Tom
HojuSimpsonX (11:13:53 PM): red
woodwindwhrlwind (11:13:53 PM): STA
kbartz87 (11:13:54 PM): yoblazer
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:13:55 PM): ERTYU
ManaSeJema (11:13:55 PM)
: icehawk
Moggthegob (11:13:58 PM): extha
cokes311 (11:13:58 PM): actually wigs i'm pretty sure it is >_>
Im Ngamer (11:13:58 PM): no one yet...
ManaSeJema (11:13:58 PM): red13n
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:13:59 PM): joyrock
TintedClear86 (11:13:59 PM): SD
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:00 PM): Wigs!
fett0001 (11:14:00 PM): fett?
ManaSeJema (11:14:01 PM): Wigs
glifer57 (11:14:01 PM): tranny
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:14:02 PM): DIGI
ManaSeJema (11:14:02 PM)
: Tom Bom
kbartz87 (11:14:03 PM): palmer
regaroukiera (11:14:04 PM): Drak
kbartz87 (11:14:04 PM): wigs
Moggthegob (11:14:05 PM): Drakeryn
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:06 PM): uh
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:08 PM): Mana
Im Ngamer (11:14:08 PM): still no one
ManaSeJema (11:14:08 PM): Mana!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:14:08 PM): LOCKES
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:09 PM)
: icon
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:11 PM): HAahah mana
kbartz87 (11:14:11 PM): at
Moggthegob (11:14:13 PM): Semi]
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:13 PM): icehawk
kbartz87 (11:14:13 PM): aeon
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:14 PM): Dp
Dpdiablo22 (11:14:15 PM): akj
regaroukiera (11:14:15 PM): Dante
regaroukiera (11:14:15 PM): Numbers
zea imo (11:14:16 PM): Ayuyu
glifer57 (11:14:16 PM): meow
fett0001 (11:14:17 PM): drak
Imaginator Suiko (11:14:17 PM): HeroicKrauss
ManaSeJema (11:14:18 PM): Shake
kbartz87 (11:14:18 PM): semi
cokes311 (11:14:19 PM): TCA
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:19 PM): Anagram
Moggthegob (11:14:21 PM): Lisel
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:22 PM): Anri
TintedClear86 (11:14:22 PM): Bokomon
ManaSeJema (11:14:22 PM): Numbers
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:14:24 PM): LUSTER
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:24 PM)
kbartz87 (11:14:24 PM): lockes
Fuzzypickls (11:14:25 PM): Drakeryn
silver50n (11:14:26 PM): transcience
Im Ngamer (11:14:27 PM): focus on the part about being chill
ManaSeJema (11:14:28 PM): FFd
ManaSeJema (11:14:29 PM): FD
zea imo (11:14:30 PM): MEISNEWBIE LMAO
regaroukiera (11:14:30 PM): Wigs
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:31 PM): Santa
kbartz87 (11:14:33 PM): fd
fett0001 (11:14:33 PM): alloy
ManaSeJema (11:14:33 PM): Kuge
Sparuscus (11:14:34 PM): chris interacts with me all the time are you people daft
cokes311 (11:14:34 PM): neon
glifer57 (11:14:34 PM): sir chris himself
superangelo128 (11:14:35 PM): lmao
Imaginator Suiko (11:14:36 PM): kurtfitso
Dpdiablo22 (11:14:36 PM): creative
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:14:37 PM): KUGE
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:37 PM)
: XIII is cool
regaroukiera (11:14:38 PM): Aecioo
Im Ngamer (11:14:38 PM): COKES WINS!
TintedClear86 (11:14:39 PM): Coffee
angryaeisia16 (11:14:39 PM): Icehawk
ManaSeJema (11:14:39 PM)
: pxlated
Im Ngamer (11:14:40 PM): it's neon!
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:41 PM): SBell
Moggthegob (11:14:41 PM): Super Ange
kbartz87 (11:14:42 PM): wigs
regaroukiera (11:14:43 PM): oh
fett0001 (11:14:43 PM): yeah
fett0001 (11:14:45 PM): i see it
Moggthegob (11:14:45 PM): SBallen
ManaSeJema (11:14:47 PM): oh... duh
Im Ngamer (11:14:48 PM): gosh guy, he's only the UotY!
TheCrownedKnight (11:14:49 PM): man
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:14:51 PM): what was the answer
TheCrownedKnight (11:14:52 PM)
: I was going to guess
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:14:53 PM): neonreaper
Moggthegob (11:14:54 PM): neon
TheCrownedKnight (11:14:55 PM): to mercy that
ManaSeJema (11:14:57 PM): neonrepair
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:57 PM): neon uoty chances failing
TheCrownedKnight (11:14:57 PM): geesh
foolmoron (11:14:58 PM): oh that guy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:14:58 PM): imo
zea imo (11:15:00 PM): I was sure it was meisnewbie after the intelligent and chill remarks
superangelo128 (11:15:04 PM): hahahah
cokes311 (11:15:04 PM): newbie
TheCrownedKnight (11:15:05 PM): newbie isnt chill
cokes311 (11:15:06 PM): is not chill
TheCrownedKnight (11:15:06 PM): at all
Imaginator Suiko (11:15:06 PM): Hahah.
Sparuscus (11:15:07 PM): newbie, chill?
glifer57 (11:15:08 PM): i thought it was lady ashe
zea imo (11:15:10 PM): that's the joke
SirSlugma (11:15:11 PM): xfd
Im Ngamer (11:15:16 PM): He takes himself so seriously, while Turn is an expert at being hilarious through wit, X is an expert of being hilarious by being himself. His language is so literal that while his phrases make perfect grammatical sense but in common terms it's just plain odd. And his ideas, wow. ~Smurf
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:15:19 PM): andy
TheCrownedKnight (11:15:20 PM)
: andy
glifer57 (11:15:20 PM): TURN
superangelo128 (11:15:20 PM): andy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:15:20 PM): andy
foolmoron (11:15:21 PM): mwis
silver50n (11:15:21 PM): turn
kbartz87 (11:15:22 PM): bartz
cokes311 (11:15:23 PM): caelus
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:15:23 PM): joyrock
Im Ngamer (11:15:23 PM): no one...
regaroukiera (11:15:24 PM)
Dpdiablo22 (11:15:25 PM): wigs
regaroukiera (11:15:25 PM): oh
zea imo (11:15:25 PM): LUSTER
ManaSeJema (11:15:26 PM): pxlated
HojuSimpsonX (11:15:26 PM): fd
ManaSeJema (11:15:27 PM): caelus
regaroukiera (11:15:29 PM): Rusty
woodwindwhrlwind (11:15:31 PM): Swift
Im Ngamer (11:15:31 PM): still no one right
kbartz87 (11:15:32 PM): palmer
HojuSimpsonX (11:15:32 PM): tranny
TheCrownedKnight (11:15:32 PM): muffin
ManaSeJema (11:15:32 PM): SEP
superangelo128 (11:15:32 PM): anagream
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:15:34 PM): Santa
HojuSimpsonX (11:15:36 PM): hm
cokes311 (11:15:36 PM): newbie
silver50n (11:15:37 PM): ertyu
xcarvengerx (11:15:38 PM): vlado
kbartz87 (11:15:38 PM): sbell
coolestbigmac (11:15:39 PM): at
woodwindwhrlwind (11:15:40 PM): SD
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:15:40 PM): Anri
HojuSimpsonX (11:15:41 PM): sess
regaroukiera (11:15:42 PM): Voltch
woodwindwhrlwind (11:15:42 PM): HGR
Im Ngamer (11:15:42 PM): dang guys this is another bad miss
glifer57 (11:15:44 PM)
: ctes
Moggthegob (11:15:44 PM): Anri
Moggthegob (11:15:45 PM): Digi
ManaSeJema (11:15:46 PM): Alec
Im Ngamer (11:15:46 PM): CARVEY AGAIN!
fett0001 (11:15:47 PM): ashe
HojuSimpsonX (11:15:47 PM): semi
kbartz87 (11:15:47 PM): dante
foolmoron (11:15:48 PM): ALEX SHELLEY
Moggthegob (11:15:49 PM): crasty
Dpdiablo22 (11:15:51 PM): ertyu
Im Ngamer (11:15:51 PM): with VLADO!
glifer57 (11:15:53 PM)
: butts and butts and butts
ManaSeJema (11:15:57 PM): Vlado again?!
SirSlugma (11:15:57 PM): hey, dr gained
Im Ngamer (11:15:58 PM): great work Carve!
Dpdiablo22 (11:16:10 PM)
: im guessing vlado from now on
TheCrownedKnight (11:16:11 PM): is it just me or did twewy just lose a %
Dpdiablo22 (11:16:12 PM): after wigs
zea imo
(11:16:13 PM): NGamer64 literally feeding answers to his only friend
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:13 PM): (psst naye i want DR to win thatsd your hint)
TheCrownedKnight (11:16:13 PM): in 5 minutes
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:16:14 PM): wat was the answer
glifer57 (11:16:18 PM)
: hey twewy is still beating dead rising
Moggthegob (11:16:18 PM): vlado
glifer57 (11:16:19 PM): thats cool
Imaginator Suiko (11:16:20 PM): I call shenanigans
Im Ngamer (11:16:23 PM): I always think it's strange that X is willing to associate himself with some of the people he does. He seems to be buds with Meeks, it has always frustrated me how he doesn't just tell Vlado to **** off. X seems a lot more willing to interact with the "outcasts" of the board, and well, they are generally outcasts for a reason. ~Icehawk
Ninkendo DSi (11:16:25 PM): glad I banked
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:16:27 PM): piman
regaroukiera (11:16:28 PM): Numbers
cokes311 (11:16:28 PM): swift
ManaSeJema (11:16:29 PM): spiral
TheCrownedKnight (11:16:29 PM): ulti
glifer57 (11:16:30 PM): sephg
(11:16:30 PM) cokes311 has left the room.
ManaSeJema (11:16:31 PM): bob
Moggthegob (11:16:31 PM): muffin
kbartz87 (11:16:32 PM): mengi
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:32 PM): Wigs
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:16:34 PM): chris
Sparuscus (11:16:34 PM)
: 'oh'
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:16:34 PM): Santa
Im Ngamer (11:16:34 PM): no one so far...
superangelo128 (11:16:35 PM): MegaWentEvil
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:35 PM): Ed
HojuSimpsonX (11:16:35 PM): vlado
silver50n (11:16:35 PM): steiner
TintedClear86 (11:16:36 PM): Timjab
ManaSeJema (11:16:36 PM): numbers
kbartz87 (11:16:37 PM): anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:38 PM): gotspork
glifer57 (11:16:39 PM): ctes
regaroukiera (11:16:39 PM): Drak
ManaSeJema (11:16:39 PM): spike
kbartz87 (11:16:39 PM): darkx
coolestbigmac (11:16:40 PM): gotspork
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:16:41 PM): icehawk
coolestbigmac (11:16:42 PM): dammit
glifer57 (11:16:43 PM): anagram
Im Ngamer (11:16:43 PM): still no one right
Sparuscus (11:16:44 PM): I hate you guys
Imaginator Suiko (11:16:44 PM): Ulti
ManaSeJema (11:16:44 PM): pxlated
regaroukiera (11:16:45 PM): snowpork
ManaSeJema (11:16:46 PM): mana
Moggthegob (11:16:47 PM): ryoko
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:49 PM): Chrono
ManaSeJema (11:16:49 PM): SephG
regaroukiera (11:16:50 PM): Me
glifer57 (11:16:50 PM): ngamer
TintedClear86 (11:16:51 PM): icon
Dpdiablo22 (11:16:52 PM): meis
kbartz87 (11:16:52 PM): smuffin
Moggthegob (11:16:53 PM): HGR
ManaSeJema (11:16:53 PM): Anagram
superangelo128 (11:16:53 PM): Extha
Im Ngamer (11:16:54 PM): this guy was a popular guess just a minute ago
Dpdiablo22 (11:16:55 PM)
: vlado
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:16:55 PM): swift
regaroukiera (11:16:56 PM): Rusty
fett0001 (11:16:56 PM): sd
woodwindwhrlwind (11:16:56 PM): LUSTER
glifer57 (11:16:58 PM): tranny
xcarvengerx (11:16:58 PM): ulti
Moggthegob (11:16:58 PM): Sess
foolmoron (11:16:58 PM): ALEX SHELLEY
ManaSeJema (11:16:58 PM): alec
Fuzzypickls (11:16:59 PM): Andy
ManaSeJema (11:16:59 PM): sep
HojuSimpsonX (11:16:59 PM): sess
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:16:59 PM): digi
kbartz87 (11:16:59 PM)
: yo
Im Ngamer (11:17:00 PM): ANGIE WINS!
TintedClear86 (11:17:01 PM): SD
ManaSeJema (11:17:01 PM): neon
silver50n (11:17:02 PM): vlado
superangelo128 (11:17:03 PM): hooohh
Im Ngamer (11:17:09 PM): it's ExTha!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:17:09 PM): fetus
Moggthegob (11:17:14 PM)
: goddammit
foolmoron (11:17:15 PM): how old are these writeups?
zea imo (11:17:17 PM): ya go my angelo
foolmoron (11:17:21 PM): half these people don't even go to b8 anymore
ManaSeJema (11:17:26 PM): ExTha/
Imaginator Suiko (11:17:26 PM): vintage foolmo
zea imo (11:17:31 PM): textbook foolmo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:32 PM): lolfool
Im Ngamer (11:17:34 PM): X holds Mercs together, I'm convinced of this. He also really hated that he was on my list of favorite users because he is a curmudgeon incapable of liking anything. ~Ed
ManaSeJema (11:17:37 PM): Drak
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:37 PM): HGR
Imaginator Suiko (11:17:37 PM): Drak
Moggthegob (11:17:37 PM): semi
HojuSimpsonX (11:17:38 PM): drak
glifer57 (11:17:38 PM): mwis
TintedClear86 (11:17:38 PM): Meow
ManaSeJema (11:17:38 PM): Wang
fett0001 (11:17:38 PM): tom
Dpdiablo22 (11:17:39 PM): kp
silver50n (11:17:40 PM): jc
zea imo (11:17:41 PM): SHAKE
regaroukiera (11:17:42 PM): Numbers
Moggthegob (11:17:42 PM): tacknic
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:17:42 PM): cokes
Sparuscus (11:17:42 PM)
: Wang
HojuSimpsonX (11:17:43 PM): sonova
(11:17:44 PM) cokes311 has entered the room.
kbartz87 (11:17:44 PM): yo
Im Ngamer (11:17:44 PM): no one right!
glifer57 (11:17:45 PM)
: mana
ManaSeJema (11:17:46 PM): Redtooth
Moggthegob (11:17:46 PM): chris
TintedClear86 (11:17:46 PM): pxl
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:46 PM): Mana
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:17:47 PM): classic MacGruber
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:48 PM): Chris
cokes311 (11:17:48 PM): repost clue imo
regaroukiera (11:17:49 PM): HGR
foolmoron (11:17:49 PM): charmander
Dpdiablo22 (11:17:50 PM): drake
ManaSeJema (11:17:51 PM): Shake
TheCrownedKnight (11:17:52 PM): wang
ManaSeJema (11:17:52 PM): FFd
kbartz87 (11:17:52 PM): anagram
ManaSeJema (11:17:53 PM): Tiro
Im Ngamer (11:17:53 PM): REGGIE WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:53 PM)
cokes311 (11:17:54 PM): plz
regaroukiera (11:17:54 PM): Twilight The Fox
regaroukiera (11:17:55 PM): oh
Moggthegob (11:17:56 PM): Drakeryn
kbartz87 (11:17:56 PM): FD
Im Ngamer (11:17:56 PM): it's HGR!
cokes311 (11:17:56 PM): nvm
ManaSeJema (11:17:57 PM): Twilight
regaroukiera (11:17:57 PM): I got it
woodwindwhrlwind (11:17:58 PM): WAIT
TheCrownedKnight (11:17:59 PM): oh
superangelo128 (11:17:59 PM): ya what ever you cant beated mercs any way
snowpork (11:17:59 PM): who is reggie?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:00 PM): I SAIDF HGR
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:00 PM): NO
Moggthegob (11:18:00 PM): I got it
Im Ngamer (11:18:01 PM): great work Reg!
ManaSeJema (11:18:01 PM): Ah, HGR!
TheCrownedKnight (11:18:02 PM): I didnt read the question
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:02 PM): I SAID IR
glifer57 (11:18:03 PM): looooool
Moggthegob (11:18:04 PM): I said it
zea imo (11:18:06 PM): HeroicIntegrityRay
SirSlugma (11:18:06 PM): xfd wigs owned
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:07 PM): woodwindwhrlwind (12:17:16 AM): HGR
Sparuscus (11:18:08 PM): HGR? he doesn't do a damn thing!
regaroukiera (11:18:09 PM): Man I"ve never so much as spoken to HGR IIRC
ManaSeJema (11:18:11 PM): Wigs did
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:13 PM): D:
glifer57 (11:18:13 PM): wigs sucks
Imaginator Suiko (11:18:13 PM): NTegrity64
glifer57 (11:18:15 PM): who cares
glifer57 (11:18:16 PM): next
superangelo128 (11:18:18 PM): hahaha
Sparuscus (11:18:21 PM): ed you are terrible
Im Ngamer (11:18:27 PM): The moments I remember most are when he got serious and spoke from the heart. It didn’t happen often, but X was clearly a very passionate person, and was a very kind soul offering help to those who needed it. It was obvious X had been through a few hard times in his life but he still had it in him to be cheery and make me laugh. ~Chris
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:28 PM)
: NGamer]
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:30 PM)
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:32 PM)
Dpdiablo22 (11:18:32 PM)
: shake
HojuSimpsonX (11:18:32 PM): red
glifer57 (11:18:33 PM): ctes
regaroukiera (11:18:33 PM): Drak
ManaSeJema (11:18:34 PM): Mana!
fett0001 (11:18:35 PM): tom
silver50n (11:18:36 PM): icehawk
zea imo (11:18:36 PM): LADY ASHE LMAO
foolmoron (11:18:37 PM): DANTE
kbartz87 (11:18:37 PM): menji
fett0001 (11:18:38 PM): rusyty
foolmoron (11:18:38 PM): BOKO
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:18:38 PM): digi
Moggthegob (11:18:39 PM)
: mwc
ManaSeJema (11:18:40 PM): Icehawk
cokes311 (11:18:40 PM): me?
Imaginator Suiko (11:18:40 PM): meisnewbie
(11:18:40 PM) KamikazePotato8 has left the room.
glifer57 (11:18:40 PM): delseban
Im Ngamer (11:18:41 PM): Zazi will investigate that, Wigs
TintedClear86 (11:18:41 PM): ertyu
ManaSeJema (11:18:41 PM): neon
HojuSimpsonX (11:18:41 PM): rusty
TheCrownedKnight (11:18:42 PM): that was probably AT iirc
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:18:43 PM): Santa
cokes311 (11:18:43 PM): i have no idea
ManaSeJema (11:18:45 PM): Lucid
regaroukiera (11:18:45 PM): Wigs
angryaeisia16 (11:18:45 PM): Rusty
Imaginator Suiko (11:18:46 PM)
: HeroicGammaRay
(11:18:46 PM) BerserkSerpent has left the room.
xcarvengerx (11:18:46 PM): bellis
snowpork (11:18:47 PM): what will i investigate?
angryaeisia16 (11:18:47 PM): Or Me
ManaSeJema (11:18:48 PM)
: Drak
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:48 PM): ;-;
Sparuscus (11:18:48 PM): LMAO
HojuSimpsonX (11:18:49 PM): semi
angryaeisia16 (11:18:49 PM): Or Ulti
Dpdiablo22 (11:18:49 PM)
: AT
kbartz87 (11:18:50 PM): crasty
ManaSeJema (11:18:50 PM): FFD
TheCrownedKnight (11:18:50 PM): did I remember wrong
glifer57 (11:18:50 PM): jack
woodwindwhrlwind (11:18:51 PM): ive been cheated
ManaSeJema (11:18:52 PM): FD
Fuzzypickls (11:18:52 PM): Wigs had HGR.
HojuSimpsonX (11:18:52 PM): fd
Im Ngamer (11:18:53 PM): DP WINS!
TheCrownedKnight (11:18:53 PM): maybe so
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:18:55 PM): joyrock
Dpdiablo22 (11:18:56 PM): OMG
Im Ngamer (11:18:57 PM): it's AMAZING TELEPHONE!
Ninkendo DSi (11:18:57 PM): SDragonRocker
glifer57 (11:19:00 PM): lol chris
woodwindwhrlwind (11:19:02 PM): Lol Dp
Im Ngamer (11:19:03 PM): great guess Dp!
Fuzzypickls (11:19:03 PM): lol SDR
woodwindwhrlwind (11:19:05 PM): Im Ngamer (12:17:14 AM): X holds Mercs together, I'm convinced of this. He also really hated that he was on my list of favorite users because he is a curmudgeon incapable of liking anything. ~EdManaSeJema (12:17:16 AM): Drakwoodwindwhrlwind (12:17:16 AM): HGR
Sparuscus (11:19:19 PM): man, if only i had read the full quote
Sparuscus (11:19:26 PM): 'incapable of liking anything' would have given it away
TheCrownedKnight (11:19:27 PM): you are welcome, dp!
Im Ngamer (11:19:29 PM): He's a nice guy for one, and he has said and done some of the most bizarre things l have seen on board 8. It's pretty much impossible to dislike him, other online communities should be jealous that they don't have their own X. ~Lockes
regaroukiera (11:19:33 PM)
: Tom
ManaSeJema (11:19:34 PM): AKJ
glifer57 (11:19:34 PM): mana
Moggthegob (11:19:36 PM): luster
Im Ngamer (11:19:37 PM): no one...
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:19:37 PM): DIGI
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:19:37 PM)
: Santa
TintedClear86 (11:19:38 PM): Zazi
woodwindwhrlwind (11:19:38 PM): Wigs
TheCrownedKnight (11:19:39 PM): ed bellis
foolmoron (11:19:39 PM): BOKO
Dpdiablo22 (11:19:39 PM): AT
woodwindwhrlwind (11:19:39 PM): Dp
superangelo128 (11:19:40 PM): Lisel
Im Ngamer (11:19:40 PM): MOGG WINS!
regaroukiera (11:19:42 PM)
: Regaro
Im Ngamer (11:19:42 PM): it's LUSTER!
foolmoron (11:19:43 PM): DANTE
Moggthegob (11:19:43 PM): woo
regaroukiera (11:19:44 PM): Seriously
regaroukiera (11:19:44 PM): It's Reg
Sparuscus (11:19:46 PM): Luster <3
cokes311 (11:19:50 PM): yeah luster was p. obv there
glifer57 (11:19:50 PM): lol luster
Dpdiablo22 (11:19:53 PM): heh chris, i actually did guess him before i saw that from you
Im Ngamer (11:19:53 PM): nice quick work!
cokes311 (11:19:54 PM): hard to read with the scrolling
glifer57 (11:19:56 PM): every community has some random autistic kid
foolmoron (11:20:02 PM): not like luster
zea imo (11:20:04 PM): this chat's is stingers lmao
glifer57 (11:20:08 PM): lmfao
Ninkendo DSi (11:20:09 PM): I wouldn't wish luster upon any one else
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:11 PM): stingers135
Im Ngamer (11:20:13 PM): okay, this next is a toughie
woodwindwhrlwind (11:20:16 PM)
: I demand recognition for my HGR answer!
superangelo128 (11:20:20 PM): hahah
regaroukiera (11:20:21 PM): lolwigs
ManaSeJema (11:20:23 PM): Talk to Zea
Sparuscus (11:20:24 PM): xd wigs
regaroukiera (11:20:25 PM): Next answer is Wigs btw
TheCrownedKnight (11:20:25 PM): also my quotes are the best
woodwindwhrlwind (11:20:26 PM): :(
fett0001 (11:20:26 PM): WIIIIGS
Im Ngamer (11:20:27 PM): After I insulted him he went on to post on the "outcasts" board with jp and complained about people calling him ugly. Quite frankly, I don't know how he could not think he is ugly. ~Icehawk
cokes311 (11:20:29 PM): wigs i recognize your correct answer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:20:29 PM): Wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:32 PM): andy
kbartz87 (11:20:32 PM): blazer
superangelo128 (11:20:32 PM): mega
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:20:32 PM): andy
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:34 PM)
: Mega
zea imo (11:20:34 PM): megawentevil
kbartz87 (11:20:34 PM): albion
glifer57 (11:20:35 PM): mwe
regaroukiera (11:20:36 PM): Snowpork
Moggthegob (11:20:37 PM): sess
zea imo (11:20:37 PM): damn you lisel
foolmoron (11:20:38 PM): MWER
cokes311 (11:20:38 PM): anagram
Im Ngamer (11:20:39 PM): LISEL WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:20:39 PM)
HojuSimpsonX (11:20:39 PM): sephy g
regaroukiera (11:20:40 PM): MWC
snowpork (11:20:41 PM): fuck you reg
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:45 PM): That was supposed to be tough?
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:46 PM): lmao
woodwindwhrlwind (11:20:49 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:20:49 PM): it's MegaMaverickHUNTER!
Imaginator Suiko (11:20:50 PM)
: More points to throw in the trash.
glifer57 (11:20:55 PM): lol
zea imo (11:20:55 PM): just think of the ugliest board 8er
superangelo128 (11:20:56 PM): hmm coulda sworn I said it first
superangelo128 (11:20:57 PM): oh well
cokes311 (11:20:58 PM): uh
cokes311 (11:21:00 PM): angelo said it first
xcarvengerx (11:21:01 PM): aka megawentevil
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:05 PM): angelo won.
cokes311 (11:21:09 PM): (12:20:31 AM) superangelo128: mega(12:20:31 AM) EdwardTheGreat86: andy(12:20:33 AM) Imaginator Suiko: Mega
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:10 PM): CGamer
regaroukiera (11:21:13 PM): So lolngamer?
Moggthegob (11:21:14 PM): superangelo128 megaEdwardTheGreat86 andyImaginator Suiko Mega
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:14 PM): for cheatgamer
Imaginator Suiko (11:21:14 PM): NGamer you are terrible.
kbartz87 (11:21:16 PM): angie said it first
zea imo (11:21:16 PM): NGamer64 stop being a hack
zea imo (11:21:20 PM): jesus
Moggthegob (11:21:22 PM): give the pointto ange
foolmoron (11:21:26 PM): ngamer actually has angelo blocked on aim so he didn't see the message
glifer57 (11:21:27 PM): ngamer more like ncheater
zea imo (11:21:28 PM): literally sabotaging his own game
superangelo128 (11:21:29 PM): see if I help you again in the Guru
Im Ngamer (11:21:32 PM): X is an intellectual and a scholar. His insightful contributions to today's troubled times have soothed many a heart and stimulated many a mind. Plus I'm pretty sure he's a sex offender or something. ~Ed
Imaginator Suiko (11:21:32 PM)
: He is clearly trying to suck up to me so I will withdraw my smear campaign.
regaroukiera (11:21:35 PM): Chris
ManaSeJema (11:21:37 PM): Chris
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:37 PM): Ermine
Dpdiablo22 (11:21:37 PM): AT
xcarvengerx (11:21:37 PM): sd
HojuSimpsonX (11:21:37 PM): drak
Moggthegob (11:21:38 PM): santa
ManaSeJema (11:21:39 PM): Drak
zea imo (11:21:39 PM): SANTARPG
kbartz87 (11:21:39 PM): albino
glifer57 (11:21:39 PM): ctes
foolmoron (11:21:40 PM): metroid composite
Dpdiablo22 (11:21:41 PM): vlado
cokes311 (11:21:41 PM): red
TintedClear86 (11:21:41 PM): Santa
Dpdiablo22 (11:21:41 PM): wigs
ManaSeJema (11:21:42 PM): HGR
TintedClear86 (11:21:42 PM): SD
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:21:44 PM): joyrock
ManaSeJema (11:21:44 PM): Wang
regaroukiera (11:21:44 PM): Numbers
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:21:46 PM): couldn't read it
Ninkendo DSi (11:21:46 PM)
: me
HojuSimpsonX (11:21:47 PM): horatio
Im Ngamer (11:21:47 PM): no one yet...
ManaSeJema (11:21:48 PM): AT
regaroukiera (11:21:49 PM): Newbie
Moggthegob (11:21:49 PM): anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:49 PM): MWIS
silver50n (11:21:49 PM): santa
kbartz87 (11:21:50 PM): anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:51 PM): Ermine
cokes311 (11:21:51 PM): ffd
TintedClear86 (11:21:51 PM): SEP
ManaSeJema (11:21:51 PM): Lucid
glifer57 (11:21:52 PM): myc
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:21:53 PM): Anri
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:53 PM): Ed
cokes311 (11:21:53 PM): tranny
HojuSimpsonX (11:21:54 PM): fd
regaroukiera (11:21:54 PM): MWC
ManaSeJema (11:21:54 PM): Red13n
woodwindwhrlwind (11:21:55 PM): Icehawk
angryaeisia16 (11:21:55 PM): I like how two people in a row said Chris before anything else
HojuSimpsonX (11:21:56 PM)
: hm
Dpdiablo22 (11:21:56 PM): dp
kbartz87 (11:21:57 PM): plamer
TheCrownedKnight (11:21:58 PM): omega
TintedClear86 (11:21:58 PM): Icon
regaroukiera (11:21:59 PM): TRE
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:21:59 PM): sephyG
glifer57 (11:21:59 PM): ness64
Fuzzypickls (11:22:01 PM): Extha.
TheCrownedKnight (11:22:02 PM): also
ManaSeJema (11:22:02 PM): WVI
foolmoron (11:22:03 PM): red13m
HojuSimpsonX (11:22:03 PM): HM
woodwindwhrlwind (11:22:04 PM): SDR
TheCrownedKnight (11:22:04 PM): I dont like that
silver50n (11:22:05 PM): omega
TheCrownedKnight (11:22:06 PM): I mean really now
Moggthegob (11:22:07 PM): pness
TheCrownedKnight (11:22:07 PM): <_<
glifer57 (11:22:08 PM): meow
ManaSeJema (11:22:09 PM): Villanous Magus
xcarvengerx (11:22:11 PM): santa
cokes311 (11:22:11 PM): AKJ
ManaSeJema (11:22:12 PM): ermine
TintedClear86 (11:22:12 PM): AKJ
Moggthegob (11:22:13 PM): blade
zea imo (11:22:13 PM): GANON
glifer57 (11:22:14 PM): pikaness
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:22:15 PM): TimJab
regaroukiera (11:22:15 PM): Lisel
woodwindwhrlwind (11:22:16 PM): SDragonRocker
ManaSeJema (11:22:17 PM): Omega
HojuSimpsonX (11:22:17 PM): moltar
Im Ngamer (11:22:17 PM): I'll give a hint
xcarvengerx (11:22:17 PM): meis
glifer57 (11:22:18 PM): gmun
Im Ngamer (11:22:23 PM): recently suicided
zea imo (11:22:24 PM): SEPHS
glifer57 (11:22:26 PM): gmun
woodwindwhrlwind (11:22:27 PM): Foolmoron
HojuSimpsonX (11:22:28 PM): Alex shelly
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:22:29 PM): pizza
kbartz87 (11:22:29 PM)
: mcnagah
cokes311 (11:22:29 PM): ...AKJ >_>
Moggthegob (11:22:30 PM): akj
regaroukiera (11:22:30 PM): Dr Pizza
Imaginator Suiko (11:22:30 PM): Hey, I'm not a sex offender.
Im Ngamer (11:22:31 PM): ED WINS!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:22:34 PM): woot
foolmoron (11:22:34 PM)
: who the hell suicided?
Im Ngamer (11:22:34 PM): with DR PIZZA!
regaroukiera (11:22:38 PM)
: [23:22] Regaro: Dr Pizza
regaroukiera (11:22:40 PM): <_<
superangelo128 (11:22:40 PM): what
HojuSimpsonX (11:22:41 PM): you serious?
Imaginator Suiko (11:22:42 PM): I SAW THAT REGARO
Im Ngamer (11:22:42 PM): great work Ed!
TintedClear86 (11:22:42 PM): that wasnt that recent
superangelo128 (11:22:43 PM): l m f ao
foolmoron (11:22:44 PM): oooooh that explains it
ManaSeJema (11:22:44 PM): pee eye zee zee ay
HojuSimpsonX (11:22:44 PM): lol
zea imo (11:22:47 PM): LMFAO NGAMER64
regaroukiera (11:22:48 PM): lolngamer
Sparuscus (11:22:49 PM): nloser64
zea imo (11:22:55 PM): NCheater64
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:22:55 PM): aww i didn't get it?
Ninkendo DSi (11:22:58 PM)
: nsucker64
Moggthegob (11:22:59 PM): Ncheater64
woodwindwhrlwind (11:22:59 PM): oh my god
cokes311 (11:22:59 PM): ngamer is not hosting like a martindale
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:09 PM): ngamer ha spoints all wrong
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:09 PM): lolol
Imaginator Suiko (11:23:10 PM): This contest lacks integrity on every level.
Im Ngamer (11:23:13 PM): He's adopted a new lazy style of typing, now seems entirely anti-Nintendo and Japanese gaming in general and far more pro to stereotype frat boy games to the extent where I've seen him criticising a game and I quote claiming the reason for it being a poor game as "Needs more guns". ~Smurf
regaroukiera (11:23:14 PM)
: Did I stay up for this
regaroukiera (11:23:14 PM): Really
angryaeisia16 (11:23:15 PM): Ngamer needs to start using a program for this
ManaSeJema (11:23:17 PM)
: HM
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:17 PM): VOLTCH
foolmoron (11:23:17 PM): albion
zea imo (11:23:18 PM): ZFS
Dpdiablo22 (11:23:18 PM): neon
regaroukiera (11:23:18 PM): Albion
kbartz87 (11:23:18 PM): zfs
glifer57 (11:23:19 PM): smurf
zea imo (11:23:20 PM): bail out
Moggthegob (11:23:20 PM): albion
silver50n (11:23:20 PM): neon
TintedClear86 (11:23:21 PM): vlado
kbartz87 (11:23:21 PM): dammit
HojuSimpsonX (11:23:21 PM): hm
regaroukiera (11:23:23 PM): Anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:24 PM): HM
Im Ngamer (11:23:24 PM): ZEA WINS!
angryaeisia16 (11:23:24 PM): Albion
snowpork (11:23:25 PM)
: I'm doing mostly what ngamer says, but i'm trying to keep note of the misses
Dpdiablo22 (11:23:26 PM): tran
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:23:27 PM): couldn't read it again
HojuSimpsonX (11:23:27 PM)
: albion
Im Ngamer (11:23:29 PM): it's Heroic Mario!
regaroukiera (11:23:29 PM)
: oh
zea imo (11:23:31 PM): MGS ending best ever there are polar bears
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:33 PM): MANA WON
Imaginator Suiko (11:23:33 PM): LifeWithoutZFS
kbartz87 (11:23:34 PM): too slow
superangelo128 (11:23:37 PM): hahaha
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:38 PM): MANA WAS FIRST
ManaSeJema (11:23:43 PM): ManaSeJema (12:23:09 AM): HMwoodwindwhrlwind (12:23:10 AM): VOLTCHfoolmoron (12:23:10 AM): albionzea imo (12:23:10 AM): ZFS
fett0001 (11:23:45 PM): mana was first sir
woodwindwhrlwind (11:23:46 PM): THIS IS GARBAGE
glifer57 (11:23:46 PM): i swear ngamer has like everyone in this chat but 3 people blocked
Sparuscus (11:23:47 PM): lmfao
angryaeisia16 (11:23:48 PM): I'm just going to quit now <.<;
zea imo (11:23:48 PM)
: jesus NGamer
angryaeisia16 (11:23:53 PM): And Ngamer
Moggthegob (11:23:58 PM)
: good quit joyrock
Imaginator Suiko (11:24:00 PM): Well you did say ZFS which is the correct name.
angryaeisia16 (11:24:01 PM): There are a thousand Aim programs that will do this
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:01 PM)
: ngamer is trying to get it wrong imo
Moggthegob (11:24:01 PM): everyone hatesyou
angryaeisia16 (11:24:04 PM): GET ONE
Im Ngamer (11:24:04 PM)
: uh oh, made my first mistake of the nig
glifer57 (11:24:07 PM)
: lmfao
angryaeisia16 (11:24:09 PM): lol Mogg still raging
zea imo (11:24:10 PM)
glifer57 (11:24:10 PM): FIRST MISTAKE
TheCrownedKnight (11:24:10 PM): nig
cokes311 (11:24:10 PM): >__>
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:11 PM): nig
ManaSeJema (11:24:12 PM): First?
angryaeisia16 (11:24:12 PM): Hey Wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:13 PM)
silver50n (11:24:14 PM): xd
Sparuscus (11:24:14 PM): first mistake xd
TheCrownedKnight (11:24:15 PM): nigga stole your mistake
Imaginator Suiko (11:24:15 PM): This is like your 5th mistake in a row.
Fuzzypickls (11:24:16 PM): Oh dear, that's moddable.
zea imo (11:24:16 PM): this was like your fourth
HojuSimpsonX (11:24:16 PM): RACISM
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:18 PM): I am giving you -10 in uoty
angryaeisia16 (11:24:19 PM): Do you hate me <3
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:20 PM)
glifer57 (11:24:27 PM): well this was more entertaining then i thought it would be
glifer57 (11:24:28 PM): good work ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:29 PM): no joyrock!
regaroukiera (11:24:30 PM): ##Wigs
zea imo (11:24:30 PM): I will be antivoting NGamer in all rounds
ManaSeJema (11:24:30 PM): XD
angryaeisia16 (11:24:32 PM): Yay :-D
angryaeisia16 (11:24:36 PM)
: Mogg disproven :-D
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:37 PM)
: -3 NGamer
Moggthegob (11:24:38 PM): ##joyrock
foolmoron (11:24:41 PM): TrolliNgamer
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:41 PM): ngirl for uoty2011
Imaginator Suiko (11:24:41 PM): I was going to anti-vote him in every round anyway.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:42 PM): +1 Ngamer
Im Ngamer (11:24:42 PM): He is always open to new ideas and genuinely loves the contest and its culture. Ngamer is a machine, but X brings the passion to the contests. Beyond that, the guy's legitimately funny. ~Ed
TheCrownedKnight (11:24:43 PM): ngamer wont be on MY fantasy team this year
ManaSeJema (11:24:47 PM): Icehawk
Moggthegob (11:24:48 PM): carvety
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:48 PM): Swift
ManaSeJema (11:24:49 PM): Ulti
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:24:49 PM): ngamer
kbartz87 (11:24:49 PM)
: leon
TheCrownedKnight (11:24:50 PM): creative
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:50 PM): tran
coolestbigmac (11:24:50 PM): carvy
ManaSeJema (11:24:50 PM): Chris
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:51 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:52 PM): STA
Dpdiablo22 (11:24:53 PM): dp
regaroukiera (11:24:53 PM): Yoblazer
ManaSeJema (11:24:53 PM): Rock
glifer57 (11:24:54 PM): chariard
zea imo (11:24:55 PM): YO
woodwindwhrlwind (11:24:55 PM): Gingerbee
ManaSeJema (11:24:56 PM): AT
HojuSimpsonX (11:24:57 PM): dorami
Im Ngamer (11:24:57 PM): REGGIE WINS!
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:24:58 PM): Anri
zea imo (11:24:58 PM): BLAZER33
Sparuscus (11:24:58 PM): tran
Imaginator Suiko (11:25:00 PM): HeroicKrauss
Im Ngamer (11:25:00 PM): it's yoblazer!
ManaSeJema (11:25:02 PM): xcarv
Dpdiablo22 (11:25:02 PM): creative
kbartz87 (11:25:04 PM): dammit
Moggthegob (11:25:05 PM): yoblazer
regaroukiera (11:25:06 PM): Did not expect/10
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:06 PM): darn i thought it was gingerbee
Dpdiablo22 (11:25:07 PM): yoblazer
Imaginator Suiko (11:25:08 PM): Are you sure it's not HeroicKrauss?
ManaSeJema (11:25:10 PM): unexpected!
Moggthegob (11:25:10 PM): thats totally carvey
Moggthegob (11:25:14 PM): shut up you
cokes311 (11:25:15 PM): i started to type "yoblazer" and reg said it as i got to the z :-/
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:18 PM): z
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:19 PM): ea
glifer57 (11:25:22 PM): twewy is still beating dead rising
glifer57 (11:25:23 PM): nice
Im Ngamer (11:25:27 PM): X is the king of infuriating posts. His argument style consists of making bold statements and then either refusing to defend them or just repeating “No, try again, kid” ad nauseum. ~Ed
ManaSeJema (11:25:30 PM): Wang
Dpdiablo22 (11:25:31 PM): im just gonna repeat people's guesses, and hope ngamer misses the first and sees mine
regaroukiera (11:25:31 PM): Newbie
foolmoron (11:25:32 PM): joyrock
kbartz87 (11:25:32 PM): albion
Dpdiablo22 (11:25:32 PM): wang
Moggthegob (11:25:32 PM): joyrock
zea imo (11:25:32 PM): joyrock
Ninkendo DSi (11:25:33 PM): albion
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:33 PM): Anagram
Imaginator Suiko (11:25:34 PM): joyrock
coolestbigmac (11:25:34 PM): mwc
ManaSeJema (11:25:34 PM): Drak
TintedClear86 (11:25:34 PM): abagra
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:25:34 PM): seph
ManaSeJema (11:25:35 PM)
: Chris
Im Ngamer (11:25:36 PM): FOOL WINS!
glifer57 (11:25:36 PM)
: ctes
foolmoron (11:25:36 PM): RAEPD
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:36 PM): Ayuyu
kbartz87 (11:25:37 PM): darkx
Im Ngamer (11:25:39 PM): it's joyrock!
ManaSeJema (11:25:40 PM): Shake
Sparuscus (11:25:41 PM): joyrock
Moggthegob (11:25:43 PM): damnyoyu
woodwindwhrlwind (11:25:44 PM): whoa Ngamer got one right
angryaeisia16 (11:25:46 PM): XFD
superangelo128 (11:25:48 PM)
: are you stealing these writeups from people's top lists
Moggthegob (11:25:48 PM): So close
Im Ngamer (11:25:49 PM): nice work fool!
angryaeisia16 (11:25:49 PM): Hey now
TintedClear86 (11:25:54 PM)
: Its a Christmas miracle
angryaeisia16 (11:25:54 PM): That's rather outdated! D:
Moggthegob (11:25:55 PM)
: he seems to be
Imaginator Suiko (11:25:58 PM): I hope he uses the HeroicKrauss write-ups.
Moggthegob (11:25:58 PM): which is boring
regaroukiera (11:26:00 PM): lmao joyrock
Fuzzypickls (11:26:00 PM): Stealing is such a negative word.
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:26:02 PM): the one time that I do not put joyrock immediately
angryaeisia16 (11:26:04 PM): I haven't said that in awhile except when joking <.<;
angryaeisia16 (11:26:08 PM)
: lol Bill
zea imo (11:26:10 PM)
: shut up joyrock
Dpdiablo22 (11:26:10 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:12 PM): Wigs
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:26:15 PM): shut up zea
angryaeisia16 (11:26:15 PM): <3 Zea
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:16 PM)
Im Ngamer (11:26:18 PM): X, aside from begin a really good guy and general all round awesome user, is i would say one of the founding fathers of user contests...if there is such a thing. Which there now is. Because i said so. ~Ayvuir
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:20 PM)
glifer57 (11:26:20 PM): ctes
ManaSeJema (11:26:21 PM): Wigs
TintedClear86 (11:26:23 PM): Locckes
ManaSeJema (11:26:23 PM): Lucid
ManaSeJema (11:26:25 PM): Ulti
Dpdiablo22 (11:26:25 PM): forsaken
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:25 PM): Sabin Figaro
Moggthegob (11:26:25 PM): ngamer
kbartz87 (11:26:26 PM): ulti
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:26:26 PM): shine get
TheCrownedKnight (11:26:27 PM)
: forsaken
foolmoron (11:26:28 PM): shake
regaroukiera (11:26:28 PM): Tom
Im Ngamer (11:26:28 PM): DP WINS!
ManaSeJema (11:26:29 PM): carv
Moggthegob (11:26:30 PM): leon
zea imo (11:26:30 PM): Bigboi971986
Dpdiablo22 (11:26:30 PM): YESSSSS
TheCrownedKnight (11:26:31 PM): qaww
Im Ngamer (11:26:31 PM): it's Forsaken!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:38 PM)
: omg
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:39 PM): nooo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:39 PM): Sabin
angryaeisia16 (11:26:41 PM): I've actually been a much better user recently :3
TheCrownedKnight (11:26:41 PM)
cokes311 (11:26:47 PM): so few people in this room would know that answer lol
Moggthegob (11:26:48 PM): shut up joyrock
woodwindwhrlwind (11:26:52 PM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (11:26:54 PM): omg i have multiple points what is this
(11:26:56 PM): Nah Mogg
(11:26:56 PM) dsrageor
has entered the room.
Im Ngamer (11:26:59 PM): next up we have...
ManaSeJema (11:27:00 PM): Wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:27:00 PM): At first I thought AKJ typed that.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:01 PM): i should have 1!
Im Ngamer (11:27:07 PM): X is one of those guys who is clearly very cool and chill IRL, and it transfers well to the board. If I were to pick someone on the board to hit up some bars with, drink some beers, pick up some chicks, and maybe smoke a little pot on the side, he seems like he would be a great choice. ~Icehawk
ManaSeJema (11:27:08 PM): Wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:27:08 PM): angryaria
kbartz87 (11:27:08 PM): wigs
angryaeisia16 (11:27:09 PM): I know Wiggs and Ngamer don't hate me at least!
regaroukiera (11:27:10 PM)
ManaSeJema (11:27:10 PM): Kuge
HojuSimpsonX (11:27:11 PM): ffd
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:12 PM): digi
glifer57 (11:27:12 PM)
: ctes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:12 PM): Not wigs
superangelo128 (11:27:13 PM): crasty
fett0001 (11:27:13 PM): boko
TheCrownedKnight (11:27:13 PM): extha
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:13 PM): STA
ManaSeJema (11:27:14 PM): AKJ
cokes311 (11:27:14 PM): Cokes!
Dpdiablo22 (11:27:14 PM): caelus
silver50n (11:27:15 PM): commodore
TintedClear86 (11:27:15 PM): Boko
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:15 PM): Swift
regaroukiera (11:27:15 PM): Caelus
Moggthegob (11:27:16 PM): anri
fett0001 (11:27:16 PM): dante
foolmoron (11:27:16 PM): dante
kbartz87 (11:27:17 PM): extha
ManaSeJema (11:27:18 PM): Chris
kbartz87 (11:27:18 PM): pal,er
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:19 PM): fetus
Dpdiablo22 (11:27:19 PM)
: wigs
TintedClear86 (11:27:19 PM): Tom
Im Ngamer (11:27:20 PM): no one right yet
ManaSeJema (11:27:21 PM): Rollthebones
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:22 PM): icon
glifer57 (11:27:22 PM)
: mana
Imaginator Suiko (11:27:23 PM): Oh god.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:23 PM): SWIFT
ManaSeJema (11:27:23 PM): pxlated
coolestbigmac (11:27:24 PM): coffee
fett0001 (11:27:24 PM): loltom
TheCrownedKnight (11:27:25 PM): steiner
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:27:25 PM): Anri
kbartz87 (11:27:25 PM): foolmo
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:27 PM): caelus
TheCrownedKnight (11:27:27 PM)
: neon
TintedClear86 (11:27:28 PM): Lockes
cokes311 (11:27:28 PM): are you sure it isn't me?
foolmoron (11:27:29 PM): lopen
ManaSeJema (11:27:29 PM): icehawk
zea imo (11:27:29 PM): tcaz2
xcarvengerx (11:27:29 PM): commodore
dsrageor (11:27:30 PM): what is this -_-
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:30 PM): Rusty
kbartz87 (11:27:31 PM): kuge
glifer57 (11:27:32 PM): cokes
ManaSeJema (11:27:32 PM): caelus
fett0001 (11:27:32 PM): cokes
Moggthegob (11:27:33 PM): digi
HojuSimpsonX (11:27:33 PM): lucid
Im Ngamer (11:27:34 PM): WE HAVE A WINNER!
TheCrownedKnight (11:27:34 PM): jakyl
regaroukiera (11:27:34 PM): Rusty
Sparuscus (11:27:37 PM): pxl
regaroukiera (11:27:38 PM): holy fuck
Moggthegob (11:27:38 PM): crasty
glifer57 (11:27:39 PM): dsrage
Im Ngamer (11:27:39 PM): it's LOCKES!
Moggthegob (11:27:39 PM): SHM
cokes311 (11:27:41 PM): damn.
regaroukiera (11:27:42 PM): I lagged so hard
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:42 PM): fuck
TintedClear86 (11:27:42 PM)
: ahww yeah
regaroukiera (11:27:44 PM): Anyways I"m out
foolmoron (11:27:45 PM): OF COURSE
(11:27:46 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
Imaginator Suiko (11:27:47 PM): I should have guessed Lockes.
regaroukiera (11:27:47 PM): Going to bed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:50 PM): what was the answer
Im Ngamer (11:27:51 PM): TintedClear86 (11:27:28 PM): Lockes +1
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:51 PM)
: oh
fett0001 (11:27:51 PM): byyyye reg
(11:27:52 PM) regaroukiera has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:27:52 PM): one time i don't answer lockes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:27:52 PM)
: Lockes
(11:27:53 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
Dpdiablo22 (11:28:08 PM): numbers
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:11 PM): icehawk would never drink with me
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:13 PM): : (
Sparuscus (11:28:14 PM): dp
cokes311 (11:28:14 PM): i think icehawk gave lockes and i similar writeups
dsrageor (11:28:16 PM): what are we playing?
fett0001 (11:28:18 PM): poooot
TheCrownedKnight (11:28:18 PM): MY ETERNAL RIVAL
Im Ngamer (11:28:18 PM): His posting style is something that I can't really describe. It's like you can never tell if he's being serious or not, but it's always hilarious. I was supposed to go to Michigan and party with him this year but my broken leg has set me back. ~Lockes
cokes311 (11:28:19 PM): i think
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:22 PM): Boko
kbartz87 (11:28:22 PM): ertyu
ManaSeJema (11:28:23 PM): OCean
Sparuscus (11:28:23 PM): boko
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:28:24 PM): ertyu
fett0001 (11:28:24 PM)
: boko
Dpdiablo22 (11:28:25 PM): boko
Moggthegob (11:28:25 PM): AT
TintedClear86 (11:28:25 PM): ertyu]
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:25 PM): Shine
Im Ngamer (11:28:26 PM): WIGS WINS!
HojuSimpsonX (11:28:26 PM): ertyu
cokes311 (11:28:27 PM): kuge
Dpdiablo22 (11:28:27 PM): shine
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:28 PM): YES
Ninkendo DSi (11:28:28 PM): Kuge
silver50n (11:28:29 PM): commodore
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:30 PM): BOKBOKBOKBOBK
kbartz87 (11:28:30 PM): PALMER
Dpdiablo22 (11:28:31 PM): wigs
(11:28:31 PM): Ngamer
Im Ngamer (11:28:31 PM)
: with BOKO!
fett0001 (11:28:31 PM): dammit
Imaginator Suiko (11:28:35 PM): How unexpected.
ManaSeJema (11:28:35 PM): yay wigs
TheCrownedKnight (11:28:36 PM): boko is THE MAN
TintedClear86 (11:28:39 PM): bokomon
fett0001 (11:28:40 PM): i was gonna guess that.
Imaginator Suiko (11:28:40 PM): Who would think Wigs would guess that.
angryaeisia16 (11:28:41 PM): When did you gather these descriptions?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:41 PM)
: wigs got boko
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:43 PM): lol
cokes311 (11:28:48 PM): wigs has tom come up yet
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:50 PM): n
fett0001 (11:28:50 PM): no
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:54 PM): i have 2
woodwindwhrlwind (11:28:57 PM): BECAUSE NASTYGAMER
cokes311 (11:28:57 PM): you better get that one when it does
Im Ngamer (11:29:07 PM): okay, this next might take a little while
ManaSeJema (11:29:08 PM): HGR for Wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:11 PM): HGR yes
glifer57 (11:29:13 PM): ctes
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:29:13 PM): just like the last one right?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:14 PM)
: Mana got one too
angryaeisia16 (11:29:17 PM): No answer :-(
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:19 PM)
: i forget which <_<
Im Ngamer (11:29:21 PM): You are just a god-awful mafia player who shows absolutely no signs of getting better. You lack the ability to persuade anyone, your thoughts are cumbersome and dumb. You are annoying, and your very presence pisses me off. ~Chris
zea imo (11:29:22 PM): ctesjbuvf
kbartz87 (11:29:22 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:24 PM): Ctes
glifer57 (11:29:25 PM): stingers
ManaSeJema (11:29:25 PM): Mana
cokes311 (11:29:25 PM): shm
silver50n (11:29:26 PM): fett
Sparuscus (11:29:26 PM): reg
Moggthegob (11:29:26 PM): shm
TheCrownedKnight (11:29:27 PM): haha
Fuzzypickls (11:29:27 PM): shm
TintedClear86 (11:29:28 PM): ]reg
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:29 PM): SHM
fett0001 (11:29:29 PM): letters
ManaSeJema (11:29:30 PM): Mana?
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:29:31 PM): uhhhhhhhhhhh
kbartz87 (11:29:32 PM)
: ed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:33 PM): Red
Moggthegob (11:29:33 PM): ctes
TintedClear86 (11:29:34 PM): edwards
foolmoron (11:29:35 PM): ulti
ManaSeJema (11:29:35 PM): Has to be Mana
Im Ngamer (11:29:35 PM): no one yet
HojuSimpsonX (11:29:36 PM): crap forgot who it iwas
TheCrownedKnight (11:29:36 PM): my write ups are the best
Dpdiablo22 (11:29:36 PM): dp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:36 PM): KBM
Imaginator Suiko (11:29:37 PM): senorhousemouse
glifer57 (11:29:37 PM): ashe
kbartz87 (11:29:38 PM): albion
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:29:38 PM): don't know who plays mafia lol
zea imo (11:29:38 PM)
: edwardsdv
ManaSeJema (11:29:38 PM): spiral?
ManaSeJema (11:29:40 PM): Tom Bom
Fuzzypickls (11:29:41 PM): Cole
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:29:41 PM): andy
glifer57 (11:29:42 PM)
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:29:43 PM): piman
ManaSeJema (11:29:44 PM): Mana
glifer57 (11:29:46 PM): FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WIGS
Im Ngamer (11:29:46 PM): still no one
Sparuscus (11:29:47 PM): i haven't played mafia in so long
woodwindwhrlwind (11:29:47 PM): Naye
angryaeisia16 (11:29:47 PM): Joyrock
glifer57 (11:29:50 PM)
: it has to be wigs
HojuSimpsonX (11:29:50 PM): ermine
zea imo (11:29:50 PM): spiral
dsrageor (11:29:51 PM): bye :p
glifer57 (11:29:51 PM): you're joking
Dpdiablo22 (11:29:52 PM): numbers
foolmoron (11:29:52 PM): SPIRAL
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:29:53 PM): extha
kbartz87 (11:29:54 PM)
: sep
cokes311 (11:29:54 PM): how old is this writeup
fett0001 (11:29:54 PM): i remember this quote
cokes311 (11:29:56 PM): that makes a difference
ManaSeJema (11:29:57 PM): Mana?
fett0001 (11:29:58 PM): fuck
Sparuscus (11:29:58 PM): oh
HojuSimpsonX (11:29:59 PM): so do i
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:00 PM): NAYE\
angryaeisia16 (11:30:00 PM): Spiral
kbartz87 (11:30:01 PM)
: darkx
xcarvengerx (11:30:02 PM): espio
HojuSimpsonX (11:30:03 PM): forgot to who though
Im Ngamer (11:30:04 PM): name starts with an...
ManaSeJema (11:30:06 PM): M
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:30:06 PM): brett
TheCrownedKnight (11:30:08 PM): my write ups have done some good
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:30:10 PM): manasejama
Moggthegob (11:30:10 PM)
: ctes
foolmoron (11:30:11 PM): G
Im Ngamer (11:30:11 PM): R
Fuzzypickls (11:30:13 PM): Regaro
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:14 PM): Realo
cokes311 (11:30:14 PM): regaro?
SirSlugma (11:30:14 PM): rand paul
HojuSimpsonX (11:30:15 PM): rusty
Sparuscus (11:30:16 PM): reg
foolmoron (11:30:16 PM): ROLLTHEBBONES
kbartz87 (11:30:16 PM): reggie
angryaeisia16 (11:30:16 PM): KGUY
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:30:17 PM)
: mega mana
Moggthegob (11:30:18 PM)
ManaSeJema (11:30:18 PM): rollthebones
coolestbigmac (11:30:18 PM): rld
Dpdiablo22 (11:30:20 PM): rwigs
fett0001 (11:30:20 PM): rusty
ManaSeJema (11:30:20 PM): rock
Im Ngamer (11:30:21 PM): WE HAVE A WINNER!
Moggthegob (11:30:21 PM): bones
foolmoron (11:30:22 PM): HELL YEAH KGUY
Im Ngamer (11:30:27 PM): ITS RUSTY!
angryaeisia16 (11:30:30 PM): XD
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:31 PM)
: yeah
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:32 PM): its rusty
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:33 PM): lol
HojuSimpsonX (11:30:34 PM): yay got one
SirSlugma (11:30:35 PM): rustymrawful
fett0001 (11:30:35 PM): damn
fett0001 (11:30:38 PM): nice shoe
ManaSeJema (11:30:38 PM): yeah hoju
cokes311 (11:30:38 PM): well yeah i guess that's a fair writeup
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:40 PM): naye i guessed you
Im Ngamer (11:30:42 PM): HojuSimpsonX (11:30:15 PM): rusty +1
angryaeisia16 (11:30:43 PM)
SirSlugma (11:30:44 PM)
: was it me
(11:30:46 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:46 PM): n
TheCrownedKnight (11:30:48 PM): my write ups are the best
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:48 PM): are you rusty
ManaSeJema (11:30:48 PM): Surprised it wasn't Mana
HojuSimpsonX (11:30:49 PM): holy balls I got 1
TheCrownedKnight (11:30:51 PM): keep it up ngamer
SirSlugma (11:30:52 PM): no
(11:30:53 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:30:57 PM): oj
angryaeisia16 (11:30:59 PM): Is The Big Lebowski more anti-pacifism or anti-war
Im Ngamer (11:31:03 PM)
: X while an avid sufferer of serious syndrome has always been a nice honest guy to me. You know what you're getting with the guy and he always presents himself at face value. ~Smurf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:06 PM)
: tom
fett0001 (11:31:07 PM): tom
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:07 PM): wigs
ManaSeJema (11:31:09 PM): Mana
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:31:09 PM): pizza
glifer57 (11:31:10 PM)
: sa
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:10 PM): wigs
dsrageor (11:31:11 PM): ertyu
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:31:12 PM): ertyu
coolestbigmac (11:31:12 PM): ertyu
ManaSeJema (11:31:12 PM): Ed Bellis
Moggthegob (11:31:13 PM): wigs
superangelo128 (11:31:14 PM): chris
Moggthegob (11:31:15 PM): boko
SirSlugma (11:31:16 PM): chris actually semi-respected my mafia play iirc
kbartz87 (11:31:16 PM): mega\
foolmoron (11:31:16 PM): tazzy
Im Ngamer (11:31:16 PM): no one yet...
TintedClear86 (11:31:17 PM): Icehawk
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:17 PM): hm
HojuSimpsonX (11:31:17 PM): semi
Fuzzypickls (11:31:18 PM): Leonheart.
Moggthegob (11:31:18 PM): tim
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:19 PM): i said tom and wigs!
ManaSeJema (11:31:19 PM): Luster
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:19 PM): nooo
Moggthegob (11:31:20 PM): semi
kbartz87 (11:31:20 PM): dante
fett0001 (11:31:21 PM): fett
Moggthegob (11:31:21 PM): leon
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:21 PM): Andy
glifer57 (11:31:22 PM): ctes
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:31:23 PM): spike
TheCrownedKnight (11:31:24 PM)
: yeah naye you were good
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:25 PM): mwis
Im Ngamer (11:31:26 PM): still no winners
kbartz87 (11:31:26 PM): ffd
ManaSeJema (11:31:27 PM): MWC
Moggthegob (11:31:27 PM): lisel
Moggthegob (11:31:29 PM): zea
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:31:29 PM): numbers
kbartz87 (11:31:29 PM)
: fd
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:31:30 PM): timjab
fett0001 (11:31:30 PM): fd
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:31 PM): vlado
Moggthegob (11:31:31 PM): angelo
TintedClear86 (11:31:31 PM): Angelo
ManaSeJema (11:31:32 PM): Icehawk
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:32 PM): FD
Imaginator Suiko (11:31:33 PM): HeroicKrauss
fett0001 (11:31:34 PM): alloy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:34 PM): FFD
Moggthegob (11:31:34 PM): FFD
ManaSeJema (11:31:35 PM): FFD
HojuSimpsonX (11:31:35 PM): ffd
ManaSeJema (11:31:35 PM): Pepsi
TheCrownedKnight (11:31:36 PM): chris respect is the best kind of respect
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:37 PM): ffd
TheCrownedKnight (11:31:39 PM): tbqh
Im Ngamer (11:31:39 PM): still none
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:39 PM)
TintedClear86 (11:31:39 PM): Football
fett0001 (11:31:39 PM): boko
ManaSeJema (11:31:40 PM): Cokes
ManaSeJema (11:31:41 PM): Caelus
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:43 PM): Chris
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:43 PM): lol
TintedClear86 (11:31:43 PM): Crasty
Moggthegob (11:31:44 PM): Carvey
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:45 PM): Mana
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:31:46 PM): paratroopa
ManaSeJema (11:31:46 PM): Dr Football
Im Ngamer (11:31:46 PM): name starts with an....
Moggthegob (11:31:47 PM): Digi
Moggthegob (11:31:49 PM): Anri
cokes311 (11:31:50 PM): not me, i'm not nearly serious enough
kbartz87 (11:31:51 PM): voltch
xcarvengerx (11:31:52 PM): lhg
TintedClear86 (11:31:54 PM): Ayuir
woodwindwhrlwind (11:31:54 PM): Ed bellis
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:31:55 PM): Santa
kbartz87 (11:31:56 PM): krahen
kbartz87 (11:31:57 PM): palmer
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:58 PM): albion
Dpdiablo22 (11:31:59 PM): mwc
Im Ngamer (11:32:00 PM): Z!
cokes311 (11:32:02 PM): zea
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:02 PM): Zea
foolmoron (11:32:02 PM): ZEA
Imaginator Suiko (11:32:03 PM): Zazi
kbartz87 (11:32:03 PM): zea
TintedClear86 (11:32:03 PM): Zazi
xcarvengerx (11:32:03 PM): zea
ManaSeJema (11:32:04 PM): zea
glifer57 (11:32:04 PM): zebra
silver50n (11:32:04 PM): zea
dsrageor (11:32:05 PM): zalbre
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:32:05 PM): zea
Moggthegob (11:32:05 PM)
: Zea
Moggthegob (11:32:06 PM): ZFS
HojuSimpsonX (11:32:06 PM): zea
Dpdiablo22 (11:32:06 PM): ZFS
Im Ngamer (11:32:06 PM): nope
SirSlugma (11:32:06 PM)
: zekira phiera
foolmoron (11:32:07 PM): ZEA
ManaSeJema (11:32:07 PM): zaziguado
foolmoron (11:32:07 PM): ZEA
TheCrownedKnight (11:32:08 PM): ;..
foolmoron (11:32:08 PM): ZEA
HojuSimpsonX (11:32:10 PM): LOL
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:32:10 PM): holy lag
Moggthegob (11:32:11 PM)
: Zazi
dsrageor (11:32:11 PM): zach
TheCrownedKnight (11:32:11 PM): IS IT ZEA
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:12 PM): XFD natye\
SirSlugma (11:32:14 PM): or whatever that name was
Dpdiablo22 (11:32:15 PM): zwigs
ManaSeJema (11:32:15 PM): zachnorn
glifer57 (11:32:16 PM): zylo
Imaginator Suiko (11:32:16 PM): Zachnorn
Im Ngamer (11:32:16 PM): gosh guys!
TheCrownedKnight (11:32:17 PM): IS IT ZEA IS IT ZEA
xcarvengerx (11:32:17 PM): zea imo
Moggthegob (11:32:17 PM): Starcow
TintedClear86 (11:32:18 PM): Zenof thunder
cokes311 (11:32:18 PM): zukira phaera
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:18 PM): Zen
SirSlugma (11:32:19 PM): i know i was wrong
Ninkendo DSi (11:32:19 PM): Zordon
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:20 PM): ZEN
Im Ngamer (11:32:23 PM): LISEL WINS!
SirSlugma (11:32:23 PM)
: zalbag
glifer57 (11:32:23 PM): zazi
ManaSeJema (11:32:24 PM): zy immortal
Moggthegob (11:32:25 PM): Zensgirlfriends
Fuzzypickls (11:32:27 PM): Mana*
foolmoron (11:32:35 PM): ZEA
foolmoron (11:32:35 PM): ZEA
Im Ngamer (11:32:36 PM): Imaginator Suiko (11:32:16 PM): Zachnorn +1
foolmoron (11:32:36 PM)
kbartz87 (11:32:37 PM): who is it
(11:32:38 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
cokes311 (11:32:38 PM): huh. would not have ever thought of zachnorn for that one
SirSlugma (11:32:40 PM): zachnorn xf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:43 PM): definitey zen's girlfriend
(11:32:43 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:32:44 PM): this is lagging like mad for me
foolmoron (11:32:46 PM): ZUKIRA PHAERIA
Fuzzypickls (11:32:47 PM): Mana got it, not Lisel. <_<
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:32:47 PM): me too
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:48 PM)
: imo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:52 PM): ZUKIRA PHAERA
TheCrownedKnight (11:32:55 PM): so whats everyone been up to
glifer57 (11:32:57 PM): use aim 5.9
SirSlugma (11:32:57 PM): ah
ManaSeJema (11:32:58 PM): ManaSeJema (12:32:08 AM): zachnornglifer57 (12:32:08 AM): zyloImaginator Suiko (12:32:08 AM): Zachnorn
xcarvengerx (11:32:58 PM): this is all zea's fault
glifer57 (11:32:58 PM): its superior
(11:32:58 PM) dsrageor has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:32:59 PM): ^5 sting
Imaginator Suiko (11:33:00 PM): Playing this terrible game.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:01 PM): ers
ManaSeJema (11:33:03 PM): Wh ydo you hate me, Ngamer?
fett0001 (11:33:03 PM): working all the time
glifer57 (11:33:04 PM): what did I do wigs
HojuSimpsonX (11:33:04 PM): this
TheCrownedKnight (11:33:06 PM): I've missed talking to you, naye
Im Ngamer (11:33:06 PM): He is elitist about the stupidest things, and it angers me greatly. X is a complex beast, I won’t doubt that. He is pretty interesting overall, if you talk to him only one day a week you will only know 1/7th of his personality. ~Chris
Dpdiablo22 (11:33:10 PM)
: muffin
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:11 PM): red
kbartz87 (11:33:12 PM): anagram
Moggthegob (11:33:12 PM): muffin
ManaSeJema (11:33:13 PM): Ed
HojuSimpsonX (11:33:13 PM): red
TintedClear86 (11:33:14 PM): Smurf
zea imo (11:33:14 PM): meisnewbie
cokes311 (11:33:15 PM): sess
Im Ngamer (11:33:15 PM): no one yet...
kbartz87 (11:33:15 PM): smurf
Sparuscus (11:33:16 PM): newbie
Moggthegob (11:33:16 PM): smurf
fett0001 (11:33:17 PM): ulti
Sparuscus (11:33:17 PM): ashe
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:17 PM): Red13n for sure
Dpdiablo22 (11:33:17 PM): vlado
Moggthegob (11:33:18 PM): shm
kbartz87 (11:33:18 PM): leon
Fuzzypickls (11:33:19 PM): FDragon
Dpdiablo22 (11:33:20 PM): wigs
Im Ngamer (11:33:20 PM): FETT WINS!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:33:20 PM): smuffin
ManaSeJema (11:33:21 PM)
: FD
silver50n (11:33:22 PM): anri
kbartz87 (11:33:22 PM): ffd
Moggthegob (11:33:22 PM): lisel
Im Ngamer (11:33:23 PM): it's Ulti!
cokes311 (11:33:25 PM): tch
fett0001 (11:33:29 PM): whooooo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:31 PM): WE'RE DOIN REPEATS
TheCrownedKnight (11:33:31 PM): that is such a fair write up too
fett0001 (11:33:37 PM): true enough
foolmoron (11:33:42 PM): are there like 7 ulti writeups here or what
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:44 PM): <_<
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:46 PM): nto red chris?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:47 PM): >_>
zea imo (11:33:49 PM): lireally stalking ulti
TheCrownedKnight (11:33:51 PM): no?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:33:53 PM): oh.
TheCrownedKnight (11:33:55 PM): red is elitist about everything
TheCrownedKnight (11:33:57 PM): and is like
TintedClear86 (11:33:58 PM): Funny, having a lot of write ups also suits Ulti.
foolmoron (11:33:59 PM): chris there are some clear elements of bro love in that writeup
TheCrownedKnight (11:34:00 PM): the same every day
Im Ngamer (11:34:03 PM): I think X is one of the staples of the board. His wacky misadventures of comical failings make us all realize how life is fleeting, and make us appreciate the simple pleasures. ~Ed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:06 PM)
: Wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:06 PM): tom
Dpdiablo22 (11:34:07 PM): ulti
ManaSeJema (11:34:08 PM): MWC
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:08 PM): STA
kbartz87 (11:34:08 PM): icon
Fuzzypickls (11:34:09 PM): Bigpun
foolmoron (11:34:09 PM): anagram
glifer57 (11:34:09 PM): extha
TintedClear86 (11:34:09 PM): ertyu
Moggthegob (11:34:09 PM): JC'
silver50n (11:34:10 PM): icehawk
Imaginator Suiko (11:34:10 PM): Santa
zea imo (11:34:10 PM): SantaRPG
ManaSeJema (11:34:11 PM): Dp
ManaSeJema (11:34:11 PM): ertyu
kbartz87 (11:34:11 PM): menji
Imaginator Suiko (11:34:12 PM): SANTARPG
snowpork (11:34:12 PM): menji
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:34:12 PM): luster
HojuSimpsonX (11:34:12 PM)
: ertyu
TheCrownedKnight (11:34:13 PM): mwc
Dpdiablo22 (11:34:13 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:14 PM): Rust
glifer57 (11:34:14 PM): palmer
Fuzzypickls (11:34:15 PM): Palmer
kbartz87 (11:34:15 PM): and
Im Ngamer (11:34:15 PM): ERTYU!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:16 PM)
: Rusty
cokes311 (11:34:16 PM): no idea
Sparuscus (11:34:17 PM): menjio
Sparuscus (11:34:18 PM): menji
kbartz87 (11:34:18 PM): extha
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:34:18 PM): holy fucking lag
foolmoron (11:34:19 PM)
: had to be palmer
HojuSimpsonX (11:34:20 PM): sonova
Moggthegob (11:34:21 PM): Menji
(11:34:22 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:34:23 PM): that took five seconds
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:23 PM)
: lol ertyu
Im Ngamer (11:34:23 PM): TintedClear86 (11:34:09 PM): ertyu +1!
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:34:28 PM)
: Santa
cokes311 (11:34:29 PM): menji does make sense for that writeup though >_>
(11:34:30 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
HojuSimpsonX (11:34:32 PM): dang, too slow :-(
zea imo (11:34:33 PM): how was that not SantaRPG
Trenchant Zephyr (11:34:33 PM): Guys, should my next rating topic be Bioware NPCs or Star Trek movies?
Imaginator Suiko (11:34:35 PM): Are you sure it's not Santa?
ManaSeJema (11:34:36 PM): yup
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:39 PM): BIGPUN
zea imo (11:34:42 PM): 9999
fett0001 (11:34:43 PM): palmer
zea imo (11:34:46 PM): Bigboi971986
superangelo128 (11:34:48 PM): BIGDUMB9999
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:50 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:34:51 PM): X is a good social poster that has his share of haters. I don't get it at all. Some say he's a dick but I just see a guy speaking the truth. He is like a cool nerd. ~Lockes
zea imo (11:34:51 PM): LMAO
Imaginator Suiko (11:34:52 PM): GANON1025
ManaSeJema (11:34:55 PM): BIGPUN
woodwindwhrlwind (11:34:55 PM): Swift
HojuSimpsonX (11:34:55 PM): semi
Trenchant Zephyr (11:34:56 PM): Damn you guys.
kbartz87 (11:34:56 PM): kb
Dpdiablo22 (11:34:57 PM): vlado
TheCrownedKnight (11:34:58 PM): me
foolmoron (11:34:58 PM): BOKO
SirSlugma (11:34:58 PM): me
foolmoron (11:34:59 PM): DANTE
ManaSeJema (11:34:59 PM): Zachnorn
Moggthegob (11:34:59 PM): Extha
glifer57 (11:35:00 PM): crasty
Dpdiablo22 (11:35:00 PM): muffin
foolmoron (11:35:01 PM): FOOLMO
zea imo (11:35:01 PM): anagram
ManaSeJema (11:35:02 PM): Wang
kbartz87 (11:35:03 PM): neon
Im Ngamer (11:35:03 PM): no one yet
fett0001 (11:35:03 PM): poot
(11:35:04 PM) Fuzzypickls has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:35:04 PM): swift
cokes311 (11:35:04 PM)
: sess
Sparuscus (11:35:05 PM): sess
TintedClear86 (11:35:05 PM): Foolmo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:06 PM): FFD
kbartz87 (11:35:07 PM): plamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:07 PM): FD
ManaSeJema (11:35:08 PM): KJH
TheCrownedKnight (11:35:08 PM): aww, not me =(
Moggthegob (11:35:09 PM): Poooot
kbartz87 (11:35:10 PM): fetus
Dpdiablo22 (11:35:10 PM): wigs
ManaSeJema (11:35:11 PM): Pepsi
Imaginator Suiko (11:35:12 PM): Ermine
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:13 PM): Dp
ManaSeJema (11:35:13 PM): Mer
glifer57 (11:35:14 PM): ed bellis
ManaSeJema (11:35:15 PM): Shine
TintedClear86 (11:35:16 PM): AKJ
Imaginator Suiko (11:35:17 PM): Silver_Ermine
ManaSeJema (11:35:18 PM): HM
fett0001 (11:35:18 PM): ulti
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:18 PM): Minipooooot
Im Ngamer (11:35:18 PM): gosh guys, this is a big name
HojuSimpsonX (11:35:19 PM): ulti
kbartz87 (11:35:19 PM): menji
glifer57 (11:35:20 PM): ngamer
zea imo (11:35:21 PM): icehawk
ManaSeJema (11:35:21 PM): theo
Dpdiablo22 (11:35:21 PM): albion
Im Ngamer (11:35:21 PM): strange miss here
Dpdiablo22 (11:35:22 PM)
: mwc
HojuSimpsonX (11:35:22 PM): tranny
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:22 PM): CHris
ManaSeJema (11:35:23 PM): tweeeked
kbartz87 (11:35:23 PM): ed
cokes311 (11:35:23 PM): ulti again
Dpdiablo22 (11:35:24 PM): sess
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:24 PM): Icehawk
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:35:24 PM): smuffin
Moggthegob (11:35:26 PM)
: Ryoko
kbartz87 (11:35:26 PM): ngam
TintedClear86 (11:35:27 PM): Ngamer
silver50n (11:35:27 PM): mer
Im Ngamer (11:35:28 PM): ZEA WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:28 PM)
: Ed bellis
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:35:29 PM): shine
ManaSeJema (11:35:29 PM)
: pxlated
Ninkendo DSi (11:35:30 PM): tranny
fett0001 (11:35:34 PM): i suppose
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:37 PM): yeah
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:39 PM): he beat me to it
woodwindwhrlwind (11:35:41 PM): its icehawk
kbartz87 (11:35:43 PM): who was it
(11:35:43 PM) cokes311 has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:35:44 PM): wat was it?
Im Ngamer (11:35:46 PM)
: zea imo (11:35:21 PM): icehawk +1
kbartz87 (11:35:52 PM)
: oh
TheCrownedKnight (11:35:53 PM): icehawk isnt cool
TheCrownedKnight (11:35:54 PM): ;_;
foolmoron (11:35:57 PM): ^
fett0001 (11:35:58 PM): XD
Moggthegob (11:35:59 PM): no one likes him
TintedClear86 (11:36:00 PM): lol
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:01 PM): : (
Ninkendo DSi (11:36:07 PM): didn't know he was still alive
fett0001 (11:36:08 PM): he's tolerable, for sure
Dpdiablo22 (11:36:09 PM): yeah i never wouldve guessed him
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:12 PM): who's icehawk
Im Ngamer (11:36:14 PM): X is by far the smartest person to ever post on this board, and if AT intimidated me, X made my brain turn French and I started to wave the white flag any time he was around. ~Chris
Sparuscus (11:36:17 PM): drak
TintedClear86 (11:36:17 PM): SD
fett0001 (11:36:17 PM): sd
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:17 PM): SD
coolestbigmac (11:36:18 PM): mc
ManaSeJema (11:36:18 PM): Mana
glifer57 (11:36:18 PM): myc
zea imo (11:36:19 PM): chris
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:20 PM): easy
Moggthegob (11:36:20 PM): drak
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:20 PM): btw
Im Ngamer (11:36:21 PM): need an old schooler for this one!
ManaSeJema (11:36:21 PM): Lucid
kbartz87 (11:36:21 PM): tom
glifer57 (11:36:22 PM): ctes
Dpdiablo22 (11:36:23 PM): wigs
Moggthegob (11:36:23 PM): Kanzi
xcarvengerx (11:36:23 PM): meis
glifer57 (11:36:24 PM): at
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:24 PM): MWIS
fett0001 (11:36:25 PM): chris
ManaSeJema (11:36:25 PM): gingerbee
kbartz87 (11:36:26 PM): kb
Moggthegob (11:36:26 PM): Chris?
fett0001 (11:36:26 PM): shake
kbartz87 (11:36:27 PM): gog
superangelo128 (11:36:27 PM): AT
ManaSeJema (11:36:28 PM): kawaiifan
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:36:29 PM): myc
glifer57 (11:36:29 PM)
: agasonex
HojuSimpsonX (11:36:30 PM): pleinair
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:32 PM): Semi
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:36:33 PM): ertyu
zea imo (11:36:34 PM)
: aeon
fett0001 (11:36:34 PM): aga
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:35 PM): semi lol
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:36 PM): TenkoStar17
Imaginator Suiko (11:36:37 PM): GANON1025
Moggthegob (11:36:37 PM): Tom
Dpdiablo22 (11:36:37 PM): ngamer
ManaSeJema (11:36:38 PM): ffaddict1313
Im Ngamer (11:36:40 PM): no one right so far
TintedClear86 (11:36:41 PM): AT
fett0001 (11:36:41 PM): ed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:41 PM): Solarshadow
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:42 PM): here
ManaSeJema (11:36:43 PM): forsaken
Imaginator Suiko (11:36:43 PM): tcaz2
zea imo (11:36:43 PM): ertyu
kbartz87 (11:36:43 PM): janus
Dpdiablo22 (11:36:43 PM): aeon
foolmoron (11:36:43 PM): Ngamer 'lol'
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:43 PM): I'll help
glifer57 (11:36:44 PM): creative
woodwindwhrlwind (11:36:44 PM): Creative
Moggthegob (11:36:46 PM): FFandMMfan
TheCrownedKnight (11:36:47 PM): he was an admin on LL.
fett0001 (11:36:48 PM): moltar
glifer57 (11:36:50 PM): bigcow
Imaginator Suiko (11:36:50 PM): NGamer64
ManaSeJema (11:36:51 PM): xcarv
HojuSimpsonX (11:36:51 PM): red
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:36:52 PM): cjc
zea imo (11:36:53 PM)
: bigcow
Moggthegob (11:36:53 PM): carvey
Dpdiablo22 (11:36:54 PM): omg bigcow yes
Im Ngamer (11:36:55 PM): stingers WINS!
SirSlugma (11:36:55 PM)
: gingerbee
glifer57 (11:36:58 PM): omg i got a point
SirSlugma (11:37:00 PM): i was close
ManaSeJema (11:37:00 PM): bigcow, duh
woodwindwhrlwind (11:37:01 PM): Big Cow?
TheCrownedKnight (11:37:01 PM): yeah I fear bigcow
Im Ngamer (11:37:02 PM): it's BIGCOW!
TheCrownedKnight (11:37:03 PM): massively
Sparuscus (11:37:05 PM): kawaiifan
woodwindwhrlwind (11:37:10 PM): yeha
glifer57 (11:37:11 PM): bigcow is nerdy as all hell
zea imo (11:37:12 PM): ;.;
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:37:15 PM): i don't know of bigcow
woodwindwhrlwind (11:37:19 PM)
: hes awesome
ManaSeJema (11:37:24 PM): amazing
(11:37:28 PM) cokes311 has entered the room.
fett0001 (11:37:29 PM): APPARENTly
Im Ngamer (11:37:32 PM): From touching his sleeping cousin to believing Europe had only 12 countries and then demanding the board take his balls because he didn't have the courage to make out with a girl, this guy is the single biggest untapped lulzmine on the board. ~Smurf
ManaSeJema (11:37:33 PM): time to go read FFP2K#
cokes311 (11:37:34 PM): damn chat
SirSlugma (11:37:36 PM): ermine
foolmoron (11:37:36 PM): GMUN
Dpdiablo22 (11:37:37 PM): smurf
TintedClear86 (11:37:37 PM): santa
kbartz87 (11:37:37 PM): menji
HojuSimpsonX (11:37:38 PM): vlado
silver50n (11:37:38 PM): santa
ManaSeJema (11:37:39 PM): luster
zea imo (11:37:39 PM): alec
Im Ngamer (11:37:42 PM): no one...
glifer57 (11:37:43 PM)
: ctes
ManaSeJema (11:37:44 PM): menji
kbartz87 (11:37:44 PM): xhirs
Imaginator Suiko (11:37:45 PM): SDR
kbartz87 (11:37:47 PM): chrus
SirSlugma (11:37:47 PM): lol internet
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:37:48 PM): sdr
foolmoron (11:37:48 PM)
: I said GMUN
ManaSeJema (11:37:49 PM): mwc
HojuSimpsonX (11:37:49 PM): lhr
TheCrownedKnight (11:37:51 PM): ;_;
Im Ngamer (11:37:53 PM): still no one...
Dpdiablo22 (11:37:57 PM)
: dp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:37:58 PM): naye
Dpdiablo22 (11:37:59 PM): wigs
kbartz87 (11:37:59 PM): piman
cokes311 (11:37:59 PM): lol internet
TintedClear86 (11:37:59 PM): LTM
ManaSeJema (11:38:00 PM): silver
kbartz87 (11:38:01 PM): justgin
Imaginator Suiko (11:38:01 PM): I remember the topic about touching his cousin
HojuSimpsonX (11:38:02 PM): linkhatesganon
glifer57 (11:38:03 PM): whos that one dude that everyone says is a ghost
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:38:03 PM): boko
xcarvengerx (11:38:03 PM)
: hippo
ManaSeJema (11:38:04 PM): jehan
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:04 PM): naye
SirSlugma (11:38:04 PM): lihlih
silver50n (11:38:04 PM): lihlih
Imaginator Suiko (11:38:06 PM): But I can't remember who made it.
ManaSeJema (11:38:06 PM): kasbo
(11:38:07 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:07 PM): naye
Moggthegob (11:38:08 PM): shm
ManaSeJema (11:38:11 PM): jc
(11:38:14 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
fett0001 (11:38:15 PM): spikey
TintedClear86 (11:38:15 PM): The Rock
Dpdiablo22 (11:38:16 PM): numbers
SirSlugma (11:38:17 PM): what
foolmoron (11:38:18 PM): SDR
SirSlugma (11:38:19 PM): did i do
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:19 PM): naye
ManaSeJema (11:38:20 PM): piman
HojuSimpsonX (11:38:21 PM): hoichim(cant spells his name)
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:38:21 PM): ctes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:22 PM)
: im guessing you
Im Ngamer (11:38:22 PM): there's an FPS inside of his name
SirSlugma (11:38:25 PM)
: oh
glifer57 (11:38:26 PM): shadowhalo
SirSlugma (11:38:26 PM): thats mean
zea imo (11:38:26 PM): shadowhalo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:26 PM): XIII is cool
Dpdiablo22 (11:38:27 PM): halo
Imaginator Suiko (11:38:27 PM): ShadowHalo
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:38:28 PM): sh
kbartz87 (11:38:31 PM)
: halo
Im Ngamer (11:38:32 PM): stingers WINS!
ManaSeJema (11:38:33 PM): goldeneye
ManaSeJema (11:38:34 PM): alec
glifer57 (11:38:35 PM): omg 2 points
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:38:35 PM): damn slow
Imaginator Suiko (11:38:39 PM)
: Wow I forgot that was him.
SirSlugma (11:38:40 PM): oh i should have figured it was shadowhalo
zea imo (11:38:43 PM): XFD
Imaginator Suiko (11:38:43 PM): He is even more hilarious than I thought.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:38:44 PM): galo
SirSlugma (11:38:45 PM): given all the terrible qualities
ManaSeJema (11:38:49 PM): Bridget on Fergsuon again!
Im Ngamer (11:38:51 PM): glifer57 (11:38:26 PM): shadowhalo +1
cokes311 (11:38:58 PM)
: lol internet not a bad guess either >_>
glifer57 (11:39:06 PM): i thought ctes might've been accurate there
SirSlugma (11:39:08 PM): yeah except he'd know the countries in europe
SirSlugma (11:39:10 PM): that was the error
cokes311 (11:39:13 PM): ^
Im Ngamer (11:39:17 PM): X is pretty much the biggest baby alive. He might not be a terrible user if he wasn't such a big *****, but unfortunately, this is the only truly memorable thing about him. My main memory from him this year, was when he said he was leaving, then came back the next day. ~Icehawk
kbartz87 (11:39:18 PM): justin
ManaSeJema (11:39:20 PM): M<ana
SirSlugma (11:39:20 PM): doesnt ctes live in sweden or something
Dpdiablo22 (11:39:20 PM): palmer
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:39:21 PM): andy
foolmoron (11:39:22 PM)
Moggthegob (11:39:22 PM): shm
kbartz87 (11:39:22 PM): alex
zea imo (11:39:23 PM): kurtfisto
TintedClear86 (11:39:23 PM): anagram
zea imo (11:39:24 PM): palmer
Im Ngamer (11:39:25 PM): no one...
glifer57 (11:39:25 PM)
: ctes
cokes311 (11:39:25 PM): denmark
Dpdiablo22 (11:39:26 PM): mwis
superangelo128 (11:39:26 PM): hahah
cokes311 (11:39:26 PM): i think
ManaSeJema (11:39:27 PM): Chris
woodwindwhrlwind (11:39:27 PM): Stripey
TintedClear86 (11:39:27 PM): vlado
Dpdiablo22 (11:39:28 PM): wigs
HojuSimpsonX (11:39:28 PM): karma
silver50n (11:39:28 PM): akj
Moggthegob (11:39:29 PM): justin
Moggthegob (11:39:30 PM): joyrock
Imaginator Suiko (11:39:30 PM): Smurf
xcarvengerx (11:39:30 PM): akj
kbartz87 (11:39:31 PM): shake
TintedClear86 (11:39:32 PM): DYL
glifer57 (11:39:32 PM): red
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:39:32 PM): seph
SirSlugma (11:39:33 PM)
: akj
Moggthegob (11:39:34 PM): tcaz12
foolmoron (11:39:36 PM): chris
kbartz87 (11:39:36 PM): menji
HojuSimpsonX (11:39:37 PM): heroic karma hunter
zea imo (11:39:37 PM): akj
woodwindwhrlwind (11:39:37 PM): Smurf
kbartz87 (11:39:38 PM): mwc
Ninkendo DSi (11:39:38 PM): palmer
SirSlugma (11:39:39 PM): was my guess at least
TintedClear86 (11:39:39 PM): Vhcaron
foolmoron (11:39:40 PM): SIR CHRIS
fett0001 (11:39:40 PM): jp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:39:40 PM): TCA
ManaSeJema (11:39:41 PM): HM
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:39:42 PM): swift
cokes311 (11:39:43 PM)
: fuck
woodwindwhrlwind (11:39:44 PM): its TCA
kbartz87 (11:39:44 PM): anagram
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:39:45 PM): maplejet
cokes311 (11:39:46 PM): i know this
glifer57 (11:39:46 PM): ngamer
ManaSeJema (11:39:47 PM): AKJ
TheCrownedKnight (11:39:47 PM): I'd guess me too
kbartz87 (11:39:47 PM): piza
SirSlugma (11:39:47 PM): gemini man
Dpdiablo22 (11:39:48 PM): crimsonhellkite
Moggthegob (11:39:49 PM): Spiral
zea imo (11:39:52 PM): mwc
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:39:52 PM): spike
woodwindwhrlwind (11:39:53 PM)
: TheCruelAngel
kbartz87 (11:39:53 PM): errtyu
xcarvengerx (11:39:54 PM): pizza
kbartz87 (11:39:55 PM): sep
Im Ngamer (11:39:57 PM): huh, thought this was easier
glifer57 (11:39:57 PM)
: tazzy
ManaSeJema (11:39:58 PM): Kuge
Moggthegob (11:39:59 PM): HGR
ManaSeJema (11:40:02 PM): Pizza
Moggthegob (11:40:02 PM): Fett
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:40:02 PM): palmer
glifer57 (11:40:04 PM)
ManaSeJema (11:40:06 PM): spiral
superangelo128 (11:40:07 PM): there are lots of babies on board 8
kbartz87 (11:40:08 PM): palmer
ManaSeJema (11:40:09 PM): Mana?
SirSlugma (11:40:09 PM): it probably is easier
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:40:09 PM): myc
Im Ngamer (11:40:10 PM)
: starts with a..
Imaginator Suiko (11:40:10 PM)
: Guessing Smurf again
SirSlugma (11:40:11 PM): we just suck
foolmoron (11:40:11 PM): Ngamer you literally have the answer right in front of you
kbartz87 (11:40:13 PM): vlaso\
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:13 PM): TCA definituely did this
Im Ngamer (11:40:13 PM): D
Dpdiablo22 (11:40:14 PM)
: extha
foolmoron (11:40:15 PM): you can't judge difficulty
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:15 PM): Drak
glifer57 (11:40:16 PM): dilated chemist
ManaSeJema (11:40:17 PM): Dauntless
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:40:18 PM): lightning strikes
Dpdiablo22 (11:40:19 PM): dp
HojuSimpsonX (11:40:19 PM): dpoblivion
ManaSeJema (11:40:19 PM): Dp
SirSlugma (11:40:20 PM): dpoblivion
Moggthegob (11:40:20 PM): DH
coolestbigmac (11:40:20 PM): dsr
Ninkendo DSi (11:40:21 PM): even though he wrote it, I'll say Icehawk himself
superangelo128 (11:40:22 PM): Dum pink ball
Moggthegob (11:40:22 PM): DO
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:23 PM): DSR
kbartz87 (11:40:23 PM): dante
Moggthegob (11:40:25 PM): DO
TintedClear86 (11:40:28 PM): digi
Moggthegob (11:40:29 PM): DSRage
Imaginator Suiko (11:40:30 PM): Oh
ManaSeJema (11:40:30 PM): dragonnumbers
SirSlugma (11:40:31 PM): dsflashlight
glifer57 (11:40:32 PM): destoyer
Im Ngamer (11:40:34 PM): end with an X
kbartz87 (11:40:34 PM): darkx
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:40:38 PM): soul
ManaSeJema (11:40:38 PM)
: dux x
coolestbigmac (11:40:38 PM): darkx
Moggthegob (11:40:39 PM): darkx
Ninkendo DSi (11:40:39 PM): Ulti
Im Ngamer (11:40:40 PM): KBARTS WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:41 PM)
: dorkx
silver50n (11:40:41 PM): drax
Dpdiablo22 (11:40:42 PM): dwigsx
(11:40:42 PM) wartank777 has entered the room.
cokes311 (11:40:43 PM): darx does not end in an x >_>
glifer57 (11:40:43 PM): demonx
zea imo (11:40:44 PM): actually ends in a number you liar
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:49 PM): naye did you like my guess
glifer57 (11:40:49 PM): destructionx
wartank777 (11:40:50 PM): my dog just got on my bed
wartank777 (11:40:50 PM): YES
SirSlugma (11:40:51 PM): oh darkx
cokes311 (11:40:52 PM): it ends in some random number <_<
Im Ngamer (11:40:52 PM): kbartz87 (11:40:34 PM): darkx
SirSlugma (11:40:52 PM)
: yipes
glifer57 (11:40:53 PM): deathx
woodwindwhrlwind (11:40:53 PM): woodwindwhrlwind (12:40:20 AM): dorkx
TintedClear86 (11:40:58 PM): darkx actually makes a lot of sense
ManaSeJema (11:40:59 PM): darkx368568568358658
SirSlugma (11:40:59 PM): warning congrats btw
wartank777 (11:41:00 PM): <3 dogs
HojuSimpsonX (11:41:02 PM): fuckin fail
SirSlugma (11:41:03 PM): did you watch the liverpool?
kbartz87 (11:41:04 PM): i remember that
SirSlugma (11:41:07 PM): torres was awesome
glifer57 (11:41:11 PM): yo wc do you smok
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:12 PM): mike flores
glifer57 (11:41:13 PM): e
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:18 PM): smok
Im Ngamer (11:41:19 PM): X's a devout Christian, which is fine and dandy, but he seems to be genuinely baffled as to why anybody else wouldn't want to be just like him, and it shows in his debates. ~Ed
fett0001 (11:41:19 PM): tom
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:21 PM): FD
coolestbigmac (11:41:21 PM): fd
glifer57 (11:41:22 PM): sephg
Moggthegob (11:41:22 PM): Tom
HojuSimpsonX (11:41:22 PM): fd
kbartz87 (11:41:23 PM): tom
SirSlugma (11:41:23 PM): leonhart
Dpdiablo22 (11:41:23 PM): wigs
silver50n (11:41:23 PM): tom
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:41:24 PM): seph
zea imo (11:41:24 PM)
: FD
Moggthegob (11:41:25 PM): Smuffin
kbartz87 (11:41:26 PM): fd
HojuSimpsonX (11:41:26 PM): shit
ManaSeJema (11:41:27 PM): lucid
Im Ngamer (11:41:27 PM): WIGS WINS!
Dpdiablo22 (11:41:28 PM)
: hobo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:29 PM): :D
SirSlugma (11:41:31 PM): i was close
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:32 PM): 3 POINTS FOR WIGS
HojuSimpsonX (11:41:32 PM): damnit wigs
SirSlugma (11:41:32 PM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (11:41:35 PM): noooooooooooooooooooo
Im Ngamer (11:41:35 PM): it'sFD
ManaSeJema (11:41:38 PM): FD is scum confirmed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:41:41 PM): ##FD
HojuSimpsonX (11:41:41 PM): damn latency
wartank777 (11:41:43 PM): i didn't watch it
fett0001 (11:41:43 PM): ah
ManaSeJema (11:41:44 PM): ##FD
TintedClear86 (11:41:48 PM): my mouse dced
SirSlugma (11:41:58 PM): oh sad
wartank777 (11:41:59 PM): wish i coula
SirSlugma (11:42:04 PM): look up the goals on youtube if you didnt see em
Im Ngamer (11:42:06 PM): His posts are so hilariously, continuously bad that I've often wondered if he isn't an elaborate gimmick. He claims to have a good job, but let it slip he lived in some ghetto for awhile. He makes fun of how other people look, then posted a goofy picture where his watch was backwards. ~Ulti
wartank777 (11:42:06 PM): coulda*
SirSlugma (11:42:08 PM): theyre both lovely
wartank777 (11:42:09 PM): i saw the goals
Dpdiablo22 (11:42:10 PM): muffin
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:42:11 PM): ertyu
wartank777 (11:42:11 PM)
: they wre
TintedClear86 (11:42:11 PM): anagram
kbartz87 (11:42:12 PM): ulti
SirSlugma (11:42:12 PM): ah
ManaSeJema (11:42:13 PM): Palmer
glifer57 (11:42:13 PM): ulti
ManaSeJema (11:42:14 PM): mer
cokes311 (11:42:14 PM): sess?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:42:14 PM): Smuffin
superangelo128 (11:42:15 PM): realo
Im Ngamer (11:42:15 PM): DP WINS!
foolmoron (11:42:15 PM): anagram
zea imo (11:42:15 PM): MUFFIN
SirSlugma (11:42:16 PM): the second was just awesome
ManaSeJema (11:42:16 PM): sbpmwc
HojuSimpsonX (11:42:17 PM): palmer
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:42:17 PM): swift
Ninkendo DSi (11:42:18 PM)
: ssess
kbartz87 (11:42:19 PM): gta
HojuSimpsonX (11:42:22 PM): laaaaag
Moggthegob (11:42:24 PM): Palmer
xcarvengerx (11:42:24 PM): yeah, smuffin
Dpdiablo22 (11:42:24 PM): omg great guess
Dpdiablo22 (11:42:26 PM): take that wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:42:26 PM): yeah
wartank777 (11:42:26 PM): but i owed this one chick so much cause she covers for me all the time
Im Ngamer (11:42:27 PM): Dpdiablo22 (11:42:10 PM): muffin is right
woodwindwhrlwind (11:42:28 PM)
: :(
wartank777 (11:42:35 PM): she needed a 7-2 cover, so yeah
Dpdiablo22 (11:42:38 PM): 3-3
woodwindwhrlwind (11:42:43 PM): = 0
Im Ngamer (11:42:45 PM): HARD ONE HERE
glifer57 (11:42:48 PM)
: ctes
Ninkendo DSi (11:42:51 PM): it's me
superangelo128 (11:42:55 PM): Im hard
xcarvengerx (11:42:58 PM): prestonstarry
Im Ngamer (11:43:00 PM): Like Luster, GMUN , Vlado or Shadowhalo, X is exactly the kind of oddball that makes Board 8 so unique and brilliant. He's got a short temper, low tolerance and awful insulting skills making him awesome to have in any topic since you just know he's liable to kick something off with someone at any moment. ~Smurf
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:01 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
kbartz87 (11:43:01 PM): justin
glifer57 (11:43:05 PM): anagram
TintedClear86 (11:43:05 PM): ngamer
Dpdiablo22 (11:43:06 PM): gmun
Moggthegob (11:43:06 PM): Digi
(11:43:06 PM) ManaSeJema has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:06 PM): Vlado
kbartz87 (11:43:07 PM): rusty
zea imo (11:43:07 PM): NEWBIE
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:43:08 PM): swift
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:09 PM)
: Lady Ashe
Ninkendo DSi (11:43:09 PM): oh that's not me
kbartz87 (11:43:10 PM): crasty
Moggthegob (11:43:12 PM): anri
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:43:12 PM): maplejet
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:13 PM): SD
superangelo128 (11:43:13 PM): andy
silver50n (11:43:13 PM): smuffin
kbartz87 (11:43:13 PM): anri
HojuSimpsonX (11:43:14 PM): palmer
SirSlugma (11:43:15 PM): me
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:43:17 PM): turn
Dpdiablo22 (11:43:18 PM)
: wigs
Moggthegob (11:43:20 PM): semi
fett0001 (11:43:21 PM): tom?
(11:43:22 PM) ManaSeJema has entered the room.
Ninkendo DSi (11:43:23 PM): TheRock
ManaSeJema (11:43:24 PM): DP
HojuSimpsonX (11:43:24 PM): uhh
kbartz87 (11:43:25 PM): anaram
ManaSeJema (11:43:25 PM): Wigs
glifer57 (11:43:25 PM): icehawk
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:43:26 PM): palmer
TintedClear86 (11:43:27 PM)
: Fetus
Im Ngamer (11:43:27 PM): no one yet
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:28 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:28 PM): Dp
ManaSeJema (11:43:29 PM): Chris
SirSlugma (11:43:30 PM): smurf
TintedClear86 (11:43:31 PM): bigpun
ManaSeJema (11:43:31 PM): Mana
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:32 PM): MWIS
HojuSimpsonX (11:43:32 PM): pizza
zea imo (11:43:33 PM): TheRealOSix
ManaSeJema (11:43:35 PM): pxlated
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:43:36 PM): kuge
ManaSeJema (11:43:37 PM)
: Caelus
TintedClear86 (11:43:38 PM): Football
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:43:39 PM): Paratroopa
ManaSeJema (11:43:40 PM): Cokes
Moggthegob (11:43:40 PM): Shadowhalo17
fett0001 (11:43:41 PM): neon
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:42 PM): BroAndChar
kbartz87 (11:43:42 PM): piman
Moggthegob (11:43:43 PM): War
glifer57 (11:43:43 PM): dr pizza
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:44 PM): SDR
Imaginator Suiko (11:43:44 PM): tcaz2
TintedClear86 (11:43:44 PM): Crasty
cokes311 (11:43:45 PM): para kinda fits
glifer57 (11:43:45 PM): slowflake
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:43:46 PM): i forgot the question. lol
Im Ngamer (11:43:46 PM)
: HINT: he ruined Link vs Solano
zea imo (11:43:48 PM): andy
xcarvengerx (11:43:50 PM): andy
glifer57 (11:43:50 PM): andy
foolmoron (11:43:50 PM): CJC
SirSlugma (11:43:51 PM): aandy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:51 PM): George Romano
kbartz87 (11:43:51 PM): andy
TintedClear86 (11:43:52 PM): Andy
Im Ngamer (11:43:52 PM): ZEA WINS!
superangelo128 (11:43:53 PM): uhh
(11:43:54 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
HojuSimpsonX (11:43:54 PM): lol
SirSlugma (11:43:55 PM): george romero, wigs
superangelo128 (11:43:55 PM): oh well
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:57 PM): oh
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:43:58 PM): tazzy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:58 PM): >_>
woodwindwhrlwind (11:43:59 PM): oops
(11:44:01 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:02 PM): lol romanop
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:44:02 PM): delayed
Im Ngamer (11:44:03 PM): zea imo (11:43:48 PM): andy +1
Imaginator Suiko (11:44:03 PM)
: BroAndChar how many points do you have?
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:05 PM): -p
zea imo (11:44:07 PM): dunno
Imaginator Suiko (11:44:12 PM): You should donate them to charity.
cokes311 (11:44:14 PM): no one guessed andy before that?
fett0001 (11:44:14 PM): 6 iirc
superangelo128 (11:44:17 PM): I did
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:21 PM): lisel give naye your points
ManaSeJema (11:44:21 PM): I ddibn' see the statementr
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:44:27 PM): angelo said it first
Imaginator Suiko (11:44:28 PM)
: What points?
zea imo (11:44:28 PM): lmao NGamer64
SirSlugma (11:44:28 PM): i'll take free points
cokes311 (11:44:30 PM): angelo did indeed
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:31 PM): you have 1
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:32 PM): dont you
Imaginator Suiko (11:44:35 PM): I've been throwing them away.
cokes311 (11:44:36 PM): quite a ways earlier
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:37 PM): oh
Sparuscus (11:44:37 PM): lol n
SirSlugma (11:44:39 PM): i have 0 so far
SirSlugma (11:44:40 PM): not bad
Im Ngamer (11:44:43 PM): He has a vast knowledge of alcohol and I'm dubbing him right now as "The board 8 mixed drink encyclopedia". X's coolness extends far beyond that though. He's great for the social guys, especially in AIM chats. ~Lockes
cokes311 (11:44:43 PM): Ctrl+F is your friend ngamer
ManaSeJema (11:44:45 PM): kuge
Dpdiablo22 (11:44:45 PM): alec
TintedClear86 (11:44:46 PM): cokes
glifer57 (11:44:46 PM): caelus
ManaSeJema (11:44:46 PM): caelus
woodwindwhrlwind (11:44:46 PM): SD
fett0001 (11:44:47 PM): alec
SirSlugma (11:44:47 PM): alec
coolestbigmac (11:44:48 PM): crasty
foolmoron (11:44:48 PM): jukkie
zea imo (11:44:48 PM): alec
fett0001 (11:44:49 PM): fett
cokes311 (11:44:49 PM): it's alec
kbartz87 (11:44:49 PM): calus
xcarvengerx (11:44:50 PM): lockes
ManaSeJema (11:44:50 PM): pirate
Im Ngamer (11:44:52 PM): FETT WINS!
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:44:52 PM): digi
cokes311 (11:44:53 PM)
: i am the beer maestro
silver50n (11:44:54 PM): steiner
Im Ngamer (11:44:55 PM): it's ALEC!
xcarvengerx (11:44:58 PM): oh wait
cokes311 (11:45:00 PM): alec is the cocktail king
Dpdiablo22 (11:45:02 PM): I SAID ALEC FIRST
SirSlugma (11:45:03 PM): dp won that
Im Ngamer (11:45:03 PM): wait no
ManaSeJema (11:45:04 PM): ah right
SirSlugma (11:45:08 PM): dammit i actually knew that one too
fett0001 (11:45:08 PM): yeah, dp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:11 PM): Dp won
Dpdiablo22 (11:45:12 PM): whoo
SirSlugma (11:45:12 PM): my one chance
cokes311 (11:45:15 PM): DP won that one yes
TintedClear86 (11:45:17 PM): I just read alchohol and automatically said you cokes.
Im Ngamer (11:45:17 PM): Zazi, give that toDP
ManaSeJema (11:45:18 PM): Yup Dp
SirSlugma (11:45:21 PM): oh geez
SirSlugma (11:45:22 PM): big gain
snowpork (11:45:23 PM): dine
fett0001 (11:45:23 PM): boooooo
snowpork (11:45:25 PM): done
fett0001 (11:45:26 PM): :'(
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:27 PM): Zazi make sure you got wigs for the HGR one! <_<
SirSlugma (11:45:28 PM): dr's got this
wartank777 (11:45:32 PM): naye
Im Ngamer (11:45:33 PM): my 2nd goof!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:34 PM)
: and Mana for whatever rthat was
Dpdiablo22 (11:45:35 PM): i have four more points than i expected to get
cokes311 (11:45:35 PM): good, go dr
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:37 PM): DAMMIT NAGMER
TintedClear86 (11:45:38 PM): lol 2nd
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:40 PM): -3
wartank777 (11:45:41 PM): what is with liverpool playing goodf
Sparuscus (11:45:41 PM): nagmer
ManaSeJema (11:45:42 PM): HM
coolestbigmac (11:45:42 PM): gogo dr
foolmoron (11:45:42 PM): 2nd more like 10^2nd power
Imaginator Suiko (11:45:42 PM): Zazi is just going to give all of the points to me anyway since he's my friend.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:45:45 PM): i was goona say lockes but i brain farted and forgot his name so i stared at the screen
woodwindwhrlwind (11:45:45 PM)
: -3 NGamer
wartank777 (11:45:46 PM): i'm so not used to it
SirSlugma (11:45:47 PM): dunno
SirSlugma (11:45:49 PM): its weird!
Ninkendo DSi (11:45:51 PM): your second gaffe of the nig?
wartank777 (11:45:52 PM): man i'm so happy my city has a mls team
glifer57 (11:45:52 PM): ncheater
SirSlugma (11:45:59 PM): hopefully wigan rapes you tomorrow though
Imaginator Suiko (11:46:01 PM): "come from behind victory" imminent
SirSlugma (11:46:02 PM): today, technically
wartank777 (11:46:05 PM): i hated being primarily a fan of an english team
cokes311 (11:46:06 PM): that's a weird thing to be happy about wc
woodwindwhrlwind (11:46:06 PM): i dont rape anyone
Im Ngamer (11:46:08 PM): X fluctuates between two board personas: his arrogant contest season persona, and his real self, which is clueless. I don't like the fake arrogance all that much, but X makes up for it by being as hapless as a baby driving a Subaru. ~Ed
ManaSeJema (11:46:09 PM): PriestofGiX!
kbartz87 (11:46:10 PM): justin
ManaSeJema (11:46:11 PM): chris
Sparuscus (11:46:11 PM): menji
cokes311 (11:46:12 PM): leon
glifer57 (11:46:12 PM): ctes
wartank777 (11:46:13 PM): instead of a philly team
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:46:14 PM): shine
Moggthegob (11:46:14 PM)
: menji
ManaSeJema (11:46:15 PM): icehawk
fett0001 (11:46:15 PM): tom
xcarvengerx (11:46:15 PM): menji
foolmoron (11:46:15 PM): ed
kbartz87 (11:46:15 PM): ulti
ManaSeJema (11:46:16 PM): ulti
TintedClear86 (11:46:16 PM): DYL
foolmoron (11:46:17 PM): ngamer
Im Ngamer (11:46:17 PM): WINNER!
HojuSimpsonX (11:46:19 PM): karma hunter
ManaSeJema (11:46:19 PM): xcarv
kbartz87 (11:46:19 PM): sess
woodwindwhrlwind (11:46:20 PM): no idea
Dpdiablo22 (11:46:21 PM): wigs
silver50n (11:46:25 PM): dsrage
woodwindwhrlwind (11:46:26 PM): naye
Im Ngamer (11:46:26 PM): Sparuscus (11:46:11 PM): menji
Moggthegob (11:46:31 PM): dammit
Sparuscus (11:46:32 PM): aw yeah
SirSlugma (11:46:33 PM): lol that is not a good description of me
fett0001 (11:46:34 PM): i can see it
Moggthegob (11:46:34 PM): i lagged out
TintedClear86 (11:46:36 PM): damn, you know makes sense.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:46:37 PM): lol
Moggthegob (11:46:40 PM): but I totally had that written
SirSlugma (11:46:46 PM): menji is a pretty awful user
SirSlugma (11:46:52 PM): i think he makes bad topics on a daily basis
wartank777 (11:46:55 PM): honestly since the union played their first game
Imaginator Suiko (11:46:58 PM): Menji78
woodwindwhrlwind (11:46:58 PM): so do you naye
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:01 PM): 76
wartank777 (11:47:02 PM): i have watched like 5 epl games
Im Ngamer (11:47:04 PM): He absolutely refuses to admit when he's wrong with a stubbornness bordering on impossibility, and when he is wrong – as happens rather frequently – he blames it on other people. X has absolutely no class. ~Ed
wartank777 (11:47:05 PM): and 30 mls ones
SirSlugma (11:47:05 PM): i was so pissed that the crew lost warning :(
kbartz87 (11:47:06 PM): justin
HojuSimpsonX (11:47:06 PM): so do i, so nyeh
coolestbigmac (11:47:07 PM): ulti
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:08 PM): mwc
TintedClear86 (11:47:08 PM): Ulti
cokes311 (11:47:08 PM): swift
ManaSeJema (11:47:09 PM): Mana
fett0001 (11:47:09 PM): fett?
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:09 PM): albiuon
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:10 PM): seph
silver50n (11:47:10 PM)
: smuffin
foolmoron (11:47:12 PM): chris
coolestbigmac (11:47:12 PM): mwc
glifer57 (11:47:12 PM): ctes
kbartz87 (11:47:13 PM): menij
ManaSeJema (11:47:13 PM): Wang
SirSlugma (11:47:13 PM): on pens
foolmoron (11:47:13 PM): ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:13 PM): Albion
superangelo128 (11:47:14 PM): mwc
SirSlugma (11:47:15 PM): ugh
ManaSeJema (11:47:15 PM): Mac
TintedClear86 (11:47:16 PM): Vlado
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:17 PM): smuffin
kbartz87 (11:47:18 PM)
: palme
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:18 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:20 PM): Dp
ManaSeJema (11:47:20 PM): Tiro
Im Ngamer (11:47:21 PM): still no one
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:21 PM)
glifer57 (11:47:22 PM): sephg
zea imo (11:47:22 PM): vlado
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:22 PM): ulti
kbartz87 (11:47:22 PM): mwc
ManaSeJema (11:47:23 PM): Iceawk
Im Ngamer (11:47:25 PM): bad miss here guys
cokes311 (11:47:25 PM): (regardless of the answer swift is right tbh)
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:25 PM): Ayuyu
HojuSimpsonX (11:47:26 PM): KH
kbartz87 (11:47:26 PM): neon
TintedClear86 (11:47:27 PM): Ngamer
ManaSeJema (11:47:27 PM): priest of gix
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:28 PM): swift
ManaSeJema (11:47:29 PM)
: theosmurf
Moggthegob (11:47:29 PM): tom
kbartz87 (11:47:29 PM): dante
Moggthegob (11:47:30 PM): shm
wartank777 (11:47:30 PM): also we beat you naye
ManaSeJema (11:47:31 PM): smurf
Moggthegob (11:47:31 PM): shm
wartank777 (11:47:32 PM): lolol
Imaginator Suiko (11:47:32 PM): HeroicKrauss
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:32 PM): Pokemaniac Will
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:33 PM): red13n
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:34 PM)
: Samberdog
ManaSeJema (11:47:35 PM): tweeeeked
wartank777 (11:47:35 PM): i forgot to rub that in
SirSlugma (11:47:35 PM): columbus?
kbartz87 (11:47:36 PM): mcnagah
fett0001 (11:47:37 PM): herring
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:37 PM): andy
wartank777 (11:47:38 PM): no
Imaginator Suiko (11:47:40 PM): Although HeroicKrauss really is never wrong.
SirSlugma (11:47:40 PM): oh
glifer57 (11:47:40 PM): accel ACE
ManaSeJema (11:47:40 PM): rock
TintedClear86 (11:47:40 PM): koala
Im Ngamer (11:47:41 PM): starts with a....
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:42 PM): turn
wartank777 (11:47:43 PM)
: flyers/pens like a week ago
zea imo (11:47:43 PM): ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:43 PM): XxSabin FigaroxX
SirSlugma (11:47:45 PM): hockey?
Imaginator Suiko (11:47:45 PM): And is the classiest user on the board.
Ninkendo DSi (11:47:46 PM): ertyu
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:46 PM): turn
coolestbigmac (11:47:47 PM): anagram
Im Ngamer (11:47:48 PM): B
SirSlugma (11:47:49 PM)
: yeah we're kind of crap right now
xcarvengerx (11:47:49 PM): joyrock
woodwindwhrlwind (11:47:49 PM): XxSoulxX
wartank777 (11:47:50 PM): i haven't been on aim forever
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:47:51 PM): extha
fett0001 (11:47:52 PM)
: boko
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:52 PM): bturtle
Moggthegob (11:47:52 PM): bigpun
superangelo128 (11:47:52 PM): Bawlin
SirSlugma (11:47:53 PM): fleury has been garbage
ManaSeJema (11:47:54 PM): baubeta
foolmoron (11:47:55 PM): HINT*
glifer57 (11:47:55 PM): bsrage
Im Ngamer (11:47:56 PM): DP WINS!
Dpdiablo22 (11:47:57 PM)
HojuSimpsonX (11:47:59 PM): trutle
ManaSeJema (11:48:00 PM): bigpun
fett0001 (11:48:00 PM): niiice
HojuSimpsonX (11:48:01 PM): damnit
Im Ngamer (11:48:01 PM): it's Black Turtle
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:02 PM)
SirSlugma (11:48:02 PM): oh turtle lol
silver50n (11:48:06 PM): boko
(11:48:07 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
foolmoron (11:48:08 PM): black turtle would do it
Im Ngamer (11:48:10 PM): Dpdiablo22 (11:47:52 PM): bturtle
glifer57 (11:48:11 PM): he hasnt posted in like 3 years
wartank777 (11:48:12 PM): bob has been
glifer57 (11:48:13 PM): has he
(11:48:13 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
wartank777 (11:48:13 PM): SO GOOD
wartank777 (11:48:15 PM): SOOG OOD
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:17 PM): bturtle
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:17 PM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (11:48:19 PM): haha
(11:48:23 PM) Bullet Bill 0107 has left the room.
fett0001 (11:48:24 PM): it's been like a year and a half
cokes311 (11:48:24 PM): turtle more like douche
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:34 PM): he likes rush he is cool
cokes311 (11:48:44 PM): what if charles manson likes rush
cokes311 (11:48:47 PM): what then wigs
Im Ngamer (11:48:47 PM): HARD ONE
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:49 PM)
: oh
ManaSeJema (11:48:51 PM): Mana!
Dpdiablo22 (11:48:52 PM): wigs
superangelo128 (11:48:53 PM): dkdkd
TintedClear86 (11:48:54 PM): ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:54 PM): i would have to think
woodwindwhrlwind (11:48:58 PM): POKEMANIAC WILL
Im Ngamer (11:48:58 PM): He's also named after my favorite thing ever, Coke. I can go on any diet but can never lay off the stuff. Coke, Dr Pepper, Cherry Dr Pepper, Cherry Coke. Oh yes. ~Ulti
SirSlugma (11:48:59 PM)
: i actually thought turtle was a pretty smart, well-spoken guy
foolmoron (11:48:59 PM): ULTI
Imaginator Suiko (11:48:59 PM): WishMeLuck915
kbartz87 (11:49:00 PM): jsutin
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:01 PM): Cokes
ManaSeJema (11:49:01 PM): Coke
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:02 PM): cokes
glifer57 (11:49:02 PM): pepsi
kbartz87 (11:49:02 PM): cple
HojuSimpsonX (11:49:03 PM): cokes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:04 PM): YES
Im Ngamer (11:49:04 PM): WIGS WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:05 PM)
foolmoron (11:49:05 PM): COKES
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:07 PM): bastard
cokes311 (11:49:07 PM): >_>
glifer57 (11:49:07 PM): darn
(11:49:08 PM) Bullet Bill 0107 has entered the room.
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:11 PM): that one doesnt count
SirSlugma (11:49:12 PM): just kidding LOL
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:12 PM): Wigs has 4
fett0001 (11:49:13 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:49:13 PM): woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:01 PM): Cokes
glifer57 (11:49:13 PM): i was going for the mindgames
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:49:16 PM): what was it
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:49:18 PM)
: oh
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:19 PM)
: ill give you a halfpoint
kbartz87 (11:49:21 PM): that was a giveaway
fett0001 (11:49:30 PM): <3 cokes
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:33 PM): 3.5 wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:49:37 PM): I think he just called Cokes a nobody user.
ManaSeJema (11:49:37 PM): that was a fastest finger question
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:38 PM): noooo
foolmoron (11:49:45 PM): .
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:49:48 PM): or shortest lag
Im Ngamer (11:49:51 PM)
: He's one of the core AIM users- he just loves to socialize with the board and that's awesome. Ah X, he's always entertaining. I'm glad to say that I know the guy. ~Lockes
kbartz87 (11:49:52 PM): justin
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:54 PM): Wigs
ManaSeJema (11:49:54 PM): wigs
superangelo128 (11:49:55 PM): th3l3fty
kbartz87 (11:49:55 PM): ocon
fett0001 (11:49:55 PM): tom
Moggthegob (11:49:55 PM): cokes
Dpdiablo22 (11:49:56 PM): foolmo
ManaSeJema (11:49:56 PM): icehawk
glifer57 (11:49:56 PM): mana
Im Ngamer (11:49:57 PM): WIGS WINS!
kbartz87 (11:49:57 PM): zazi
SirSlugma (11:49:57 PM): me
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:49:59 PM): mer
woodwindwhrlwind (11:49:59 PM)
: lol
Im Ngamer (11:50:00 PM): with HIMSELF!
cokes311 (11:50:01 PM): haaaaa
fett0001 (11:50:01 PM): boko
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:50:02 PM): holy lag
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:04 PM)
: im so pro
Imaginator Suiko (11:50:06 PM): That's masturbation.
HojuSimpsonX (11:50:08 PM): hax
SirSlugma (11:50:08 PM): i just read
foolmoron (11:50:09 PM): WIGS SO CORE
TintedClear86 (11:50:09 PM): Hey, that's so cheating
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:10 PM): augh you got yourself
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:12 PM): thats another half point
SirSlugma (11:50:13 PM): "i'm glad to say i know the guy"
cokes311 (11:50:13 PM): team wigs is a good team to be on imo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:15 PM): hahaha
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:15 PM): im still beaitng you 5-4
SirSlugma (11:50:16 PM): and assumed it was me
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:20 PM): i have 5!
Im Ngamer (11:50:21 PM): 10 MINUTE WARNING
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:22 PM)
: 4
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:50:24 PM): i entered my answer right after the question was posted and it didn't show up until after ngamer said WiNNER
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:26 PM)
: >_>
cokes311 (11:50:27 PM): me, wigs, boko, et al
Ninkendo DSi (11:50:30 PM): POINTS WORTH DOUBLE
TintedClear86 (11:50:32 PM): I just figured out that maximzing my chat gives me more time to read
cokes311 (11:50:32 PM): for correct answers
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:35 PM): yeam wigs\
cokes311 (11:50:37 PM): yeam
SirSlugma (11:50:38 PM): huh
SirSlugma (11:50:40 PM): twewy gained
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:40 PM): yeammmm
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:44 PM): omg lisel genius
Im Ngamer (11:50:48 PM): Frequently he comes off as somebody with minimal social skills, as evidenced by his lashing out at people during mafia games. He strikes me as someone very sad, who honestly doesn't know how to react in many situations. ~Ed
fett0001 (11:50:49 PM): tom
kbartz87 (11:50:49 PM): justin
ManaSeJema (11:50:50 PM): MAna
glifer57 (11:50:54 PM): alec
kbartz87 (11:50:54 PM): albion
fett0001 (11:50:55 PM): rusty
woodwindwhrlwind (11:50:55 PM): KBM
Sparuscus (11:50:56 PM): chris
Im Ngamer (11:50:57 PM): no one...
glifer57 (11:50:58 PM)
: kguy
Dpdiablo22 (11:50:58 PM): wigs
kbartz87 (11:50:58 PM): palmer
fett0001 (11:50:58 PM): fett
TintedClear86 (11:50:59 PM): meow
cokes311 (11:50:59 PM): uh
Sparuscus (11:51:00 PM): reg
kbartz87 (11:51:01 PM): piman
foolmoron (11:51:01 PM): SPIRAL
SirSlugma (11:51:01 PM): kguy
zea imo (11:51:02 PM): ulti
Im Ngamer (11:51:03 PM): still no one...
wartank777 (11:51:04 PM): chris
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:51:05 PM): naye
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:05 PM)
TintedClear86 (11:51:06 PM): uhhh
ManaSeJema (11:51:07 PM): Mana's not correct? Really?
Dpdiablo22 (11:51:07 PM): ice
HojuSimpsonX (11:51:08 PM): joyrock
zea imo (11:51:08 PM): spiral
kbartz87 (11:51:09 PM): mwc
kbartz87 (11:51:12 PM): spehyg
kbartz87 (11:51:13 PM): smuffin
cokes311 (11:51:15 PM): board mafia...
Imaginator Suiko (11:51:15 PM): Ashe
SirSlugma (11:51:15 PM): hey i dont lash out at people
cokes311 (11:51:16 PM): hm
fett0001 (11:51:16 PM): alloy
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:18 PM): lol
kbartz87 (11:51:18 PM): anir
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:51:19 PM): red
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:20 PM)
: its nayte
zea imo (11:51:20 PM): SD
ManaSeJema (11:51:20 PM): JC
kbartz87 (11:51:20 PM): chris
cokes311 (11:51:21 PM): aeciooo
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:21 PM): naye
wartank777 (11:51:22 PM): naye
foolmoron (11:51:22 PM): if you're not playing on a minimum vertical height window, you're not a realy man
fett0001 (11:51:22 PM): chris
wartank777 (11:51:23 PM): naye
kbartz87 (11:51:23 PM): anagram
ManaSeJema (11:51:24 PM): DP
Dpdiablo22 (11:51:24 PM): ulti
Sparuscus (11:51:25 PM): biscuit
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:26 PM): >_>
Im Ngamer (11:51:26 PM): dang guys
ManaSeJema (11:51:27 PM): Spiral
TintedClear86 (11:51:28 PM): pxl
snowpork (11:51:30 PM): kraid
ManaSeJema (11:51:31 PM): Chris
Dpdiablo22 (11:51:32 PM): ryoko
ManaSeJema (11:51:32 PM): Red
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:33 PM): neon? >_>
Imaginator Suiko (11:51:34 PM): I don't know that many mafia players.
kbartz87 (11:51:36 PM): jp
glifer57 (11:51:36 PM): sir chris
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:51:37 PM): swift
ManaSeJema (11:51:38 PM)
: Wigs!
kbartz87 (11:51:39 PM): rusty
HojuSimpsonX (11:51:40 PM): ulti
kbartz87 (11:51:41 PM): crasty
Imaginator Suiko (11:51:41 PM): When are we going to do HeroicKrauss.
Moggthegob (11:51:42 PM): me
wartank777 (11:51:44 PM): mana
glifer57 (11:51:44 PM): ctes
superangelo128 (11:51:44 PM): Biolizard28
ManaSeJema (11:51:45 PM): lisel
cokes311 (11:51:46 PM): Blade/Meow
kbartz87 (11:51:46 PM): neon
Sparuscus (11:51:47 PM): dowolf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:47 PM): oh
wartank777 (11:51:48 PM): lisel
fett0001 (11:51:48 PM): letters
SirSlugma (11:51:48 PM): junglebob
wartank777 (11:51:49 PM): ffff
Dpdiablo22 (11:51:49 PM): menji
woodwindwhrlwind (11:51:49 PM): bio is a good guess
SirSlugma (11:51:50 PM): xfd biolizard
glifer57 (11:51:51 PM): stingers
kbartz87 (11:51:51 PM): topstorm
superangelo128 (11:51:52 PM): Bio
fett0001 (11:51:53 PM): fd
fett0001 (11:51:54 PM): ffd
ManaSeJema (11:51:55 PM): Mana
foolmoron (11:51:56 PM): bio is good yes
Moggthegob (11:51:56 PM): spiral
fett0001 (11:51:57 PM): luis
kbartz87 (11:51:57 PM): gotspork
Dpdiablo22 (11:51:59 PM): darkx
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:51:59 PM): i don't know who plays mafia, so i just say anyone
Im Ngamer (11:52:00 PM)
: superangelo128 (11:51:44 PM): Biolizard28
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:01 PM): uh
TintedClear86 (11:52:01 PM): The only mafia players I know are the ones who sometime invite me to random chats
wartank777 (11:52:01 PM): kbm
zea imo (11:52:01 PM): foolmo
ManaSeJema (11:52:02 PM): ngirl
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:02 PM): Joyrock
SirSlugma (11:52:02 PM): i seem to remember chris insulting him out of the mafia chat several times
Im Ngamer (11:52:03 PM): WINS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:04 PM)
: lol
Moggthegob (11:52:05 PM): ngirl
Sparuscus (11:52:05 PM): ulti
cokes311 (11:52:06 PM): damn.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:07 PM): yeah
Dpdiablo22 (11:52:09 PM): biolizard
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:10 PM): bio was it
ManaSeJema (11:52:12 PM): kbm?
Dpdiablo22 (11:52:12 PM): wigs
fett0001 (11:52:29 PM): yeah, he's a bad mafia player
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:31 PM): yeah
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:32 PM): lol
SirSlugma (11:52:36 PM): he's bad at a lot of things
SirSlugma (11:52:38 PM): i'd argue
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:38 PM): LOL
Im Ngamer (11:52:42 PM): If he didn't post so many topics, he could be an average poster, but he is just inescapable on the boards, you can rarely go into a topic without him chiming in, no matter how little he knows about the subject. Plus, he has cybered with several male B8ers, thats just weird. ~Icehawk
wartank777 (11:52:42 PM): bio?
Dpdiablo22 (11:52:45 PM): anagram
coolestbigmac (11:52:48 PM): anagram
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:48 PM): Lisel
TintedClear86 (11:52:48 PM): MWC
ManaSeJema (11:52:48 PM): Mana
fett0001 (11:52:49 PM): red
xcarvengerx (11:52:50 PM): albion
kbartz87 (11:52:50 PM): ukti''
Dpdiablo22 (11:52:50 PM): myc
Imaginator Suiko (11:52:51 PM): Albion
zea imo (11:52:52 PM): albion
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:52:52 PM): dsr
kbartz87 (11:52:53 PM)
: ulti
woodwindwhrlwind (11:52:53 PM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (11:52:53 PM): muffin
cokes311 (11:52:54 PM): yeah albion
Im Ngamer (11:52:54 PM): CARVEY WINS
glifer57 (11:52:54 PM)
: red
wartank777 (11:52:54 PM): starcow
Imaginator Suiko (11:53:00 PM): Also I've never cybered with anyone.
fett0001 (11:53:02 PM): ew
Imaginator Suiko (11:53:02 PM): Die wigs.
TintedClear86 (11:53:06 PM): XD
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:08 PM): <3
Im Ngamer (11:53:11 PM): xcarvengerx (11:52:50 PM): albion
foolmoron (11:53:11 PM): I remember starcow
SirSlugma (11:53:14 PM): i'd say albion was too much of an idiot to ever be an "average poster"
Dpdiablo22 (11:53:14 PM): wigs
fett0001 (11:53:15 PM): that's just weird
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:20 PM): guys
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:53:21 PM): totally thought it was dsr
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:22 PM)
: is alanna a guy
foolmoron (11:53:25 PM): yes
SirSlugma (11:53:26 PM): no
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:26 PM): if so i qualify
cokes311 (11:53:27 PM): albion still is too much an idiot
Imaginator Suiko (11:53:30 PM): lmao
SirSlugma (11:53:30 PM): tmi
Moggthegob (11:53:32 PM): your wife
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:33 PM): LOL
wartank777 (11:53:33 PM): starcow was alright until the whole LOOK AT MY BOYFRIEND AND I topic
Moggthegob (11:53:34 PM): you tell us
ManaSeJema (11:53:34 PM): you totally do
cokes311 (11:53:36 PM): lolwigs
wartank777 (11:53:37 PM): that was a trainwreck
wartank777 (11:53:41 PM): he was so weird looking
SirSlugma (11:53:42 PM): well yes cokes that is true
Im Ngamer (11:53:48 PM): I have no idea how somebody can be so angry, like, all the time over such trivial things. He takes the Smurf Vendetta Principle to new heights, holding grudges for years. He also has some of the worst arguments ever. ~Ed
kbartz87 (11:53:50 PM): justin
Dpdiablo22 (11:53:52 PM): muffin
ManaSeJema (11:53:52 PM): vlado
glifer57 (11:53:53 PM): ashe
Dpdiablo22 (11:53:53 PM): albion
fett0001 (11:53:53 PM): chris
foolmoron (11:53:53 PM): vlado
cokes311 (11:53:53 PM): swift
TintedClear86 (11:53:54 PM): Vlado
Dpdiablo22 (11:53:54 PM): mwc
wartank777 (11:53:55 PM): mwc
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:53:56 PM): swift
zea imo (11:53:56 PM)
: mwc
kbartz87 (11:53:57 PM): smiffin
ManaSeJema (11:53:58 PM): seph
Im Ngamer (11:53:58 PM): no one yet
woodwindwhrlwind (11:53:58 PM)
: V-L-A-D-O
wartank777 (11:53:58 PM): sephg
superangelo128 (11:53:58 PM): XIII_Rocks
silver50n (11:53:59 PM): smuffin
foolmoron (11:53:59 PM): ulti
SirSlugma (11:54:01 PM): naye
kbartz87 (11:54:01 PM): sephy
glifer57 (11:54:01 PM): ctes
cokes311 (11:54:01 PM): ganonness
wartank777 (11:54:03 PM): uhh
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:54:03 PM): extha
Im Ngamer (11:54:03 PM)
SirSlugma (11:54:04 PM)
: just kidding
wartank777 (11:54:04 PM): smurf
fett0001 (11:54:05 PM): hgr
ManaSeJema (11:54:05 PM): chris
HojuSimpsonX (11:54:06 PM): sephyg
Dpdiablo22 (11:54:11 PM): wigs
Im Ngamer (11:54:12 PM): superangelo128 (11:53:58 PM): XIII_Rocks
Moggthegob (11:54:12 PM): muffin
cokes311 (11:54:12 PM): oh. xiii. what a penisface.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:54:13 PM): oh XIII xfd
wartank777 (11:54:16 PM): naye wanna play mafia
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:54:18 PM): lol
SirSlugma (11:54:21 PM)
: not particularly
wartank777 (11:54:25 PM): i just washed my blanket
Dpdiablo22 (11:54:25 PM): ertyu
wartank777 (11:54:27 PM): smells so good
woodwindwhrlwind (11:54:33 PM): ngamer
SirSlugma (11:54:35 PM): warning how much does fm11 cost
wartank777 (11:54:37 PM): i love fabric softner
wartank777 (11:54:39 PM): 40
wartank777 (11:54:40 PM): ?
SirSlugma (11:54:42 PM): hmm
woodwindwhrlwind (11:54:43 PM): $fm11
Im Ngamer (11:54:44 PM): X is totally lame and sometimes pathetic but in my opinion usually in a fun way so it's an "XD what a dork" kind of situation when I read his posts. I do believe though that he is a douchebag and little explanation is needed for this. ~Smurf
Imaginator Suiko (11:54:45 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
kbartz87 (11:54:45 PM): justin
wartank777 (11:54:46 PM): idk you can get it off steam
ManaSeJema (11:54:47 PM): Mana
SirSlugma (11:54:47 PM): i wonder if it would run well on my comp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:54:49 PM): darkx
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:54:49 PM): Maplejet
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:54:51 PM): swift
ManaSeJema (11:54:51 PM)
: Albion
Dpdiablo22 (11:54:51 PM): luster
ManaSeJema (11:54:52 PM): MWC
TintedClear86 (11:54:52 PM): Anagram
glifer57 (11:54:52 PM): ctes
Dpdiablo22 (11:54:53 PM): palmer
Im Ngamer (11:54:53 PM): no one yet...
fett0001 (11:54:54 PM): chris
ManaSeJema (11:54:54 PM): SephG
foolmoron (11:54:54 PM): GMUN
Imaginator Suiko (11:54:54 PM): Turn
kbartz87 (11:54:56 PM): mwc
ManaSeJema (11:54:56 PM): Chris
HojuSimpsonX (11:54:57 PM): anagram
TintedClear86 (11:54:57 PM): Bigpun
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:54:58 PM): ANDY
Dpdiablo22 (11:54:58 PM)
: wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:54:58 PM): IMAP
kbartz87 (11:54:59 PM): tom
cokes311 (11:54:59 PM): swift
wartank777 (11:55:00 PM): i kinda want to but i have civ5
Im Ngamer (11:55:01 PM): still no one
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:55:01 PM): TimJab
wartank777 (11:55:02 PM): wc
ManaSeJema (11:55:02 PM): xcarv
fett0001 (11:55:02 PM): lol tom
TintedClear86 (11:55:03 PM): Smurf
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:04 PM): S t Y x
ManaSeJema (11:55:06 PM): Turn
SirSlugma (11:55:07 PM): mwc
foolmoron (11:55:08 PM): agesboy
ManaSeJema (11:55:08 PM): Andy
kbartz87 (11:55:09 PM): darkx
fett0001 (11:55:09 PM): bartz
Im Ngamer (11:55:10 PM): hmmmmmm
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:10 PM)
: Pokemaniac Will
cokes311 (11:55:11 PM): ohfennsiv
kbartz87 (11:55:12 PM): mega
ManaSeJema (11:55:12 PM): Theo
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:55:13 PM): Pizza
wartank777 (11:55:14 PM): STRAPHAX or whatever
kbartz87 (11:55:14 PM): sep
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:14 PM): Topaz Kitsune
TintedClear86 (11:55:15 PM): Tai
ManaSeJema (11:55:15 PM): Tranny
superangelo128 (11:55:16 PM): andy
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:55:17 PM): REX
fett0001 (11:55:17 PM)
: aga
kbartz87 (11:55:18 PM): bio
Im Ngamer (11:55:18 PM): starts with a....
cokes311 (11:55:19 PM): Rei
foolmoron (11:55:19 PM): clover meadow
kbartz87 (11:55:21 PM): palmer
Dpdiablo22 (11:55:22 PM): sephg
ManaSeJema (11:55:22 PM): SBacon
kbartz87 (11:55:23 PM): anagram
SirSlugma (11:55:25 PM): BEth stardust
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:25 PM): CJayC
cokes311 (11:55:27 PM): Tenko
kbartz87 (11:55:27 PM): ffd
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:27 PM): LOL nate
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:28 PM): naye
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:55:29 PM): RED
Im Ngamer (11:55:30 PM)
: wait no, this guy is a
kbartz87 (11:55:32 PM): ulti
Dpdiablo22 (11:55:36 PM): wigs
Im Ngamer (11:55:36 PM): KEYBOARD WARRIOR
zea imo (11:55:39 PM): curt
Imaginator Suiko (11:55:39 PM): Curt
Dpdiablo22 (11:55:39 PM): ertyu
ManaSeJema (11:55:39 PM): ..
wartank777 (11:55:40 PM): curt
kbartz87 (11:55:40 PM): ertyu
Imaginator Suiko (11:55:44 PM): Same time guess.
ManaSeJema (11:55:45 PM): No Dice
kbartz87 (11:55:45 PM): amri
woodwindwhrlwind (11:55:46 PM): Mega Mana
wartank777 (11:55:47 PM): darn
SirSlugma (11:55:47 PM): twewy up by 65 now
foolmoron (11:55:48 PM): kur~t
SirSlugma (11:55:48 PM): wtf cheating
wartank777 (11:55:49 PM): lag!
Im Ngamer (11:55:49 PM): zea imo (11:55:39 PM): curt
cokes311 (11:55:55 PM): curt is just an ass
Imaginator Suiko (11:55:56 PM): We guessed at the same time.
SirSlugma (11:55:57 PM): ed bellis
cokes311 (11:56:01 PM): that's really all there is to it
ManaSeJema (11:56:03 PM): No Deuce
zea imo (11:56:04 PM): lisel this has happened like ten times
(11:56:04 PM) ryansaotome has left the room.
zea imo (11:56:08 PM): NGamer64 doesn't care
ManaSeJema (11:56:08 PM): Luster!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:11 PM): ...when was Albion here?
(11:56:12 PM) Sparuscus has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:13 PM): <_<
angryaeisia16 (11:56:14 PM): Shut the fuck up Donny
SirSlugma (11:56:14 PM)
: hahaha luster.
wartank777 (11:56:16 PM): >>
(11:56:19 PM) Sparuscus has entered the room.
Imaginator Suiko (11:56:19 PM): So much integrity going on in this contest.
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:21 PM): heh i noticed him in the list like 5 minutes ago
cokes311 (11:56:22 PM): haha albion was in here
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:56:22 PM): DONNY, PLEASE
SirSlugma (11:56:24 PM)
: i feel bad for insulting albion
SirSlugma (11:56:26 PM): to his face
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:56:27 PM): I have no idea Wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:28 PM): lol
zea imo (11:56:30 PM): imagine if LordEmbok did this instead
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:31 PM): no you don't naye.
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:31 PM): who cares
wartank777 (11:56:32 PM): go apologize
SirSlugma (11:56:34 PM): of course i dont
wartank777 (11:56:34 PM): for all of us
SirSlugma (11:56:34 PM): lol
Im Ngamer (11:56:36 PM): X reminds me of Sucre in Prison Break down to every last detail. All brawn, no brain who digs himself into ridiculously hilarious situations but has such good intentions you can't help but love him! Or to be more flattering Cliff Fittr in Star Ocean 3. ~Smurf
fett0001 (11:56:36 PM): ashe
kbartz87 (11:56:37 PM): justin
ManaSeJema (11:56:37 PM): Horatio
ManaSeJema (11:56:40 PM): WVI
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:41 PM): vlado
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:56:41 PM): SWIFT
TintedClear86 (11:56:42 PM)
: Heroic Kraus
kbartz87 (11:56:42 PM): palmer
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:43 PM): wigs
wartank777 (11:56:44 PM): umm
kbartz87 (11:56:44 PM): extha
cokes311 (11:56:45 PM): palmer
Im Ngamer (11:56:45 PM): no one yet...
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:45 PM)
: dp
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:46 PM): Ed Bellis
Ninkendo DSi (11:56:47 PM): PUN
superangelo128 (11:56:48 PM): BIGPUN999
kbartz87 (11:56:48 PM): anagram
wartank777 (11:56:48 PM): pun?
zea imo (11:56:49 PM): swift
woodwindwhrlwind (11:56:49 PM): NGamer
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:50 PM): palmer
Dpdiablo22 (11:56:51 PM): luster
Im Ngamer (11:56:51 PM): WINNER!
ManaSeJema (11:56:51 PM): SephG
SirSlugma (11:56:56 PM): bigpun
foolmoron (11:56:59 PM): what is albion's aim?
Im Ngamer (11:57:00 PM): Ninkendo DSi (11:56:47 PM): PUN
cokes311 (11:57:03 PM): damn.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:57:04 PM): AWH
wartank777 (11:57:04 PM)
: oh shit fuck you shine
Im Ngamer (11:57:05 PM): nice work!
SirSlugma (11:57:06 PM)
: was this sucre character a mexican
woodwindwhrlwind (11:57:06 PM): SHiiine
cokes311 (11:57:07 PM): i knew it was one of them.
wartank777 (11:57:08 PM): i didn'ts ee your post
woodwindwhrlwind (11:57:10 PM): lol
wartank777 (11:57:10 PM): ffff
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:57:12 PM): HIW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT
TintedClear86 (11:57:13 PM)
: albion = Ryan Sotome or something
HojuSimpsonX (11:57:13 PM): yes
TintedClear86 (11:57:14 PM): I think
SirSlugma (11:57:14 PM): that really wouldnt shock me
HojuSimpsonX (11:57:18 PM): Sucre is latino
wartank777 (11:57:18 PM): i was making sure he wasn't here first
Ninkendo DSi (11:57:19 PM): I know my punny
woodwindwhrlwind (11:57:19 PM): naye i just laughed
Imaginator Suiko (11:57:20 PM): Ryan Saotome
zea imo (11:57:21 PM): all brawn and no brains
SirSlugma (11:57:21 PM): yeah
zea imo (11:57:23 PM): how manly
SirSlugma (11:57:26 PM): expected that
ManaSeJema (11:57:28 PM): SECRETARIAT!
HojuSimpsonX (11:57:28 PM): he was a bro though
Dpdiablo22 (11:57:34 PM): wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (11:57:38 PM): STA
wartank777 (11:57:41 PM): my dogs are cooler than your dogs
xcarvengerx (11:57:42 PM): wogz
Dpdiablo22 (11:57:44 PM): vlado
Im Ngamer (11:57:45 PM): X's like a helpcase sponge in that he soaks up the assitance and sympathy, never giving it back out again. In what was a rough summer I attempted to confide in a friend and got memes thrown back at me. Yeah, that's a great way of handling someone at breaking point X. ~Smurf
Imaginator Suiko (11:57:46 PM)
: WiggumFan
fett0001 (11:57:46 PM): tom
kbartz87 (11:57:47 PM): justin
ManaSeJema (11:57:50 PM): Wigs
Dpdiablo22 (11:57:51 PM): palmer
ManaSeJema (11:57:51 PM): Mana
kbartz87 (11:57:52 PM): wifg
Imaginator Suiko (11:57:53 PM): HeroicKrauss
foolmoron (11:57:54 PM): GMUN
kbartz87 (11:57:54 PM): mega
Imaginator Suiko (11:57:55 PM): OH WAIT
Im Ngamer (11:57:57 PM): FOOL WINS!
Imaginator Suiko (11:57:58 PM)
woodwindwhrlwind (11:57:58 PM): darkx
wartank777 (11:57:58 PM): lisel
ManaSeJema (11:57:58 PM): Curt
Im Ngamer (11:58:00 PM): GMUN!
xcarvengerx (11:58:00 PM): pikaness
Dpdiablo22 (11:58:01 PM): meis
Imaginator Suiko (11:58:03 PM): Damn.
SirSlugma (11:58:05 PM): hahahaha
Im Ngamer (11:58:08 PM): foolmoron (11:57:54 PM): GMUN
foolmoron (11:58:08 PM): really that was GMUN?
foolmoron (11:58:12 PM): cool
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:13 PM): wait
SirSlugma (11:58:13 PM): for some reason that was funny to me
kbartz87 (11:58:15 PM): im out of this now =/
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:15 PM): smurf has X twice
wartank777 (11:58:16 PM): i knew it was gmun
(11:58:20 PM) silver50n has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:23 PM): "at breaking point GMUN"
SirSlugma (11:58:26 PM): yes
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:29 PM): i hate being at breaking point GMUN
wartank777 (11:58:29 PM): saw foolmo post it by the time i saw the quote
cokes311 (11:58:30 PM): , GMUN
foolmoron (11:58:32 PM): "soaks up sympathy" led me to GMUN
Im Ngamer (11:58:34 PM): ONLY 2 REMAIN
Dpdiablo22 (11:58:37 PM)
: wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:58:38 PM): True.
(11:58:38 PM) angryaeisia16 has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:58:38 PM): NOOOOO
wartank777 (11:58:39 PM)
: :-(
SirSlugma (11:58:40 PM): i think im going to win still
ManaSeJema (11:58:40 PM): Mana and Naye!
ManaSeJema (11:58:44 PM): Drak and StingerS!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:44 PM): DONT FORGET MY POINT NGAMER GRRR
ManaSeJema (11:58:48 PM): GINGERBEE AND KASBO
Im Ngamer (11:58:49 PM): X speaks his mind, he's not associated with any group or any users here. He's an individual in every sense of the word. He doesn't try to be sarcastic, he doesn't try to be insulting, he doesn't try to flatter he just speaks his mind and that's a surprisingly rare thing around here. ~Smurf
Imaginator Suiko (11:58:50 PM)
: HeroicKrauss
fett0001 (11:58:50 PM): tom
kbartz87 (11:58:50 PM): justin
foolmoron (11:58:53 PM): foolmo
Dpdiablo22 (11:58:53 PM): dp
SirSlugma (11:58:54 PM): edouble
woodwindwhrlwind (11:58:54 PM): Tom
ManaSeJema (11:58:55 PM): Carv
TintedClear86 (11:58:55 PM): SD
zea imo (11:58:55 PM): fetus
cokes311 (11:58:56 PM): newbie
TintedClear86 (11:58:56 PM): Tom
Imaginator Suiko (11:58:56 PM): Lisel
wartank777 (11:58:57 PM): ashe
ManaSeJema (11:58:58 PM): Drak
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:58:58 PM): RAMMTAY
Dpdiablo22 (11:58:59 PM)
: luster
kbartz87 (11:59:00 PM): ngamer
Ninkendo DSi (11:59:01 PM): shine
Im Ngamer (11:59:01 PM): LISEL WINS!
ManaSeJema (11:59:01 PM): Theo
kbartz87 (11:59:02 PM): leon
Bullet Bill 0107 (11:59:02 PM): joyrock
Im Ngamer (11:59:03 PM): WITH HIMSELF!
SirSlugma (11:59:05 PM)
: oh
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:06 PM): Lol
superangelo128 (11:59:07 PM): amazing
wartank777 (11:59:07 PM): good job lisel
fett0001 (11:59:07 PM): XD
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:10 PM): half poitn
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:10 PM): more self-pleasuring
Wandering Ermine (11:59:12 PM): Sup
TintedClear86 (11:59:13 PM): the hell
Imaginator Suiko (11:59:13 PM): Aw yeah.
Im Ngamer (11:59:13 PM): Imaginator Suiko (11:58:56 PM): Lisel
Imaginator Suiko (11:59:15 PM): fuck that's hot
ManaSeJema (11:59:19 PM): NO PRITCHARD NOOOO
HojuSimpsonX (11:59:20 PM): masterbating is my job pal
Im Ngamer (11:59:27 PM): last chance!
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:28 PM)
: oh ermine
fett0001 (11:59:29 PM): all these new people that I don't know
Wandering Ermine (11:59:31 PM): lol
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:32 PM): we made fun of you already
SirSlugma (11:59:32 PM): and me
TintedClear86 (11:59:34 PM): Ermine
Wandering Ermine (11:59:37 PM): >=(
foolmoron (11:59:38 PM): LAST ONE
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:40 PM): wigs
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:41 PM): mwis
SirSlugma (11:59:42 PM): ermine 0/10
foolmoron (11:59:42 PM): it HAS to be me
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:44 PM): lol
kbartz87 (11:59:45 PM): bartz
cokes311 (11:59:47 PM): ermine has sex with ferrets. that's the word on the street.
Wandering Ermine (11:59:47 PM): Ermine awesome/10
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:50 PM): AT
TintedClear86 (11:59:51 PM): Ngamer
Im Ngamer (11:59:52 PM): X is just impossible to dislike honestly. I feel like I could understand to some extent why almost any user on this board is disliked, except for him. He is normal, isn't into lolicon or whatever. ~Icehawk
fett0001 (11:59:52 PM): tom
woodwindwhrlwind (11:59:53 PM): NGamer
xcarvengerx (11:59:53 PM): ngamer
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:54 PM): AT
wartank777 (11:59:54 PM): naye
SirSlugma (11:59:55 PM): naye
ManaSeJema (11:59:56 PM): Mana
EdwardTheGreat86 (11:59:57 PM): DIGI
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:57 PM)
: wigs
Imaginator Suiko (11:59:58 PM): HeroicKrauss
TintedClear86 (11:59:58 PM): Santa
glifer57 (11:59:58 PM): ctes
Dpdiablo22 (11:59:58 PM): dp
coolestbigmac (11:59:58 PM): tom
wartank777 (12:00:00 AM): owned naye owned
foolmoron (12:00:00 AM): foolmo
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:00:00 AM): Anri
ManaSeJema (12:00:01 AM): Omega
fett0001 (12:00:02 AM): tom
kbartz87 (12:00:02 AM): bartzermine
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:00:03 AM): FETUS
ManaSeJema (12:00:03 AM)
Imaginator Suiko (12:00:04 AM): Silver_Ermine
zea imo (12:00:04 AM): albion
TintedClear86 (12:00:05 AM): AKJ
wartank777 (12:00:05 AM): hawk
woodwindwhrlwind (12:00:06 AM): Ulti
SirSlugma (12:00:06 AM): thats definitely me
Imaginator Suiko (12:00:06 AM): GANON1025
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:00:07 AM): neon
Moggthegob (12:00:08 AM): carvey
zea imo (12:00:09 AM): extha
ManaSeJema (12:00:09 AM): Ed Bellis
Imaginator Suiko (12:00:10 AM): tcaz2
xcarvengerx (12:00:10 AM): me
cokes311 (12:00:10 AM): this could be anyone
Dpdiablo22 (12:00:11 AM): ngamer
woodwindwhrlwind (12:00:11 AM): ExTha
superangelo128 (12:00:11 AM): ShadowHalo
Imaginator Suiko (12:00:11 AM): Lady Ashe
Dpdiablo22 (12:00:12 AM): creative
ManaSeJema (12:00:12 AM): Tranny
kbartz87 (12:00:13 AM): jsutin
Im Ngamer (12:00:13 AM): MOGG WINS!
fett0001 (12:00:13 AM): still tom
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:00:14 AM): Kuge
ManaSeJema (12:00:14 AM): Horatio
zea imo (12:00:15 AM): neon
Ninkendo DSi (12:00:16 AM): neon
Moggthegob (12:00:18 AM): carvey
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:00:18 AM): CTES
Im Ngamer (12:00:18 AM)
HojuSimpsonX (12:00:19 AM): tranny
xcarvengerx (12:00:21 AM): darn lag >_>
glifer57 (12:00:25 AM): how were there no ctes at all
Moggthegob (12:00:25 AM): yesss
ManaSeJema (12:00:25 AM): the one time
glifer57 (12:00:27 AM): that makes me mad
HojuSimpsonX (12:00:28 AM): lol lag ended just there
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:00:29 AM): jesus lag
Im Ngamer (12:00:29 AM)
: Moggthegob (12:00:08 AM): carvey
wartank777 (12:00:30 AM): naye i thought it was you
Moggthegob (12:00:31 AM): Throughthe lag andeverything
Imaginator Suiko (12:00:31 AM): How was there no HeroicKrauss
ManaSeJema (12:00:32 AM): No pxlated either
(12:00:33 AM) angryaeisia16 has entered the room.
cokes311 (12:00:33 AM): carvey is impossible to dislike
foolmoron (12:00:33 AM): ctes loves lolicon
wartank777 (12:00:34 AM): :-(
SirSlugma (12:00:35 AM): dont worry it was me
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:00:35 AM): i said ctes
wartank777 (12:00:36 AM)
: poor buddy
Dpdiablo22 (12:00:38 AM): whoo wigs i beat you 5-4.9
TintedClear86 (12:00:38 AM): thats edwards
cokes311 (12:00:39 AM): because he's just there
zea imo (12:00:39 AM): what a shitty contest
SirSlugma (12:00:40 AM): it was just edited
Im Ngamer (12:00:40 AM): great work everyone!
woodwindwhrlwind (12:00:41 AM)
: NO
SirSlugma (12:00:42 AM): for time
glifer57 (12:00:44 AM): ctes should've been at least 3 of those
Moggthegob (12:00:46 AM): I am a champ
kbartz87 (12:00:48 AM): wait standings
foolmoron (12:00:52 AM): really disappointing contest
ManaSeJema (12:00:53 AM): No Stingers or Mana
wartank777 (12:00:53 AM): i missed the beginning
wartank777 (12:00:56 AM): what game is this
glifer57 (12:00:57 AM): i know mana
foolmoron (12:00:58 AM): no foolmo writeup
glifer57 (12:00:59 AM): so depressing =[
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:00 AM): I guessed Mana!
glifer57 (12:01:02 AM): but ulti was in there twice
glifer57 (12:01:05 AM): i call bias
fett0001 (12:01:05 AM): noone dislikes tom. someone might dislike carvey
ManaSeJema (12:01:05 AM): NO DRAK!
Dpdiablo22 (12:01:06 AM): no dp
Imaginator Suiko (12:01:09 AM): The best part was how NGamer64 kept messing up and there was nothing we could do about it.
zea imo (12:01:09 AM): this is literally the worst thing in board 8 history
fett0001 (12:01:09 AM): hmph
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:09 AM): no dp
Dpdiablo22 (12:01:10 AM): no one cares
ManaSeJema (12:01:11 AM): NO WANG
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:16 AM): dp was guessed every answer
glifer57 (12:01:17 AM): DON'T WORRY NGAMER
glifer57 (12:01:18 AM): I HAD FUN
ManaSeJema (12:01:19 AM): No shit sherlock
Imaginator Suiko (12:01:20 AM): Except continue to heckle his poor judgement.
Dpdiablo22 (12:01:20 AM): i dont do anything anymore anyway
cokes311 (12:01:21 AM): jesus
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:25 AM): Dp
cokes311 (12:01:26 AM): kevin love 23 pts 24 reb
zea imo (12:01:28 AM): I had the opposite of fun
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:29 AM): do Battle Royale
SirSlugma (12:01:29 AM): man i wish i had been paying more attention and didnt pick tony hawk 2
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:30 AM): Part 3
TintedClear86 (12:01:31 AM): The winner is all of us, as long as we agree Ngamer is the loser.
ManaSeJema (12:01:31 AM): Had tons of fun though!
HojuSimpsonX (12:01:34 AM): worst was Everyone going up in arms agianst Bidoof
HojuSimpsonX (12:01:35 AM): jerks
Sparuscus (12:01:40 AM): 23/24 god damn
foolmoron (12:01:45 AM): yes chronop
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:01:49 AM): I hear you Chrono
SirSlugma (12:01:49 AM): bench kevin love
Im Ngamer (12:01:50 AM): Zazi, let's hear those 100% accurate scores
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:01:51 AM): You think that's bad, i have DMC going to round three
SirSlugma (12:01:53 AM)
: he's getting too many minutes
cokes311 (12:01:54 AM): 11 of those reb were offensive
Imaginator Suiko (12:01:57 AM): I've had more fun conversations with SantaRPG.
woodwindwhrlwind (12:01:58 AM): ZAZI
Imaginator Suiko (12:02:00 AM): Think about that for a minute.
zea imo (12:02:00 AM): XFD
superangelo128 (12:02:03 AM): hahaah
Trenchant Zephyr (12:02:07 AM): How do you turn off the message noise?
HojuSimpsonX (12:02:07 AM): we getting a total standings?
cokes311 (12:02:08 AM): and it was against the lakers
foolmoron (12:02:19 AM): you don't trench
SirSlugma (12:02:23 AM): #freekevinlove
foolmoron (12:02:24 AM): it envelops you
snowpork (12:02:25 AM): hold on a sec
(12:02:27 AM) ryansaotome has entered the room.
Dpdiablo22 (12:02:27 AM): wigs
snowpork (12:02:28 AM): doing some ordering
woodwindwhrlwind (12:02:40 AM): who had 0
woodwindwhrlwind (12:02:46 AM): naye had 0
woodwindwhrlwind (12:02:47 AM): lol
Dpdiablo22 (12:02:53 AM): point and laugh
Imaginator Suiko (12:02:54 AM): I know I had at least 2.
wartank777 (12:02:54 AM): hi alibinon
SirSlugma (12:02:59 AM): i had 1
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:02:59 AM): You to menu, then settings, then sound
cokes311 (12:03:00 AM): in other news, how 'bout them HEat
Imaginator Suiko (12:03:01 AM): Maybe more if Zazi gave me the points I didn't earn.
Ninkendo DSi (12:03:05 AM): I had 8
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:05 AM): oh
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:07 AM): who;d you get
SirSlugma (12:03:08 AM): i gave it to myself because i should have been the answer
wartank777 (12:03:08 AM): on the behalf of b8chat, sorry for making fun of you to your face
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:03:09 AM): i had 0
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:10 AM)
: oh
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:10 AM): lol
wartank777 (12:03:14 AM): we didn't realize you were here
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:17 AM): *pumps*
Bullet Bill 0107 (12:03:18 AM): Chat and IM sounds should be listed somewhere
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:20 AM): *pumps*
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:21 AM): *pumps*
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:22 AM): *pumps*
SirSlugma (12:03:23 AM): i'm not
Dpdiablo22 (12:03:24 AM): *jump*
Wandering Ermine (12:03:28 AM): Yahoo
TintedClear86 (12:03:32 AM): Googlle
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:33 AM): *flurry*
angryaeisia16 (12:03:35 AM): HAI WIGS
Sparuscus (12:03:36 AM)
: .......
Dpdiablo22 (12:03:37 AM): *kiss*
SirSlugma (12:03:37 AM): i'll insult anyone who sucks to their face, hey ermine
angryaeisia16 (12:03:40 AM): ##NL FOR WIGS
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:41 AM)
: *flex*
Sparuscus (12:03:42 AM): PAUL MILSAP had 49 points?
Imaginator Suiko (12:03:42 AM): Silver_Ermine
Sparuscus (12:03:44 AM): err
Sparuscus (12:03:45 AM): 46
Dpdiablo22 (12:03:45 AM): *YES*
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:46 AM): *YESSSSSS*
Wandering Ermine (12:03:46 AM): FFFFFFFFFFF NAYE I LOE YOU
Sparuscus (12:03:47 AM): but what the fuck ever
Dpdiablo22 (12:03:48 AM): haha
Wandering Ermine (12:03:48 AM): LOVE*
foolmoron (12:03:48 AM): where are the standings
woodwindwhrlwind (12:03:49 AM): LOE
foolmoron (12:03:51 AM): I had 2 points
(12:03:52 AM) snowpork has left the room.
SirSlugma (12:03:52 AM): pall millsap was so good
zea imo (12:03:53 AM): bonetail_basher
Wandering Ermine (12:03:54 AM): Hello Suiko?
TintedClear86 (12:03:56 AM): I had 3 points
SirSlugma (12:03:57 AM): paul
SirSlugma (12:03:58 AM): xfd
SirSlugma (12:04:03 AM): jazz were down by 8
SirSlugma (12:04:06 AM): and hit four consecutive 3s
HojuSimpsonX (12:04:08 AM): I get like 5 posts before I get one due to lag just now <<
woodwindwhrlwind (12:04:08 AM): lol
SirSlugma (12:04:13 AM): then a buzzer-beater 2 from millsap
cokes311 (12:04:14 AM): millsap had the most ridiculous statline ever
SirSlugma (12:04:15 AM): to get to ot
SirSlugma (12:04:18 AM): fucking awesome
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:04:21 AM): only 5 posts
Sparuscus (12:04:26 AM)
: 19 for 28 shooting holy shit
cokes311 (12:04:30 AM): 19-28 from the field
HojuSimpsonX (12:04:32 AM): at 1 point like 20
coolestbigmac (12:04:34 AM): Millasp had 3 threes
SirSlugma (12:04:36 AM): i just wish we still had korver
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:04:36 AM): some of mine were at least 10, but i had all the answers wrong anyways
sharp spoons (12:04:37 AM)
: wooo
sharp spoons (12:04:43 AM): i am god damn smashed
cokes311 (12:04:48 AM): with 9 boards too
Dpdiablo22 (12:04:49 AM): whoo
sharp spoons (12:04:49 AM): happy years folks
(12:04:54 AM) Bullet Bill 0107 has left the room.
(12:04:55 AM) snowpork has entered the room.
coolestbigmac (12:04:57 AM): i though i heard he had 2 in his career before tonight
HojuSimpsonX (12:04:58 AM): its november
snowpork (12:05:00 AM): you assholes broke my aim
sharp spoons (12:05:03 AM): wait, wtf is all these peple here
foolmoron (12:05:04 AM): happy birthday to whomever
woodwindwhrlwind (12:05:07 AM): lockes
woodwindwhrlwind (12:05:10 AM): you were an answer!
Sparuscus (12:05:11 AM): lebron 5 for 18 LMAO
HojuSimpsonX (12:05:12 AM): I barely talked fooker
wartank777 (12:05:16 AM): wait naye
sharp spoons (12:05:18 AM): how was i an answer
foolmoron (12:05:18 AM): lockes you just missed guess the B8er
wartank777 (12:05:19 AM): why are you a jazz fan
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:05:21 AM): which one's lockes
Trenchant Zephyr (12:05:22 AM)
: See ya guys.
wartank777 (12:05:24 AM): you live in pittsburgh
Trenchant Zephyr (12:05:25 AM): I'm out.
cokes311 (12:05:28 AM): the best thing is that Wade is on my fantasy team
cokes311 (12:05:30 AM): and the heat lost
SirSlugma (12:05:31 AM): i have no reason other than there is no nba team
foolmoron (12:05:33 AM): Lockes was the super chill guy that icehawk wanted to have a beer with
sharp spoons (12:05:34 AM): god damnit
(12:05:34 AM) Trenchant Zephyr has left the room.
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:05:35 AM): i guessed lockes for every answer except the one he was the actual answer
SirSlugma (12:05:35 AM)
: so i rooted for them as a kid
Moggthegob (12:05:38 AM): well
sharp spoons (12:05:41 AM): i missed guesst aht user
wartank777 (12:05:44 AM): adopt the sixes or cavs or pistons or something
Moggthegob (12:05:44 AM): thia was an exercise in masterbation
SirSlugma (12:05:47 AM): ew
wartank777 (12:05:48 AM): wizards?
SirSlugma (12:05:48 AM): no
sharp spoons (12:05:50 AM): did anyone get it rigfht
TintedClear86 (12:05:54 AM): I did
SirSlugma (12:05:57 AM): i root for the jazz
snowpork (12:05:59 AM): Name That B8erZea – 8Dp – 5Wigs – 4Lisel – 4
Dpdiablo22 (12:06:04 AM): omg
Imaginator Suiko (12:06:05 AM): What a champion.
SirSlugma (12:06:05 AM): but i wont hesitate to hop on a bandwagon for a player i like a lot
snowpork (12:06:08 AM): TintedClear – 3Regaroukiera – 3Kbartz – 3Carvey – 3Angelo – 3
zea imo (12:06:08 AM): lmao
wartank777 (12:06:10 AM): durant?
TintedClear86 (12:06:14 AM): wtf zea
SirSlugma (12:06:14 AM): yeah i do like okc
Imaginator Suiko (12:06:14 AM): 4 points, cheated my way to the top.
superangelo128 (12:06:17 AM): ya go my BroAndChar
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:17 AM): NO
SirSlugma (12:06:18 AM): i root for the spurs for blair
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:18 AM): ZAZI
snowpork (12:06:18 AM): Cokes – 2Moogs – 2Foolmo – 2Stingers – 2Hojusimpsonx – 1
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:20 AM): I HAD 4
Imaginator Suiko (12:06:20 AM): Kaiba would be proud.
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:20 AM): 5
kbartz87 (12:06:21 AM): ah yeaah tied for fifth
snowpork (12:06:21 AM): HLD ON WIGS
wartank777 (12:06:22 AM): naye where you hear from the beginning of name that user
zea imo (12:06:22 AM): *Batista bombs NGamer64*
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:23 AM): HAX
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:24 AM): HAXxxx
zea imo (12:06:25 AM): later nobodies
(12:06:27 AM) zea imo has left the room.
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:27 AM): D:
SirSlugma (12:06:27 AM): and i liked the cavs when they had lebron
superangelo128 (12:06:29 AM): speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh
snowpork (12:06:35 AM): Fett – 1Sparuscus – 1Ninkendo dsi – 1Ed bellis – 1
Ninkendo DSi (12:06:37 AM): SHINEbest
TintedClear86 (12:06:37 AM): Heart of the Cards?
SirSlugma (12:06:38 AM): i was "here" but not paying attention
superangelo128 (12:06:38 AM): I used the Wiki for the last two I guessed right
HojuSimpsonX (12:06:39 AM): man a better question wouldve been who the hell am I apparently
wartank777 (12:06:39 AM): is there a full list of the users
snowpork (12:06:41 AM): “MISSES”Mana – 3Angelo – 2Wigs - 1
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:06:44 AM): im not ed bellis
wartank777 (12:06:45 AM)
: i want to know if i was one of them :-(
cokes311 (12:06:45 AM): i don't get how the Celts play Miami twice in the first 3 weeks
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:46 AM): oh
Wandering Ermine (12:06:48 AM): What's a miss?
Sparuscus (12:06:49 AM): lmao wigs
woodwindwhrlwind (12:06:50 AM): lol
wartank777 (12:06:50 AM): i wasn't
cokes311 (12:06:51 AM): but NO/LAL aren't playing until december
TintedClear86 (12:06:54 AM): Ties?
Moggthegob (12:06:55 AM): "moogs" Thats edwardsdv to you heathens
snowpork (12:06:58 AM): That's what i came up with
woodwindwhrlwind (12:07:01 AM): GO MANA GO
Dpdiablo22 (12:07:15 AM): i wasnt supposed to get 5, you should all be embarrassed
Dpdiablo22 (12:07:17 AM): except zea
woodwindwhrlwind (12:07:18 AM): lol
snowpork (12:07:21 AM): So Zea wins, DP "officially" comes in second
cokes311 (12:07:22 AM): and not even early december
cokes311 (12:07:24 AM): 29th
Moggthegob (12:07:26 AM): Ngamer is a tool
Imaginator Suiko (12:07:29 AM): *hits NGamer64 with a chair, cuts a promo, then antagonizes the crowd before leaving*
snowpork (12:07:31 AM): But Wigs and Angelo technically had 5 as well
Moggthegob (12:07:32 AM): literally not even knowing my name
Dpdiablo22 (12:07:32 AM): do i get a plaque or soemthing
(12:07:34 AM) Imaginator Suiko has left the room.
Dpdiablo22 (12:07:35 AM): this is pretty amazing
(12:07:41 AM) Moggthegob has left the room.
Dpdiablo22 (12:08:06 AM): wigs officially got 4 anyway, two of his were only worth half a point
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:14 AM): what was the 2nd half point from
Dpdiablo22 (12:08:18 AM): guessing yourself
sharp spoons (12:08:19 AM): what
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:21 AM): i mean
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:22 AM): the first then
sharp spoons (12:08:23 AM): i am the winner
Im Ngamer (12:08:24 AM): great work Zazi!
Dpdiablo22 (12:08:25 AM)
: cokes
snowpork (12:08:28 AM): That was a clusterfuck, and I don't know everyone's AIM names
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:29 AM): k
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:31 AM): lol
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:56 AM): no tom
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:08:58 AM): is that ed bellis supposed to be me?
Im Ngamer (12:08:58 AM)
: pretending for a moment that I made mistakes, did you factor them into the final score?
woodwindwhrlwind (12:08:59 AM)
: this was rigged
foolmoron (12:09:03 AM): snowpork seriously regrets taking on that responsibility
snowpork (12:09:04 AM): Maybe
TintedClear86 (12:09:04 AM): I have most people nick named.
snowpork (12:09:12 AM): I was just trying to keep up
SirSlugma (12:09:12 AM): ugh i'm very afraid boston is gonna kick our ass tomorrow
snowpork (12:09:16 AM): He said Ed, so I put Ed Bellis
woodwindwhrlwind (12:09:19 AM): well assuming you did make mistakes Ngamer
cokes311 (12:09:19 AM): what dp
wartank777 (12:09:21 AM): "our"
wartank777 (12:09:22 AM): shut up
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:09:23 AM): oh
EdwardTheGreat86 (12:09:25 AM)
: it's ramm
wartank777 (12:09:27 AM)
: thats like me calling boise our
woodwindwhrlwind (12:09:29 AM): we'd have to find out who the mistakes get subtracted from <_<
wartank777 (12:09:31 AM): i love boise state
woodwindwhrlwind (12:09:33 AM): like Mana's 3 "errors"
Im Ngamer (12:09:39 AM): could you IM me the full ranks from Word?
woodwindwhrlwind (12:09:41 AM)
: whoever Mana beat out would technically lose points
wartank777 (12:09:43 AM): they are my second favorite team and easily my favorite "good" team
wartank777 (12:09:50 AM): (lol temple)
wartank777 (12:10:01 AM): but i would never use we to describe them, or our
SirSlugma (12:10:02 AM): oh i like boise state
kbartz87 (12:10:04 AM): no dante in that list
Im Ngamer (12:10:04 AM): whoaaaaa, good match tonight
wartank777 (12:10:06 AM): thats only for philly teams
SirSlugma (12:10:09 AM): also i was talking about the pens warning
wartank777 (12:10:13 AM): .....
wartank777 (12:10:14 AM): oh
SirSlugma (12:10:15 AM): utah plays orlando
wartank777 (12:10:18 AM): XFD me
woodwindwhrlwind (12:10:21 AM): naye
woodwindwhrlwind (12:10:25 AM): im going to the nets game in a few days
SirSlugma (12:10:27 AM): also, i insulted you for calling temple "our" in the past
woodwindwhrlwind (12:10:29 AM): to see orlando pummel them
SirSlugma (12:10:31 AM): oh the nats game nice
SirSlugma (12:10:35 AM): CrazyForTheNats